Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Sexy Cat Eyes Please

Give us your best cats Beyonce and let’s not forget Rhianna too. Both looking very hot. These thick dramatic cat eyes seen here on both ladies is one of our favorite looks. Just in case you weren’t paying attention because we can’t seem to get off the subject of cat eyes, and it seems as if we are not alone.

We just give our readers what they want and according to our lovely new intern Melissa, they want cat eyes. Doesn’t matter how thick or thin and what color they might be in. Just give them cat eyes and keep them coming. If you’re new to our beauty blog and to beth bender beauty then let us first tell you that you can create these very sexy cat eyes using the cat eye stencil and the Get in Line Stencil Kit. The cat eye stencil fits over your eye (fits any eye shape, even Asian) and all you have to do is sweep the color with the brush over the eye and in seconds you’ll be sporting a cat eye. To make it thick like Beyonce and Rhianna just hold the stencil higher above the eyelid and fill in with color.

That’s how easy it is to get a sexy cat eye and best of all you won’t need a dozen tools to get them.

Give me sexy cat eyes pretty please!

Give us your best cat eye girls you have many choices when it comes to doing a very sexy cat eye and if you have the time thats great too. Unfortunately most of us don’t. We were doing our weekly search of hot beauty looks to share with our readers and came across these photos which are actually stills from a video. The cat eyes were so gorgeous we decided to include them in a blog.

We get so many visitors to our beauty blog who love anything having to do with cat eyes. Most of them already use the Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit. The good news is you don’t have to do them free hand any longer and if you use the cat eye stencil and the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit you really can create cat eyes as sexy and dramatic as these.

Who has the luxury of an on hand make-up artist to follow them around and give them gorgeous eyes? Oh and let’s not forget what those cat eyes will cost you.

We are especially loving these cat eyes! They are thick, gorgeous, and oh so sexy. Who said cat eyes weren’t in style any more? These were taken during fashion week in February. Looks to us like they are still as hot as ever.

Celebrities getting smokin’ smoky eyes

beth bender beauty on set

And the winner is… SEXY EYES and the Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit each made their American Idol debut last night. Both Carly and Brook were giving us their best glam ever. Carly went for the new SEXY EYES set and Brook went for a very striking and purrfect cat eye liner using the cat eye stencil from the Get in Line kit. Our friend and fellow artist Nani was on hand once again making everyone beautiful and leaving some extra beth bender beauty goodies behind.

Who says you can’t have perfect eyeliner all the time Kaley Cuoco on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Kaley was one of the models at the Virgin Fashion Rocks fashion show a few years back. We did the make-up for the show and she went nuts over the Get in Line kit. The make up was outrageous and she was loving her cat eye. She is still using it to do her eyes and her liner is still perfect.

Dance baby dance Shannon Elizabeth on the set of Dancing With The Stars she looks amazing and her body looks fantastic. My God it makes me want to start taking dancing lessons. Our friend Lisa was on hand to help with the make up and used the new SEXY EYES set on her eyes. She applied the colors with a slightly dampened brush and the colors were unbelievable. She went back over the eyes with the colors again and used her fingers to pat the color onto the eyelids. Talk about mesmerizing!

Celebrity Spring Must haves

Celebrity beauty must haves for spring. Check them out.

Clinique’s New Repairwear Deep Wrinkle Concentrate for Face and Eyes.

Wow Clinique has really come a long way. I have to say I was a little skeptical when I first tried this new cream but I have really noticed a difference in my complexion and especially the fine lines around my eyes. Even my sister and girlfriends noticed how great my skin looked. Clinique’sRepairwear is available at Clinique counters, and

Laura Mercier’s new Eye Color Quad

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what shade the colors really are as in the case of this new Eye Color Quad from Laura Mercier. They are is shades of Violet and they are gorgeous. Ms. Mercier has never disappointed us when it comes to the quality or the colors of her eye shadows and the same holds true for this new kit. Available in two violet palettes, Shy Violet and Wild Violet. A limited edition so get yours before they are all gone. $38.00 at

Cargo Texaslash, another hot mascara in the house. Cargo Texaslash in honor of all those gals in Texas who know a thing or two about mascara, gives you instant volume using a polymer formula that doesn’t smudge or smear. Now that’s my kind of mascara. Of course I always have to try before I can honestly tell you if it goes into the hall of fame or shame.

