Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sexy Smoky Cat Eyes Please

I have always thought Kerry Washington was stunning but this photo of her is off the charts! She is working that smoky look like nobody’s business and her almond shape eyes make them even more dazzling. Someone spent a lot of time making those eyes gorgeous and it shows.


To get this look try a deep charcoal shadow and extend the color to the base of the brow bone as seen here. I call this a smoky cat eye because it looks like a smoky eye but has a point like a cat eye. You can use a softer shimmer shadow in a dark silver or one without shimmer depending on how dark you want the eye.

Make sure to really blend the color and for a little pop add a bit of gold or light bronze shimmer to the corner of eyes. Finish by lining the inside of your eyes with a black liner and two coats of black mascara, concentrating on the outer lashes.

For sexy cat eyes like these check out The Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit at

Keep your lips sheer so the focus is on your sexy cat eyes. Try Chasing the Cash liquid lip color from beth bender beauty, new from the Hollywood Nude Collection.

Sexy Smoky Eyes That Sizzle!

Kiera Knightley is really working these sultry and very sexy smoky eyes. This is such a great look for her and when she is gracing the red carpet you can usually find her sporting a gorgeous pair of smoky eyes. To get Kiera’s look try a shimmer eyeshadow in Aubergine and make sure to blend the color around the entire eye. Try Stila’s Barefoot Contessa, $16 at or Beth Bender Beauty’s eye dust in All About Me, $16 at

Make sure to blend the color up into the crease of eye and highlight the brow bone with a touch of eyeshadow in a bone or banana shade depending on your complexion. Try Buttercream from Laura Mercier, $20 at or Banana eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown, available at


Finish with two coats of mascara, try Lash Injection, $19.50 from Too Faced Cosmetics. This mascara coats each lash from top to bottom and adds volume and length in seconds. It’s the perfect finish to compliment your gorgeous smoky eyes. As always for those gals who have trouble with a smoky eye we suggest the Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit from Beth bender Beauty, $36 at


Miss b

Holiday Eyes That Sizzle!


It’s that time of year again and the holiday parties are a perfect reason to have some fun with your make-up. Try a silver shimmer shadow (Double O Silver) $16, in place of a darker shadow when doing a smoky eye or just applying some color on the eyelid. As seen here on Jessica Alba who looks gorgeous. It makes the eyes pop and not much more is needed.

Jessica has added a darker line closer to her lashes for some extra pop appeal. Keep the brows clean and not to heavy. Try Gel Liner in Onyx, $16 at and for perfect eyebrows may we suggest Anastasia’s Brow Ex-Press Kit, $38 at Her eyebrow stencils are the best for creating gorgeous eyebrows.


For those gals who need a little something more, may we suggest adding a few individual lashes to the ends of each eye. They are easy to use and fit right into your own lashes giving them a much more natural look. Once the eyelash glue has dried, go over each eye with a coat or two of mascara concentrating on the outer lashes.

Keep your lips sheer so not to over power your sexy sizzling eyes. Try Happy Glam Gloss, $16 at Also LORAC’s Guava Tiki lip gloss, $16 at, a sheer peachy pink lip color.


Miss b

Best Smoky Eye Kit For Women On The Go

I was waiting on line this morning at the grocery store and had a few minutes to skim through this weeks People Magazine. I stumbled upon a page of Smoky eye Kit’s from various cosmetic companies wondering where The Get in Line Stencil Kit was since it is the easiest and has the least amount of steps to achieve a smoky eye and cat eye that look just as fabulous.

So I decided to write and remind anyone in search of the perfect smoky eye kit to check out the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kt from Beth Bender Beauty, available at

Most of the women I know don’t have time but they all love beauty products and love the idea of having sexy eyes and a five minute make up routine that keeps them on schedule. Just this weekend while we were away I brought a few Get in Line kits with me and gave one to each of the women there. In seconds they had done perfect cat eyes and smoky eyes.

It was so amazing and beautiful to watch their transformation and to see how excited they each were to have mastered what was once a difficult task.


The Get in Line Stencil Kit is $36 and comes with everything you need to create beautiful sexy eyes. If the kit is not what you need then may we suggest the Travel Stencil Set, $16, which comes with the stencils, brush and directions in a cute little pouch.

Smoky eyes are just seconds away!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty’s November Special

November special is coming to an end. Only five days to receive your full size sample of Paris is Burning Liquid lip color from Beth Bender Beauty. Complimentary with every purchase and seen on the lips of many Hollywood starlets. A pink beige shimmer gloss with lots of shine, infused with Jojoba gel to give your lips lots of love!

New to the line? Why not start with the Get in Line Stencil kit and create smoky eyes and cat eyes in seconds. Available at



Look Whose Wearing Beth Bender Beauty

Check it out….

