Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sexy Smoky Eyes In Your 40’s

Sex and the City Premiere in NYC

The other day a friend and fellow beauty blogger asked me for a few tips on wearing a smoky eye in your 40’s. I’m in my 40’s and still love a smoky eye although I usually go for a softer version and not the traditional dark and smoky. I absolutely love the look but going for a light gunmetal, lavender or a bronze tone is much sexier as we get a little older and still captures the very essence of a smoky eye.

As in the case of SATC, the show and movie. Funny enough right after I shared my tips I found myself at the movies watching the much anticipated flick and noticed immediately that I was not alone. All of the gals with the exception of Kristin Davis could be seen throughout most of the movie sporting a smoky eye.

The colors were soft but beautiful and all of the make up artists were on point with there color choices. Kim Cattrall had her personal make up artist Kyra Panchenko to give her sexy smoky eyes and cat eyes that could not be missed. She never went too dark but her smoky eyes were gorgeous. Kristin Davis had Nuria Sitja, who created her looks and Make up Department Head Marjorie Durand took care of Sara and Cynthia whose eyes were outstanding. Gold and Amber tones on Sara Jessica made her green eyes even more striking.

All of these women are in their 40’s and let me just tell you their make up was smokin’. Not to mention the fabulous clothing and accessories thanks to the brilliant Pat Fields. So in answer to anyone wondering whether a sexy smoky eye is appropriate for women in the 40’s? I say you better believe it baby!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get Rachel Bilsons Perfect Eyeliner

Perfect Eyeliner ala Rachel Bilson

We get so many women visiting our website and blog each month looking to replicate Rachel Bilsons extremely sexy and simple eyes. Yes simple. She continues to give us her version of sexy eyeliner and smoky eyes and everyone wants to know how.

Pictured here at the recent Chanel boutique opening in Los Angeles, her cat eyeliner has taken on a more subtle yet still sexy effect by blending out the edge ever so slightly.

TO GET THE LOOK: Beth suggests using a gel based eyeliner in black or dark brown. With a tapered brush lining along your upper and lower lashline. Make sure to blend the outer corners together and extend beyond the lashes for perfect cat eyeliner. If you prefer your liner a little thicker at the ends you can go over liner starting at the middle of eye and out towards the end. Blend once more before eyeliner dries. Try Onyx Stay Put Get Eyeliner , $18 at

Get sexy eyeliner and cat eyes just like Rachel Bilson using the cat eyeliner stencil from bethbender beauty . Simply place the eyeliner stencil over your eye and fill in with color. Can be used with eyeshadow and gel eyeliner.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Stencils That Work

The other day I was surfing the net and found a video showing how you can take apart a plastic insert from packaging and turn it into an eyeliner stencil. Well I of course had to watch because based on the type of plastic that was being used I knew this would not be an easy task and it wasn’t.

First of all let me start by saying that I have been doing make-up for years and I have never seen a make-up artist use anything of the sort. Credit cards yes, but never this. Not to mention that the type of plastic he was using was not flexible and very sharp when placed anywhere near the eye.

So you might be saving money but who wants to risk poking yourself in the eye or cutting yourself just to have a sexy cat eye or smoky eye? That isn’t a look I ever want to see. Make-up artists do use eyeliner stencils when they need to, and when they do they use our eyeliner stencils. There are a few who have tried their best to duplicate ours but nothing works as well as the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencils.

Color seen here is SGB, New for spring

They will give the perfect “Anjelina Jolie” Cat eye and the very best “Hilary Duff” smoky eye, not to mention “Rachel Bilson” sexy eyeliner. They are flexible and fit any eye shape. My six year old niece is already an expert. That’s how easy they are to use.

Ladies we created these eyeliner stencils for you! For all of the women who want beautiful smoky eyes, cat eyes or just a perfect line along your lashes. Not everyone has a steady hand, and many of us need a little help, and that’s just what they do. As always for anyone who has any questions about how they work feel free to email us at or click here to watch a video showing you how.

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