Thankfully this one went right to the Hall of Fame. Similar to Fiberwig but the lashes are even fuller and who doesn’t want that. Comes off with just a bit of warm water or eye make up remover. $20 and available at

Continuous Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 from Peter Thomas Roth.

Summer is almost here and sunscreen should always be on hand. I love this new spray because it’s oil free, has an SPF of 30, and is great for anytime. It also has four different sunscreens to really protect you from all of the harmful rays as well as environmental damage. Also in this sunscreen is Vitamin E, one of the most important free-radical fighting anti-oxidants which helps prevent water loss in the skin. Continuous Sunscreen Mist is $28 and available at

SEXY EYES PALETTE New from beth bender beauty

SEXY EYES Palette is a must have beauty tool for unleashing sexy, sultry, gorgeous peepers. Sexy Eyes creates mesmerizing style by blending the three dramatic shimmers, in deep shades of amber, lilac, and violet together. Each set also includes a tip card, eye shadow brush, and our patent-pending smoky eye stencil to create sexy, sultry eyes. SEXY EYES is $32, and is available at

Avon Spring Hand Creams

Get into the swing of spring with Avon’s most popular moisturizing hand creams in these limited-edition tubes. Best thing of all each tube is less than a dollar. So splurge and get one for each purse! Available at

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Sexy Smoky Eyes Like Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is still working those smoky eyes. She put the “smoke” in smoky. Her eyes look gorgeous and what’s even sexier are the colors used. Ambers, Violets, and just a touch of dark liner. Smoky eyes look sexy, gorgeous and sultry, but are not always easy to do. Where to put the color, and how to get the right shape can be overwhelming. And all those tools!

Wanna get this look the easy way? May we suggest the Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit for sexy, smoldering, smoky eyes that are easy to do and look great.

And check out SEXY EYES which gives you smoky eyes by blending three shimmers together. A new favorite amongst our celebrity clientele. Using our patent-pending eye stencil you can create beautiful smoky eyes just like them, in minutes. The SEXY EYES kit comes with everything you need, including a tip card to get them just right.

Get your glam on and get smokin’ baby!

Go Pink For Spring

Uma goes Pink for Spring showing us that even she who usually goes for the more subdued lip color is drawn towards the sweetness of a sexy pink lip.

There are so many to choose from but when choosing make sure to select a color that will suit your skintone. If you are fair with more pink in your coloring go for a color with blue undertones, and warmer skintones should look at colors with brown and golden undertones. You will know as soon as you apply it that it is the right shade.

If you are buying online make sure to ask before purchasing to make sure you are getting the right color. Sephora is a great place to check out new beauty products in a “no hassle” environment. Try on a pink lipstick or lip gloss and see how it wears before buying. As always any questions that you don’t find on our beauty blogs can be answered by emailing us at We have lots of experts on hand to help with all of your beauty needs.

Sexy, Sultry Eyes For Spring

GIVE ME SEXY SMOKY EYES LIKE CARRIE UNDERWOOD. Check out these gorgeous peepers on country music’s singing sensation. I think her break up may have been a good thing. She is looking better than ever and this picture is proof of it! Want these show-stopping smoky eyes? Get them using the SEXY EYES Kit and in minutes you can have sultry smoky eyes just like Carries.

The Sexy Eyes Kit comes with three shimmers that when blended together gives you just the right amount of color as seen here on Carrie. Also included is an eyeshadow brush and our patent-pending smoky eye stencil. For an extra bit of dazzle try adding a strip of false eyelashes in black, or just a few individuals on the ends of each eye. Make sure when applying the shimmers on eyes to blend well. If you prefer a stronger look add some more until you get the right intensity of color.

Carrie added even more drama by lining her eyes with a gel liner in rich black and extending the color beyond her lashes for extra eye popping intensity. A gorgeous look for walking the red carpet or just because you feel like it! We suggest Onyx Stay Put gel liner for color that doesn’t budge.