Is Drew Barrymore no longer with Justin Long? No one knows for sure but she seemed to be very happy while playing a game of pool and having a few beers at a bar in Toronto earlier this month. She also seemed quite happy with the response that her pretty lips were getting from the gentleman in question.

That lip color would be of course Chasing the Cash liquid lip color from beth bender beauty and seen on the lips of lots of celebs here in Hollywood. You may recall that sometime in September we also spotted Drew having dinner with Justin at Matsuhisa in LA and giving him a big kiss as they exited the restaurant wearing what else? Chasing the cash Liquid Lip color. I guess it's not only a great lip color but also sweet for kissing too!



Beth Bender's Get in Line In The UK

Check it out….

For anyone who has recently written us asking if our beauty products were sold in the UK the answer is yes. The entire Beth Bender Beauty Collection is available online at and that includes the best ever eyeliner stencil kit for lining your eyes, The get in Line Stencil Kit, or the Travel Stencil Set for perfect smoky eyes and cat eyes.

Thanks to gals like Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Kelly Osbourne,The Spice girls, and of course Amy Winehouse, the Get in Line Stencil Kit and Travel Stencil Set have become quite popular amongst celebrities in the UK. Especially since Amy herself called them "absolutely brilliant".

Please check out all of the beth bender beauty products at BeautyboXx. It is a fabulous site with lots of great goodies and the perfect online beauty site for all of of your holiday shopping!



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty on the Seen at Juicy Couture

Rodeo Drive Welcomes Juicy Couture...

Beverly Hills welcomed Juicy Couture to Rodeo Drive on November 6th. It was a fabulous party and there were lots of Celebrities sporting some very cute frocks that I just loved and have since added to my Christmas list!

Seen giving her lips some lovin' with Paris is Burning Liquid Lip Color, Ashlee Simpson who looked so cute in her pencil thin jeans. We just love her and her big sis Jessica. Also seen Molly Sims adding some extra pout appeal for the camera's with some Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip Color and overheard saying it was her new favorite color. We love it too Molly!



Beth Bender Beauty November Special

Look what we’re giving away with every purchase..

Our November special is going strong and until the end of the month we are giving you a full size sample of Paris is Burning Liquid Lip Color. A favorite of Nicole Richie's, Scarlett Johansson and Paris Hilton.

New to the line? Check out our best seller, The get in Line Stencil kit from beth bender beauty $36, at The only smoky eye kit you will ever need to create the best smoky eyes and cat eyes in seconds! Also available in a Travel Set for those gals on the go, $16 at



Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get in Line is Dancing With The Stars


Dancing With the StarsKarina Smirnoff showed off her new nose on Tuesday night at the French Connection’s holiday styling event in Los Angeles. She looked beautiful and very happy with her new look. Karina has been seen sporting a sexy cat eye on Dancing With The Stars and revealed to a guest that the make-up artist on set had an eyeliner stencil kit called Get in Line that she fell in love with and had been using to do her cat eyes.

Thank you Karina. We love your cat eyes too!



Sexy Cat Eyes and Red Lips Please


A lot of ladies have been seen sporting red lips in all shades, shimmer, no shimmer, cream, matte, sheer and shine. We’ve always loved Kate Moss for her style and sassy way’s. She’s not afraid to try anything and most of the time she looks great.

She was one of the first super models to get her hands on a Get in Line stencil kit and loves how easy it is to use. Her favorite look? The cat eye of course, but as you know she’s also a big fan of the smoky eye too.

May we suggest a sheer lip color from Nars to go with your sexy cat eyes like Kate’s. We love Flaming Dust a sheer cherry color which look gorgeous on, $23 at



Sexy Cat Eyes and Red Lips Please


Ashlee Simpson is working these cat eyes and sexy red lips. This is such a great look on her and from the expression on her face she seems to be feeling it too! She loves to play up her beautiful green eyes and is a smoky eye girl too.

To get this look start with a dark eyeshadow or gel eyeliner in black or dark brown. You can use an eyeliner brush and do it freehand to create the cat eyes seen here. That may require a number of q-tips and make -up remover until they are perfect or you can use the Get in Line eyeliner stencil kit and let the stencils do the work for you.


You can create cat eyes as long and as thin or thick as you like. Ashlee uses the Get in Line kit to create her cat eyes and then sets them with Gel liner in Onyx so they stay put all day.

On her lips a beautiful red hue to compliment her eyes. We like Laura Mercier’s Lip Cream Color in Truly Red, $22 at


For extra shine and pout appeal add a touch of Red Glam Gloss. Try Reddy Freddy, $16 at

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How To Get Sexy Eyes Like Carmen Electra

Sienna Miller and Carmen Electra are working their eyeliner like nobody's business. Eye color that looks even more alluring using a metallic liner in a Silver hue as seen here. Keeping the focus on the eyes as they have each done and using softer colors on the cheeks and lips make this look a knock out!

