Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Smoky eyes are not just for big girls

I just hung up with a good friend of mine who is doing a shoot in NYC and is in need of my help. I had mentioned to him I would be going home to attend my son’s graduation and he called to ask if I wouldn’t mind a day or two of work.

How could I refuse? The funny thing is he had given my eyeliner stencil kit to one of the little starlets who will be on the shoot and apparently she is very excited to meet me. How sweet. I am excited to meet her too. Anyone who loves make-up as much as me is someone I want to meet.

I am always so surprised by the number of teenage girls using my products. Even at such a young age eye make-up is a must for so many. My little cousin who isn’t so young anymore does quite a nice job of lining her eyes, doing a sexy smoky eye, and let’s not forget the mascara. She learned a thing or two from me. With Magazines like Teen Vogue who are on it when it comes to beauty & fashion who wouldn’t be inspired to try something different.

Rock on girls!!



NIA 24 - Niacin Powered Skin Therapy

If you are one of those gals who spent way too much time sunning yourself or maybe you still do then this is a skin care line you should know about. NIA 24 is a company that promises to repair your skin and dramatically improve the appearance of sun damage. The latest addition to the line is the Gentle Cleansing Cream which removes dirt and oil without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

Pro-Niacin which is a patented molecule developed by the company penetrates the skin at a much more rapid rate and goes beyond the surface of the skin to where the sun damage begins. Once it is absorbed into the skin it is converted to nicotinic acid by enzymes in the epidermis and dermis. Because the products are pharmaceutical grade they are only available through a physician.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the line and have been using it for almost two weeks. I am still using Soliv, which everyone knows I love, but I have switched over to this for the day. So far I like the way my skin is looking but the real improvement in your skins texture as well as its firmness should begin to show over a 90 day course with regular use.

On the surface my skin does not look as if it has any sun damage, but I am sure that a dermatologist would say otherwise. If NIA 24 can repair and improve my skins texture & firmness then why not give it a try?

To learn more about NIA24 you can visit their website at: www.NIA24.com



Monday, June 4, 2007

Rachael Rays Smoky Eyes

Hi Ladies:

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that everyone was wearing their sunscreen. I was working on location and was baking in the sun every time I went out to do a touch up. I had the whole crew wearing sunscreen. I am sure they were real happy the next day.

Anyway, I was watching the Rachael Ray show this morning and couldn’t stop looking at her make-up. Her smoky eyes especially. For some reason they looked funny, maybe it was the dark blue color or the fact that her foundation looked off, but it just didn’t look flattering and seemed a bit too much for the host of a “cooking show”.

I have never really spent much time watching her or her show and was really surprised at how heavy her make-up was. That’s the problem with being a make-up artist. You are always on the job. I know I do a lot of talking about smoky eyes, but then so do so many others. Smoky eyes are and always will be a big favorite for beauty, fashion and any gal who wants a striking eye.

I’m thinking a softer eye color and maybe a foundation that looked a little more sheer would have been so much prettier on Rachael. Let’s face it, with all of the beauty products available and for her celebrity status there is no excuse for not looking your best.



Friday, June 1, 2007

Choosing the right foundation

Foundations look natural and best when they match your skin tone and give your complexion an overall evenness. Not everyone likes to wear it, but when you do choosing the right color is most important.

One of the ways of doing this is to visit a local department store that Carry’s cosmetics. Most department stores carry Clinique which has a number of products for the face. I prefer to use a foundation stick because you can go as sheer or as heavy as you like. If there are other beauty brands available then you might want to check them all out before deciding.

I usually tell my clients to wear the color while they are shopping to see how it looks after a few hours. If you are near an exit it is even better to check the color in natural lighting to make sure it is even and matches your neck color. You will need a pocket mirror or you can ask the make-up artist to come with you. If you are still undecided then keep looking until you find the one that is right for you. You can also have a foundation custom blended at most Prescriptive counters. The benefit in this is that it is your formula for your coloring. This is only available in a liquid or powder form.

If you are in a shopping center that has a Sephora Beauty Boutique or an Ulta, I would suggest stopping in there as well. They have a huge selection of foundations as well as everything else and no pressure when it comes to buying. There is nothing worse than a sales person who is just trying to make their goal. If you aren’t happy with what you buy, then they haven’t done their job.



How to remove false lashes

After a recent post about how to apply false lashes I received a number of emails from women who had read my blog and then had some fun putting on lashes. I was thrilled that they were able to do it so well the first time and that they stayed on for more than a few days.

Many sent in emails asking the best way to remove them without hurting their own lashes. That was one thing I left out and very important too! The best way to remove false lashes is to wet the eye area with a bit of warm water so that the glue gets a little clumpy and tacky. Then carefully begin to pull the lashes from the eye lid slowly. This will prevent any of your own lashes from being pulled out.

Once the lashes are off you can rinse the eye area again to remove any glue that may not have come off. Eye make-up remover works well too.



How to apply false eyelashes with ease

I love lashes!! I love them curled and and I love them dark. I love to add individual lashes and I love to do a full set from time to time. When I worked with Bobbi Brown many years ago I would always be the one who got the job of applying lashes. I did them faster then anyone else and they looked great. I remember doing a Bob Mackie fashion show during fashion week and having two hours to do twenty-five models. That was a challenge that even Bobbi didn’t think I would be able to do in time, but I did.

It was a lot of fun and after that it was always me who would add her touch with lashes. Word got around and the next thing I knew every bride I did make-up for on their wedding day wanted and had to have lashes.

The easiest way to apply lashes without making yourself crazy is to use individual lashes. They look the most natural and if done the right way can stay on for up to a week. I like to use Ardell or Andrea knot free lashes. They come in short and long. For a more natural look I apply the short from the center out and then add a few long ones on the ends. They are sold in beauty supply stores, as well as Rite-Aids and CVS. In New York Duane Reade is a favorite of mine to buy them.

You will need an eyelash glue (Duo is a good one) I like to use Sherani surgical glue because it has a wand applicator. Either will do. An eyelash curler too. The first thing I do is to apply one coat of mascara to the lashes before applying indi’s. This creates a good base. It is also great if your lashes are sparse in places because it makes putting them on a lot easier. Do not curl lashes until the end. The lashes are best applied before curling.

The next thing I do is to pull between eight to twelve lashes from the box and stick them on the front of my hand. They will be split between both eyes. Then I squeeze a tiny bit of glue on the same hand and I am ready to start applying lashes. I don’t recommend using a tweezer. I like to use my hands because you have more control with placing them and it is much quicker.

Begin by taking a lash and dipping the end in the glue. Start applying from the center of the eye out. