Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wow, what an amazing start to what looks to be a fabulous spring for fashion and beauty. Fashion week kicked off last Friday in NYC and the shows have been unbelievable. The city is buzzing with celebrities and super models and the mood is inspiring.

One of my favorite designers showed her spring collection to rave reviews and the clothes were just beautiful. Diane von Furstenberg has always been about prints, and her spring-summer 2009 collection did not disappoint.

A Kaleidoscope of butterflies, florals, hummingbirds and more printed on flowing silks and woven into knit. Ms. Furstenberg is the master of putting together combinations that would look odd for anyone else, but she has a knowledge that extends far beyond this and the result is just outstanding. Pictured here with a few of the models and each looking just gorgeous.

The make-up created for the show was also on point with Gucci Westman heading up the team. Gucci, a seasoned pro new exactly how to design a look that would compliment the clothing. Her 60’s inspired smoky eyes and pale pink lips were just the right touch for this retro look.

So happy to see that smoky eyes are strong for the fall season, and so far the spring/summer shows say they will continue to be. We just never get tired of seeing them. So many variations, so many ways to create a smoky eye.

-beth bender for beth bender beauty

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