To get the look try Eyeshadow in Dreamy (shimmering slate grey) from Lorac, $16 at or Double-o-Silver Eyedust (shimmery pewter) from Beth Bender Beauty, $16 at For perfect eyeliner every time try The Get in Line eyeliner stencils, $36 at

Want eyelashes that will stop traffic? Try Dior Diorshow mascara in Black, $23 at Apply two coats and finish the look with a soft peach cheek color, try Kitty Cream Blush, $18 at

A sheer lip color in a soft pink and this look is a show stopper. Try Pink Beige from Laura Mercier (medium beige pink) $20 at, or our favorite Paris is Burning Liquid Lip color (pink beige shimmer) $16 at


Give Me A Cat Eye Like Kate Bosworth

Cat eyes have become quite a popular trend in beauty and many Hollywood celebs have been seen sporting some very sexy cat eyes. Kate Bosworth and Naomi Watts each look beautiful in their cat eyes. Naomi has chosen a more precise cat eye very similar to what was seen at Prada for fall, while Kate has chosen more of a smoky cat eye as seen at Miss Sixty.

To get this look try The Get in Line Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty, $36 at The kit comes with two stencils. One for a smoky eye, and one for a cat eye. The cat eye stencil gives you the option of as thin or as thick of a cat eye you desire.

Finish this look with a pop of color on your cheeks (try Baby Blush from beth bender beauty) and a lip color in a red or rose hue. Try Stick Gloss from Laura Mercier in Courtisane (mauve-rose), $20 at or Reddy Freddy Glam Gloss (candy apple red), $16 at


Give Me A Smoky Eye Like Hilary Duff

Smoky eyes don't always have to be done in darker colors. Sometimes using a bronze tone or a warm gold tone can make the eyes look even more sultry then you think. As seen here on Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff.

To get this look try using an eyeshadow in a bronze or warm gold tone and put a touch of darker liner just on the lash line. Try Lola Lola from Nars, $21 a or Ambra Eye Dust, $16 at To get the perfect smoky eyes without all of the steps, try the Get in Line Stencil Kit, $36 at Each kit comes with everything you need. Also available in a travel pouch for $16. Use a Gel Eyeliner for lining close to the lashes. It's water resistant and stays put for hours. Try Onyx Gel liner, $18 at

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Give Me A Sexy Cat Eye Like Penelope Cruz

Penelope and Monica Cruz

These sisters are a knockout! Together they add a double dose of dazzle. Monica, 30, is frequently her big sister's plus-one at Hollywood events, and the two are so in-sync when it comes to style and beauty. One thing that Penelope and Monica Cruz do love are cat eyes and smoky eyes. You can usually find them sporting a sultry smoky eye or a sexy cat eye and they wear it so well.

I fell in love again with a thicker cat eye after watching Penelope in Volver. It looked incredibly sexy and it seems as if the Cat eye is back in a big way. Want to know how to get this look and be sporting a sexy cat eye just like Penelope & Monica Cruz?

The Get in Line Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty will do the job. In minutes you can have smoky eyes and cat eyes just like this sexy sister duo. The stencils do the work for you and instead of eight or nine steps and too many tools, one stencil and a brush are all you need.

Look Whose wearing Beth Bender Beauty

On the seen with beth bender beauty...

Britney Spears giving her lips a quick touch up before heading into court in Los Angeles. Her lip lovin' color, Chasing the Cash from beth bender beauty's Hollywood Nude Collection.

Nicole Richie looking happier than ever and why not, she's in love and about to become a mommy. Seen, enjoying a quiet dinner in Beverly Hills with her main squeeze Joel Madden. Lip lovin' from Baby needs Bling Liquid Lip color. New from beth bender beauty's Hollywood Nude Collection, $16,

New to beth bender beauty, Lucy Liu attending the 11th Annual ACE Awards at Cipriani in New York. Seen, giving her Cat eyes a little pop with the
Get in Line Travel Stencil kit, tiny enough to fit in any evening bag, and a touch of Gel Eyeliner in Onyx.

How to Get a Smoky Eye Like Hillary Duff

Sister duo doing a sexy smoky eye

This sister duo is hard to tell apart. They could easily pass for twins and I'm sure they sometimes do. One thing that Hilary and Haylie Duff do love are smoky eyes. You can usually find them sporting a smoky eye or a cat eye and they wear it so well. Want to know how to get this look and be sporting a smoky eye and cat eye just like Hilary & Haylie Duff?

The Get in Line Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty will do the job. In minutes you can have smoky eyes and cat eyes just like this sexy sister duo. The stencils do the work for you and instead of eight or nine steps and too many tools, one stencil and a brush is all you need.