Amy Winehouse Loves her Eyeliner Stencils

Amy Winehouse is in the house and still loving her Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil kit from beth bender beauty, although we hear she is very excited about the new colors for spring. Our palette in purples has been getting great reviews and we have one on its way to her. The latest colors for spring will make their debut next week so make sure to check them out at

The Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit, $36 from beth bender beauty

We continue to get a lot of inquiries about the Stencils that Amy Winehouse uses to create her world famous cat eyes so we thought what better time than to let anyone who is looking for them know where to find them. If you live in the UK or close by you can find the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit and many other beth bender beauty goodies at This site is absolutely fabulous and they have so many great things that are “must have” beauty items for spring.



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sexy Smoky Eyes For Spring



Still keeping the focus on her gorgeous eyes but instead of a beige lip color which would be the natural choice because of her dramatic eyes, choose a coral lip gloss as a beautiful alternative. Try Dahlia High Shine gloss, $16 at Want those eyes? We love them too!

That’s why we created the Get in Line kit girls. Sexy smoky eyes for those of us who don’t have the time and still want to look glamorous are easy to do with the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit. Get those stencils to do the work for you and in minutes you’ll have sexy smoky eyes just like Jennifer’s.

Clinique Supermoisture Makeup

I don’t always reach for the Clinique when I’m on set or working but I used this over the weekend on a shoot and I loved it! The skin looked so even with a slightly dewy finish and it gave great coverage without looking heavy. Who needs that. Especially now that everything thing is in High Def and you can see every little line.

Super Moisture Makeup comes in 17 shades, that’s right 17, so you won’t have any problems finding a color that’s right for you. Apply with a brush for very sheer coverage and a sponge if you prefer a little more. It acts as an undercover agent to your skin so don’t be surprised if your skin is still looking great even after you take it off. A tube will cost you $22.50 but a little goes a long way.

Free beauty products at beth bender beauty


THIS MONTH WE ARE STILL IN LOVE WITH SEXY EYES!! Yeah baby and back by popular demand, our New Sexy Eyes Collection is a must have for unleashing gorgeous peepers. Three dramatic shimmers, in deep shades of amber, lilac, and violet that blend together to give your eyes mesmerizing style. Each set also includes a tip card, brush, and our patent-pending smoky eye stencil to create sexy, sultry eyes. Our gift to you with any $50 order. A favorite on the sets of Lipstick Jungle, Samantha Who and Dirt.

AND because we love beauty and love to inspire women, during the month of April only, any online purchases of $75 or more will get a 15 minute private phone session with Beth herself. Your chance to ask Beth whatever beauty questions you might have, advice, tips on make-up and anything else you can think of. Customers will be contacted by email to schedule their personal beauty session with Beth.

Our APRIL BEAUTY SPECIAL is our new eye dust in ODESSA. A sexy shimmery violet that is sure to add dazzle to your peepers! Free with every beth bender beauty purchase. If you're new to the line make sure and check out our Get in Line Eyeliner Kit for creating sexy, sultry, smoky eyes. A fav of Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Richie, and Hilary Duff. Get your glam on girls all month at beth bender beauty.

Lip Venom Has a New Buddy

my new friend on set and on the lips of most of my clients. Lately I have been loving their products and this is definitely going on the list of “must have” beauty items for anyone in need of gorgeous lips.

Use it as a lip primer under your gloss, lipstick or by itself. It doesn’t matter either way your lips will thank you! Infused with the same ingredients that made the original Lip Venom a big beauty hit. It plumps, smooths and leaves your lips looking their very best.

You can find Prime Venom and the entire DuWop line at A tube of Prime Venom will cost you $20 but it is worth every penny.

Celebrities Wearing Beth Bender Beauty

Sheryl Crow and son Wyatt doing a little shopping in Santa Monica. Our Beauty spies tell us she stopped to give her lips a little shine before heading into Peets Coffee for a little pick me up. Her color you ask? Kiss this Guy Liquid lip glaze. Fit for any rock star goddess as cool as Sheryl. FYI one of our readers had emailed us about what color bronzer she wears. That would be "Soak up the Sun". Nothing like a little inspiration from one of our favorite female Nicole Richie artists.

