Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Sexy Cat Eyes Please

Give us your best cats Beyonce and let’s not forget Rhianna too. Both looking very hot. These thick dramatic cat eyes seen here on both ladies is one of our favorite looks. Just in case you weren’t paying attention because we can’t seem to get off the subject of cat eyes, and it seems as if we are not alone.

We just give our readers what they want and according to our lovely new intern Melissa, they want cat eyes. Doesn’t matter how thick or thin and what color they might be in. Just give them cat eyes and keep them coming. If you’re new to our beauty blog and to beth bender beauty then let us first tell you that you can create these very sexy cat eyes using the cat eye stencil and the Get in Line Stencil Kit. The cat eye stencil fits over your eye (fits any eye shape, even Asian) and all you have to do is sweep the color with the brush over the eye and in seconds you’ll be sporting a cat eye. To make it thick like Beyonce and Rhianna just hold the stencil higher above the eyelid and fill in with color.

That’s how easy it is to get a sexy cat eye and best of all you won’t need a dozen tools to get them.

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