Create A Smoky Eye Like Jessica Simpson

Sister duo doing a smoky eye

These sister's each have their own style when it comes to fashion but one thing they both love is a smoky eye. How can you get a sultry smoky eye like Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee without going through 8 steps just to get one? Simple, try the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil kit from beth bender beauty. It's quick, easy and in minutes you can create sexy, sultry smoky eyes just like Jessica & Ashlee Simpson.



Look Whose Wearing Beth Bender Beauty

On the seen with beth bender beauty...

New to Beth Bender Beauty is country music's newest golden girl Carrie Underwood. Seen at the CMA's in Nashville. This gorgeous award winning singing sensation was seen giving her lips some good lovin' with Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip color just minutes before accepting an award.

Natalie Portman at the premiere for the Darjeeling Limited in Los Angeles. In her cute little black clutch, a Paris is Burning Liquid Lip and Get in Line Stencil kit for touch ups throughout the evening. Natalie as you know gets her smoky eyes using the get in Line stencil kit. Seen again in NYC for the premiere of Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Sporting beautiful red lips with BJ Glam Gloss from Beth Bender Beauty and Gel Liner in Onyx for long lasting liner that stays put.



Monday, November 12, 2007

Lip Lovin' From Beth Bender Beauty

Give your lips some extra lovin’

November is
Paris is Burning month here at Beth Bender Beauty. The newest color to drench the lips of some of Hollywood's hottest celebs. We are giving away a complimentary sample with every purchase. You can check out the color and the entire Beth Bender Beauty collection at



Perfect Cat Eyes with The Get in Line Kit

How to get your cat eyes purrfect..

The Get in Line stencil kit is the quickest way to get sexy cat eyes in minutes. The stencils are made from a soft PVC plastic to fit any eye shape. Cat eyes have been seen everywhere from the runway, to fashion ads, to the long list of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes and Rhianna, who can usually be seen sporting one.

To use the stencils and create a sexy cat eye on yourself simply place the stencil labeled cat eye over a closed eye, making sure your lashes are poking through the opening, as seen in the picture below.

Place the stencil closer to your lash line for a thinner cat eye and slightly higher for a thicker more dramatic cat eye as seen here on the model. Choose either the full or tapered end of the brush. We like to use the fuller end of the brush slightly dampened, but either side works well. Choose a color and sweep the brush slowly across the lid making sure to brush color up into the point of the cat eye for a more precise look.



Remove stencil, wipe away any eyeshadow and repeat the same steps on the other eye. Once you have both eyes done you can add more eyeshadow if you desire a more intense eye. Use the tapered end of brush slightly damp to go over the cat eye.

How To Get a Smoky Eye With Get In Line


Every once in awhile a customer will have a question on how to do a smoky eye using the Get in Line Stencil Kit. For those who don’t know about the kit and how quickly you can create these looks, we decided to show you. The stencils are made from a soft PVC plastic so they are easy to fit on any eye shape.
As seen on the model above place the stencil labeled smoky eye over your closed eye. Holding stencil in place, use the full end of the brush and dip into one of the darker shadows from the kit ( you can mix together too). Sweep color over the entire eyelid opening. You can repeat again for a darker look. Remove the stencil, wipe brush, and apply the base color from your brow bone to the crease of your eye, making sure to blend both colors in the crease.


Repeat the same as above on the other eye by simply flipping the stencil over. For a more dramatic look, using the same stencil labeled bottom liner, place underneath your eye and sweep color along line. To soften the line you can smudge with your brush for a Smoky eye runway look.

This is how easy it really is to do a smoky eye. The Get in Line Stencil kit from Beth Bender Beauty is $36.00 and is available at Coming next How to do a Cat eye.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Celeb Looks From Beth Bender Beauty

More celeb looks

Sela Ward is absolutely beautiful and in her fifties if you can believe that! I have always been a huge fan and remember her back in her days as a top model. How gorgeous are her eyebrows? This is why you should keep your tweezers hidden from your teenage daughters. This is a perfect brow.

Seen here at a charity event looking lovely. Sela's look is soft with just enough color to give the skin a beautiful glow. To get Sela's look start by lining the eyes with a black or dark brown liner. Try Gel Eyeliner Cocoa, or Onyx, ($18, ) Line the eyes as close to the lash line as possible. This will make the lashes appear even thicker and give the eyes an alluring look.

Next, fill in your brows for a more finished look as seen on Sela. Choose a color that is slightly lighter than your brow color and apply with an angled brush using short strokes. Another great way to get perfect brows is to use an eyebrow stencil. We love Anastasia's Classic Stencils. You can buy the stencils separately and each pack comes with four designs. ($20, ).