SEEN Nicole Richie at an event in Beverly Hills for Prada. This little mama looks gorgeous since giving birth to her beautiful baby Harlow. Her style is unique and her shoe collection is something to see. As tiny as she is she can strut her stuff like the best of them. She did us proud wearing her Chasing the Cash Lip glaze and her cream shadow in Ginger Shimmer. We sent her the new Get in Line Eyeliner Collection for Spring that she loves and will soon be available at

NEW to beth bender beauty and someone whose smoky eyes attract lots of attention, Hilary Duff. We get so many women emailing us about Hilary's smoky eyes and how to get them. Who knew they were so popular? The easiest way is to use the Get in Line eyeliner kit for smoky eyes and cat eyes. It takes all of the guessing out of where to place the color and how to get the correct shape. We sent her a Get in Line eyeliner kit which she loves and the new kit for spring. Also sent was an Ooh Baby Lip glaze, Robertson Blvd Lip Glaze and A little Crush powder blush.

SEEN Carrie Underwood backstage at Idol Gives back in Hollywood. She looked simply beautiful. This country girl has come a long way since winning American Idol a few seasons back. Our backstage beauty spies tell us she was all about the pink. Tallulah High Shine gloss, A Little Crush powder blush each got a beauty nod, as well as her perfect gel eyeliner in Onyx.

Sexy Eye-Popping Eyeliner


GET THE LOOK and take your eyeliner from the office to the dance floor with a sexy thick line as seen here on Leighton Meester. The look is sophisticated and not too heavy and keeps the focus on the eyes. Use a rich black gel liner so the color doesn’t smudge. Try Onyx Stay Put Gel Liner and apply it thicker at the outer ends and taper the line as you get closer to the inner eye as seen here on Leighton.

For extra eye popping glam add some false lashes like Leighton. Make sure to cut the lashes to fit your own eyes before applying, and add a coat of mascara once the glue has dried.

Beth Bender’s beauty trick: To brighten up the white of your eyes, sweep a navy blue eye shadow along the top of your black liner and blend it into a blue smoky hue that off sets the redness in your eyes. Try Bette Blu Eye Dust from beth bender beauty and a fav of Courteney Cox.

Diorskin Shimmer Star

SPRING IS IN THE AIR and what better way to get in the mood than with the new shimmering pressed powders from Dior. New for spring and available in two palettes, they really are magical. Powder so ultra fine it blends without feeling heavy and leaves your skin looking radiant.

APPLY to the cheekbones, temple, forehead and chin for a luminous finish and healthy glow. You can check out both palettes at Sephora and, or at most Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

Diorskin Shimmer Star

Monday, April 14, 2008

Red Carpet Celebrity Beauty


SPRING IS IN THE AIR and Debra Messing is working those sexy smoky eyes and gleaming cheeks. Her make up is flawless and her skin is radiant. Love those smoky eyes? Get them no problem with the Get in Line smoky eye stencils and Sexy Eyes Kit, a fav on the set of Lipstick Jungle and Dirt and both from beth bender beauty. Create eyes just like Debra's using the colors in the kit or for a more dramatic look try the Get in Line Smoky Eye Kit. Use a black gel eyeliner to line around the eyes and make sure to extend and thicken the line at the outer corners as seen here on Debra. Try Stay Put Gel Liner in Onyx.

Get sweet and sexy cheeks like Debra's using a pale pink or pale peach shimmer blush. To get just right gleam apply the color to the apple of cheeks while smiling. Make sure to swirl the color on the peak of the apple of your cheeks. Try Pearly Pale Pink 134 powder blush from Make Up Forever or Orgasm powder blush from NARS, both available at Sephora and

YEAH BABY you're red carpet ready!