Add a touch of shimmer on the eyelid with a color in light bronze or gold. Try Zsa Zsa or Ginger Eye Dust from beth bender beauty. ( $16, ) Highlight the brow bone with a color that will accent your fabulous eye brows. Try Buttercream from Laura Mercier ($20, ) Finish with two coats of black mascara. Try Here To Stay Mascara from Prescriptives. ($19.50, )

For the cheeks, we like bronzer in peach instead of a blush. It gives the skin a beautiful glow and slight shimmer with just enough color. Try Just Peachy Bronzer, a favorite of Jessica Alba ($30, )

To finish the look a lip color in a nude beige will enhance your own natural lip color and be the perfect compliment to your beautiful eyes! Try Robertson Blvd Liquid lip color. Enhanced with Jojoba Gel for extra shine and perfect pout appeal. ($16, )



Beth Bender Beauty Celeb Looks...

More celeb looks

Eva Longoria is always working her good looks.

Whether she's in a pair of sweats or a formal gown
she is always camera ready. To get her look start by lining the eyes top and a touch underneath with a black eyeliner or eye shadow. Try Gel liner in Onyx ($18,
If you need a little help lining your eyes try the Get in Line Stencil kit ($36,
Finish by giving your lashes two coats of mascara Try: L’OrĂ©al Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in black ($5,

For the face and a beautiful bronzed glow like Eva’s, use a daily face moisturizer with a touch of self tanner to gradually develop a sunless glow. Next, dust a touch of all over face shimmer on the apples of your cheeks, forehead, and bridge of nose to create a luminous finish. We like: Sunkiss All Over Shimmer from beth bender beauty ($18,

Finish this sexy look with a fabulous pretty pink gloss. Try: Glam Gloss in Honolulu Girl, a favorite of Angelina Jolie's ($16,



On the seen with Beth Bender Beauty

Look whose wearing beth bender beauty...

New to beth bender beauty and the Get in Line Kit is country star Carrie Underwood. Promoting her new CD in NYC. Seen, the green room at Live with Regis and Kelly touching up her lips with a bit of Little Beauty Liquid lip. Later that day having lunch with new beau Chace Crawford of the new hit show Gossip Girl at Pastis in the meat packing district. Seen, ladies room checking her eyeliner and touching up the color with some Kohl shadow from the Get in Line kit ($36 at

Seen, Mommy to be Nicole Richie having lunch with friends on October 30th in LA. Giving her lips some lovin' with her new favorite lip color Paris is Burning from beth bender beauty ($16 at ) Overheard saying " I just want to eat this color right off my lips it tastes so good". How sweet, and it looks so good too!

Seen, Julia Roberts in Venice, CA with her twins on October 20th. Giving her lips a little loving with Chasing the cash Liquid lip color from beth bender beauty ( $16 at )



Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to get sexy smoky eyes and perfect brows

I saw this picture of Eva Mendes and couldn't resist. Look at these beautiful brows!! A gorgeous set of brows can definitely make the difference between looking good and looking great! They are the focus of the face and these eyebrows can't help but get noticed.

That and her smoldering smoky eyes make for a perfect combination. To get the look try Anastasia's eyebrow stencil kit available at It comes with everything you need to create sensational eyebrows, step by step directions and the best eyebrow stencils to give you the perfect eyebrow shape.

To create a sexy smoky eye as seen here on Eva try The Get in Line Eyeshadow & Stencil Kit from beth bender beauty, available at The stencils do the work for you and create sexy smoky eyes in minutes. The kit comes with everything you need to create this look and more.

Beth Bender Beauty November Special

A gift just for you!

Paris is Burning is our November gift with purchase. Buy any Beth Bender Beauty products and receive a full size sample. If you have been wanting to try this fabulous new lip color now is your chance. Infused with Jojoba gel and other active ingredients to help promote beautiful, full and healthy lips.

Check it out at



Beth Bender Beauty Celeb Look

Get the look

Angelina is such a beauty and her make-up and hair always look so beautiful. Seen here at a movie premiere she is stunning in a sexy cat eye and soft colors on her cheeks and lips.

To get this look start with the eyes first. Angelina’s smoldering cat eyes are lined with black eyeshadow and gently smudge with a Q-tip or brush. For the perfect smoky cat eye try: beth bender beauty's Get in Line Stencil Kit. It does the work for you. ($36, Apply two coats of black mascara to complete the look. Try Dior Diorshow mascara in Black. ($23, )

For the face get a silky smooth complexion like Angelina’s, using a mousse foundation to even out skin. We like: Magique Matte - Soft Matte Perfecting Mousse from Lancome ( $37, )

For the lips, apply barely-there lip color to balance out heavily lined eyes. Try: beth bender beauty Lip Colour in Baby needs bling ($16,



Beth Bender Beauty Celeb Looks

Get the look

This is such a great look for Mandy Moore. Her skin looks flawless and the make-up hues are perfect for her complexion. To create this look start with the eyes first. Using your fingers apply an eye primer to lids, we like Lemon-Aid from benefit, $18.00 at then dust a soft apricot shadow over it. We like: beth bender beauty Eye Dust in Zsa Zsa ($16,

For Cheeks: Using a blush brush with round, full bristles, sweep peach cheek color onto apples of cheeks; blend well. Try: beth bender beauty Blush in Glow ($30, or Nars Blush in Orgasm, ($25,

For Lips: Slick-on a rose gold shimmer with high-shine gloss to land Mandy’s sexy pout. Try: Mimilicious Glam Gloss ($16,



Beth Bender Beauty Celeb Looks

Get the look

We have been having so much fun with these celeb looks and have been getting a lot of requests for Scarlett Johansson. This is one of my favorite photo's of her and thought why not use this for" Get the look". I love the way the bronze shimmer shadow brings out the color of her eyes. They look Gorgeous and her skin looks luminous!

Starting with the eyes apply a shimmer shadow with a metallic palette. Choose two hues: one gold and one bronze. Dust the gold tone along lids, then brush the bronze hue slightly above and into the crease of eye. Try Ambra eye dust and Brown Sugar(bronze shimmer) both from Beth Bender Beauty. Line top lash lines with black Gel liner, try Onyx from Beth Bender Beauty, $18.00 at and give the inner corner of eyes an extra dusting of gold shadow for added sparkle. Try: Miss Moon from Benefit, $16.00 available at

For the face apply foundation using fingers, then blend with a moist sponge to create a natural-looking finish. For a more sheer finish mix with a drop of moisturizer. Pro tip: To use foundation as concealer, add a touch more under the eyes to help conceal dark circles. For her sun-kissed glow, sweep bronzer along cheekbones, nose and forehead. We like Beth Bender Beauty's Bronzing Powder in Soak up the sun ($30.00, at A favorite of Scarlett's and Evangeline Lilly). It looks natural and gives the skin a beautiful glow.

For the lips choose a color in the bronze family, we like Sunset Liquid Lip color for extra shine and the perfect touch of shimmer. Available at



Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Celeb Look

Get the look

Halle Berry is stunning and pregnancy is definitely agreeing with her. Every photo of her shows a woman glowing and looking more beautiful than ever! Her look here is soft and sultry for a perfect "out on the town" evening look .

To create start by sweeping a shimmery peach shadow over lids. Try Zsa Zsa eye dust from Bettes Boutique. Line eyes using the Get in Line stencil kit with Kohl eyeshadow and smudge for a softer line. For lush lashes like Halle’s, apply two coats of mascara. Try Here to Stay from Prescriptive's. It thickens and lengthens your lashes without looking clumply.

On the face apply a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation. Mix with a skin brightening cream for a luminous glow. Try Vibrant from prescriptive's. Choose a dark berry blush and apply to apples of cheeks. We like Butterflies Blush from Beth Bender Beauty,.$30.00 at

For the perfect pout, slick on a sheer nude gloss with a slight shimmer. Try Chasing the cash Liquid lip color from Beth Bender Beauty, $16.00 at



Beth Bender Beauty Quick Tips

Sweeten Up Your Cheeks

Create a beautiful flush with a deep berry powder blush. Use a fluffy brush to swirl it in small, circular motions over the apples of your cheeks and back toward your hairline. This will blend the color evenly and give a natural look. Try Butterflies Blush from Bettes Boutique and Beth Bender Beauty.



Beth Bender Beauty Celeb Looks

Get The Look

We love Eva Mendes! She always looks so beautiful without being overdone. She has probably the best eyebrows I've seen on a celebrity.

The make up is light and looks gorgeous. To create Eva's look start with a touch of tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion before applying color. This will give you coverage without feeling too heavy. We like Paula Dorf's Tinted Moisturizer and Cover Fx. They both offer the right amount of color and are easy to blend. I like to mix mine with a bit of Vibrant cream from Prescriptive's. It adds a bit of sheen and gives the skin a luminous look.

Once you have applied the tinted moisturizer, start with the eyes next. We like to use the Get in Line Stencil kit whenever we are doing eyeliner or giving a lesson to a client. It is easy and gives you a perfect line in seconds. Before we use the stencils we apply a shimmer on the eyelid to make the eyes pop. We used Ambra from Bettes Boutique. It is a golden taupe shade neutral enough to work on any skin tone. We applied the color with our fingers and pressed onto the eyelid. Then we lined the eyes with the Kohl shadow from the Get in Line kit. We smudged the eyes with the fuller end of the brush for a softer line.

For outstanding lashes we used Here To Stay from Prescriptive's and applied two coats for a very sexy eye.

The cheeks got a bit of color with Baby Blush from Beth Bender Beauty. This color looks great on anyone. It's a favorite of Nicole Ritchie and Evangeline Lilly from Lost. On the lips we used lip color in Livid from Bettes Boutique. A great pink color with brown undertones that looks beautiful on any lip.