Best Beauty Trends-Nude Lips


GET THE LOOK:Compliment a beautiful sun-kissed complexion for spring with a sexy nude lip color as seen here on the always gorgeous Vanessa Williams and fellow school mate. Choose a color with shimmery flecks of gold instead of a silver infused base shine and apply over your regular lip color. Try Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip Glaze a fav of Vanessa’s and Drew Barrymore. Available at bethbender Looking for a great lipstick shade to wear under your gloss, try Belle de Jour, a sheer nude beige from NARS and available at Sephora and

Beauty Buzz Trends For Spring


GET THE LOOK: Blue eye shadow is a beautiful trend for the red carpet this spring. Whether your skin tone is fair or dark there’s a color for everyone. Create the same sexy, sultry smoky eyes with powder and royal blues. Seen here on Kristin Bell whose coloring is fair and who looks beautiful in a soft blue shimmer shadow. If your coloring is similar to Kristin’s Try Mary Jane or Speed eye shadows both from Urban Decay and available at Sephora and If your coloring is deeper try Bette Blu eye shadow, a deep blue metallic shimmer from beth bender beauty. For extra sizzle line the eyes with a Jet Black Gel eyeliner as seen here on Kristin. Try Onyx Stay Put Gel Liner from beth bender beauty.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beth Bender Beauty In The UK

BETH BENDER BEAUTY'S GET IN LINE AND SEXY EYES IN THE UK For anyone who has been looking for the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kit and beth bender beauty products in the UK, we are happy to let you know that BeautyboXx in the UK is up and running. They have a great selection of some of our hottest beauty must haves including our latest, SEXY EYES for creating mesmerizing eyes. As seen on the set of Dirt, Courteney Cox's new hit on FX and Lipstick Jungle. Get glam with this new kit from beth bender beauty.

The Get in Line Eyeliner kit which as you know is a fav of Amy Winehouse, as well as kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton and Stella McCartney just to name a few is only in one place in the UK and that is BeautyboXx. This site is your one stop shopping for the hottest beauty and "must have" celebrity beauty finds.

In addition to beth bender beauty they also have some of my favorite beauty products like DuWop, and Fusion Beauty. So if you haven’t already checked out BeautyboXx I would definitely take a peek and treat yourself to some fabulous goodies.


Saturday, April 5, 2008



Every few months our friend Jay and fellow artist stops in LA on his way to New York and pops by some of the sets to drop off some beauty products. He always comes by the studio to load up on beth bender beauty goods and went mad for the New SEXY EYES Kit. His two most important stops this trip were to the sets of Dirt, Courteney Cox's new hit and Desperate Housewives.

THE GIRLS at Dirt were so excited to receive the goodies, especially Alexandra Breckenridge who ran right to the ladies room to put on her SEXY EYES. He gave a goody bag to Courteney which included a SEXY EYES, and the newest kit from Get in Line which features 2 beautiful palettes for spring in Lavenders, Plums and Pale pinks (available next week at Courteney already uses the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit and loves her kookla gloss. Also for Couteney and the girls a Tallulah High Shine Gloss, Paris is Burning Lip Glaze, Lip Love in Adore and Mineral Powder Foundation which apparently Jay says gets a big thumbs up on set.

NEXT for Jay was a stop by the set of Desperate Housewives where they have been working around the clock shooting all new episodes. He made sure all of the girls got a SEXY EYES and lots of glosses in Happy, Tallulah, Kookla and Starlight which they love. They Also got the new spring palettes for the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit available at next week. You can check out the original Get in Line eyeliner kit there too.



SPRING IS IN THE AIR and to prove it check out Olivia Wilde's gorgeous eyes in shades of plums and Lavenders. What a refreshing alternative to the dark smoky eyes we have been seeing so much of. Get Olivia's look by mixing a Lavender and deep Plum shimmer shadow together and then applying to the eyelid and up into the crease of eye as seen here. Try Eye Dusts in Lilly and All About Me, $16 and both from beth bender beauty. Line the eyes with a smudge proof gel eyeliner in black, try Onyx Stay Put Gel Liner, $18 at beth bender beauty. Make sure to taper the liner as you get closer to the center of eye and keep it thicker at the ends as seen here on Olivia.