The most important feature not to forget are the eyebrows which should be groomed and shaped. The easiest way to do this is to use an eyebrow stencil. We like Anastasia's. They do the work for you and show you how to groom and maintain perfect brows.


Get in Line Lip Stencils?

We've been getting a lot of emails from customers asking us if we intend to create a Lip Stencil to follow the Get in Line Stencil Kit. At the time when we were designing the templates for the eyeliner stencils we thought about doing a lip stencil but decided to focus on Just eyes.

Since then there have been a few companies who have explored lip stencils and we think it is a great idea but for the time being we don't have any plans to create one. We will be offering the Get in Line stencil kit in different colors scheme's sometime later next year. We want to give our customers more choices when buying the kit.

In the meantime we are including a full size sample of Paris is Burning liquid lip color from our Nude Collection in every purchase through November. It's a beautiful lip color in a pink beige shimmer infused with Jojoba gel for amazing shine and color.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty's November Special

Hi Ladies:

We had such a busy and fantastic October thanks to everyone who purchased Beth Bender Beauty products and of course the Get in Line Stencil kit that we have decided to continue giving a gift with every purchase. This month we will be featuring Paris is Burning one of our most popular lip color's from the Hollywood Nude Collection.

It's a pink beige shimmer that looks beautiful on any skin tone. Infused with jojoba gel for outstanding shine and extra, extra pout appeal. Scarlett Johansson is a big fan, as well as Nicole Ritchie and Paris herself.

For every purchase of Beth Bender Beauty products we will include a full size sample of Paris is Burning. The hottest color to hit Hollywood!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Celeb Looks from Beth Bender Beauty

Get The Look

Jennifer Garner has a such a great look and her make-up always looks so fresh. To create this look on yourself start with a tinted moisturizer and apply a thin layer with your fingers or a sponge. For an even lighter application mix with your favorite moisturizer before applying.

For sexy eyes seen here on Jennifer start with a shimmer shadow. We like Ginger Eye dust from Beth Bender Beauty. Apply to your eyelid with your fingers Using your fingers will give you more of a shimmery look. For a nice tight line around the eyes try the Get in Line Stencil kit and apply with a charcoal shadow. Slightly dampen the brush before applying the color for a more dramatic look.

Keep the cheeks soft with just a touch of color. We like Kitty Cream Blush which is a light peach. It's a great color that works on any skin tone. You can add a bit of shimmer to the cheek bones for a sultry look. We like Benefit's High Beam.

To finish this look try a lip color in a neutral pink or nude. We like Paris is burning or Chasing the cash Liquid Lip Color both from beth bender beauty. They each offer just the right amount of color and shine.

Congratulations to Jennifer on her Broadway debut of Cyrano. I hear the reviews were great!


Get in Line Stencil Kit Available in The UK

Get in line Stencil Kit at Beautyboxx UK

For anyone looking for the Get in Line stencil Kit in the UK we have a wonderful website that sells that as well as other Beth Bender Beauty products seen on The website is called Beautyboxx and it carries some fabulous lines including Beth Bender Beauty. They have just added all of the Nudes which as you know have been seen on such celebrities as Nicole Simpson, Jessica Alba, Evangeline Lily, Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee just to name a few.

They will also be featuring our new Cream Shadows and All Over shimmer in Sunkiss which is Evangeline's favorite for a beautiful glow.

If you live in the UK or close by and are looking for any Beth Bender Beauty products you must check out this site.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

How to Create A Sultry Cat Eye In Seconds

Meow....the cat eye is back in a big way!

Thanks to all of the beauty editor's and many beauty blog sites taking notice of how strong the cat eye was at fall fashion week this craze continues to dominate many beauty and fashion magazines. Just today I was skimming through a few of them and was amazed at how many campaigns were showing a cat eye. Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Guess and Bebe to name a few.

The cat eyes shown here are from Louis Vuitton. We love how the eyes take the lead and everything else is soft. Love this Cat eye? We love it too!

To create this look try using the Get in Line Stencil kit or Travel Set. The Cat eye stencil creates a perfect cat eye in seconds and gives you the perfect pointed tip as seen here.

To keep your cat eyes purring all day long you can go over them with an eyeliner sealant or use a gel eyeliner like Onyx from beth Bender Beauty. All Beth Bender Beauty products are available at The eyeliner sealant can be found at most beauty supply stores.

How to Create Sultry Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes are sexy for evening, and using rich blue shades is sometimes a nice change in place of black. Start by getting the perfect smoky eye shape using your Get in Line Stencil kit or Travel set. Place the stencil over your eyelid and fill in with a navy shadow. We used Betty Blu Eye Dust from Beth Bender Beauty and then went over again using our fingers for a more intense look.

Concentrating on your upper lash line will also give the illusion of very thick lashes. Drag some shadow along your lower lash line using the same smoky eye stencil marked bottom. Holding the stencil underneath your eye, dip your brush into the shadow and sweep the color along the stencil for a perfect line. Finish with two coats of mascara, my new favorite is Here to Stay from Prescriptives. Your lashes will look thick and long without looking clumpy.

The Get in Line Stencil Kit & Travel Set are available at

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Scarlett Johansson's New Look

Kristen from Beautyaddict recently wrote about Scarlett Johansson's cover look for this months issue of Elle. As you know I adore Scarlett and think she is beautiful. She has been a fan of the Get in Line Stencil kit ever since we started selling it. She has great style and that is why I am so surprised that she was okay with this photo. Her skin looks washed out, her expression is blase, and I wonder what is going on with the dark brows that I have been seeing so much of lately. It is just not flattering and I can't imagine how this photo was approved for the cover.

How to Create Smoky Eyes In Minutes

What women are saying about The Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil Kit....

I love the idea of a smoky eye but I hate the idea of having to go through eight or nine steps just to get there. Most of the beauty magazines feature make-up artists who share their beauty tips in every issue. Usually more than often there is a "how to" on doing a smoky eye.
Great, but can't it be a little easier and less time consuming then that? Too many steps for me and I would rather not be bothered, that is until I found out about The Get In Line Kit from Beth Bender Beauty.

I was searching the internet like I do every weekend and came across this Stencil kit for lining your eyes. After doing a little research an reading what other women thought I decided to go ahead and order the kit.
When it arrived in the mail I couldn't wait to see whether or not these eyeliner stencils really worked. I invited a few of my girlfriends over and we had a little make-up party.

I went first and decided on a smoky eye. The stencils are flexible and are easy to hold in place. I followed the instructions that came with the kit and five minutes later I had perfect smoky eyes. I was really kind of amazed that it was that easy. One of the other girls did cat eyes and that was even quicker and they looked like a makeup artist had done them.

The next night my husband and I were going to a dinner party and I did cat eyes on myself. I got so many compliments on my eyes that every women there wanted to know how I got them so perfect. I was happy to share my little secret.

Thank you Beth for creating a great product. I love the kit!!

Karen H.
Miami, Florida

Friday, November 2, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Buzz

On The Seen With Beth Bender Beauty...

Julia Roberts looking radiant at the American Cinematheque's annual award dinner in Los Angeles on October 12th. Seen touching her beautiful lips up with Chasing the cash from Beth Bender Beauty. Julia was one of the first celebrities to use the Get in Line Stencil kit and her eyes always look perfect. Three babies and looking fantastic. I am loving her hair color, makes me want to go red again.

Debra Messing in NYC having lunch at Kelly and Ping in Soho. In town filming The Women where she plays a Manhattan socialite. Seen hailing a cab and giving her lips a little treat with some beauty balm in Bella.

Mischa Barton and a few girlfriends having some cocktails at Sway in NYC. Seen touching up her eyes with Gel Liner in Onyx and some lip loving with Liquid Lip in Paris is burning. Overheard telling one of her friends that it was her "new favorite lip color" when asked what she was wearing.

Jessica Simpson looking very toned and gorgeous. Seen at NYC's Tenjune and sporting some very sexy smoky eyes, must have been the Get in Line Stencil kit. Lip loving with Paris is Burning from Beth Bender Beauty.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty On Smashbox

Has anyone tried this primer from Smashbox? It is the oil free formula for oily and sensitive skin. I used it on a shoot the other day and really loved how the skin looked. It's water-based which is great for anyone who breaks out easily. One of the other things I love about this product is that it has vitamin C and peptides to help even your complexion and promote collagen production.

It is definitely worth checking out the next time you are in Sephora or anywhere else that carries Smashbox Cosmetics.


Get in Line Stencil Kit Seen On Moonlight

Get in Line Eyeshadow & Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty continues to invade Hollywood.

Our friend Paul is one of the producers of Moonlight, the new show about Vampires on CBS. Good and bad vampires of course. Anyway he was nice enough to drop off some Get in Line Stencil kits, Glosses and All Over Shimmers to two of the stars from the show, Sophia Myles and Shannyn Sossamon. Both absolutely gorgeous of course.

Later that same day we got a call from Paul telling us that the girls were so excited and that they both planned on sporting a sexy cat eye to Halloween parties they were each attending.


Get in Line Stencil Kit & Honeyshed Update

The date for Honeyshed to feature the Get in Line Stencil kit from Bettes Boutique and Beth Bender Beauty has been changed to December due to a few kinks they are working on. They will be doing a huge consumer launch sometime before that and decided it would be a better time to showcase the Stencil kit.

We think so too and plus it will make a great holiday gift for someone who doesn't have one. We will continue to keep you posted when we get closer to the date. In February right around Valentine's Day they will be showcasing some of the other Beauty products from the line. We've put together a great mix of product and will be adding a few more surprises too.