GET gorgeous brows like Olivia's with Anastasia's eyebrow stencils, Eyebrow tools and powders. Choose from a number of kits or just the stencils. They are so easy to use and really give you the best eyebrows.

FINISH the look with a bit of tinted moisturizer to even out the complexion before giving your cheeks a pop of blush with Desert Rose Powder Blush, $20 at Try Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer, $42 at It gives your skin a healthy glow and deposits just the right amount of color without looking heavy.

PUCKER UP with Creamy Lip Color in Crystal Pink, $22 at and for extra, extra shine add a layer of Crush Liquid Lip Glaze, $16 at

YEAH BABY now you're stylin' for Spring!



Get Smoky Eyes Like Mariah Carey


CHECK OUT Mariah Carey's very sexy eyes on this months cover of Allure. Talk about precision. She is working these sexy eyes for the camera. Make up artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen was the master behind this gorgeous look. She gave Mariah glamorous make up to match her very glamorous style, from her perfectly groomed Hollywood brows to absolutely flawless skin and she finished by giving her eyes a smoky-feline finish.

Get Mariah's gorgeous eyes using Revlon's ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in Berry Blossom and get her purrfect cat eye liner using the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit from beth bender beauty. You can mix the three darker shades from the eye shadow palette and apply to the crease of eye making sure to blend really well. Use the lightest shade and apply to the eyelid blending into crease. Apply a touch of the lightest shade slightly above the crease as seen here on Mariah and blend .

Use the cat eye stencil from the Get in Line Kit and place over eye. Bringing the stencil closer to the eyelid will give you a nice line and point as seen here on Mariah. For a more intense color make sure to slightly dampen the eyeliner brush before dipping into charcoal liner and applying to the eye.

You can pick up the eye shadow set in Berry Blossom at most drugstores, Target, CVS, and Walmart. The get in Line Eyeliner Kit is available at

Thursday, April 3, 2008


BETH BENDER BEAUTY ON SET One of our favorite shows, Samantha Who has been loving our New SEXY EYES Kit. We became fans of the show before the writers strike and have been waiting for the show to start airing next week. We love Christina Applegate, she is adorable and has great comedic timing. Our very good friend and fabulous artist Nani has been working on set and made sure to bring her little goody bag of beth bender beauty products. All the girls including Jennifer Esposito and Melissa McCarthy each got a Get in Line Eyeliner kit, SEXY EYES, and a Crush Liquid lip glaze.

Make sure to check out their perfect eyeliner and Sexy eyes when Samantha Who returns to TV next week.

Eye Cream With Star Quality

This fabulous eye cream just had a little face lift of its own and it is fantastic. Avon has mastered its award winning eye cream to improve visible sagging of the brow bone area, tighten and firm the upper eye area and after only four weeks of using improve visible drooping of the upper eye area. Under the eye it instantly minimizes visible under eye shadows. Infused with Sweet Almond Extract which is known for its potent lifting power and for a mere $28 it is totally worth checking out.

New Avon’s ANEW CLINICAL Eye Lift, $28 at

If you’re looking for something even more intensified for your eyes check out this one from Avon. ANEW ULTIMATE delivers with ingredients that restore elasticity, firm and recontour your eyes. Immediately eyes look and feel firmer, tighter and more elastic. For anyone looking for great skin care for your face that you wont have to mortgage your house just to afford, then I encourage you to check this line out from Avon.

ANEW ULTIMATE Contouring Eye System, $30 at

Get a happy face with St Ives Elements

Have you tried this new olive scrub from St Ives ? It’s called St. Ives Elements Olive Scrub and Oh my gosh it is amazing! I have been using their Apricot Scrub for years and found this little gem while I was doing some shopping. It is gentle enough to use everyday which I have been and it leaves your skin feeling great. Part of a whole new concept and skin care line they have just starting selling.

The line also includes an Olive Cleanser, Microdermabrasion Scrub, a Warming Scrub which deep cleans your pores and gets rid of dirt and oil and a Protective Cleanser. Another great thing about these new products is they won’t leave you broke like so many other skin care lines, most of them are under $10. Now that is what I call a real beauty bargain.

Olive Scrub from St Ives Elements

Warming Scrub from St Ives Elements

Celebrities Wearing Beth Bender Beauty

I SPY BETH BENDER BEAUTY… Britney Spears checking out the latest goods at Fred Segals, but not before checking her perfect pout out while strolling through the beauty department. Our little spies tell us she dug out a pot of gloss from her purse and one of the sales girls commented on how cute the hand painted flower was. Britney replied “thank you, you should taste the gloss. Oh my gosh I want to eat it.” The color and one of our favs, Happy high shine gloss.

SEEN Scarlett Johansson with beau Ryan Reynolds in Vegas for her mom’s wedding. A source close to Scarlett tells us she was praising her Get in Line eyeliner kit for giving her the sexy cat eyes that everyone was commenting on at the rehearsal dinner. SEEN again later that evening giving her lips a little touch up with her Talluah glam gloss.

SEEN Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey at the LA Premiere of Horton Hears a Who! Jenny who has been working on her new project Honey Vicarro was first introduced to the Get in Line Kit at a shoot for the show. She was sporting quite the smoky eye along with Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane, who is also a fan of the kit. Our sources close to Jenny tell us she is all over the new Sexy Eyes kit, brand new but fast growing amongst Hollywood celebs for creating very sexy eyes. Please check out the Honey Vicarro offical website, it is fabulous and Jenny is dynamite!

SEEN Julia Roberts on the set of her new thriller “Duplicity”. The color keeping her lips looking perfectly sweet and pink was Tallulah. Our friend Pam and fellow make up artist dropped off a few pieces to the make-up trailer and made sure to save one for Julia.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


BETH BENDER BEAUTY CRUSH FOR APRIL and back by popular demand, SEXY EYES. We received so many emails asking us if we would be giving away the SEXY EYES kit again and we though what the heck? Why not give the girls what they want, so yes the SEXY EYES kit is yours to try with every order of $50 or more. We have to say this travel size is oh soooo cute and the shimmer shadows are amazing.

Our BETH BENDER BEAUTY give away for April is Odessa, a gorgeous violet with gray undertones and one of our newest eye shimmers for spring. Not yet available on the site but yours for free with any beth bender beauty purchase.

AND as if this wasn’t enough during the month of April only, any online purchases of $75 or more will get a 15 minute private phone session with Beth herself. Your chance to ask Beth whatever beauty questions you might have, advice, tips on make-up and anything else you can think of. Customers will be contacted by email to schedule their personal beauty session with Beth.

Celebrity Style - Get The Look

Rhianna rocks out at Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards complete with thick black eyeliner feline style and very bright lips that only she could get away with. This little lady is very serious about her cat eyes and in this shot they look purrfect.

To get Rhianna’s rock star look try the Get in Line eyeliner kit for perfect liner just like hers and for a more wearable lip color try a thin coat of a sheer deep pink gloss, try Honolulu Girl high shine glam gloss.



Spring Beauty Trends

Bright Pink Cheeks are taking center stage on the red carpet this spring. Celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones seen here, Kate Bosworth, and Sienna Miller have all been seen sporting sweet pink cheeks.

To get the look without overdoing it tap your blush brush over your wrist to remove any excess powder before applying to your cheeks. Then with your blush brush swirl the color over the apple of your cheeks focusing on the upper middle cheekbone for a more sweet and young look. If you are using a cream blush start by applying color onto the apple of cheeks and blending color along cheekbones. For the sweetest rosy cheeks try A little Crush powder blush or Blushing Bride cream blush, both available at beth bender beauty.

Beth Bender Beauty In The UK

For anyone who has been looking for the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kit and beth bender beauty products in the UK, we are happy to let you know that BeautyboXx in the UK is up and running. They were giving the site a little face lift and the result is fabulous! They have a nice selection of some of our hottest beauty must haves including our latest, SEXY EYES for creating mesmerizing eyes.

In addition to beth bender beauty they also have some of my favorite beauty products like DuWop, and Fusion Beauty. So if you haven't already checked out BeautyboXx I would definitely take a peek and treat yourself to some "must have" goodies.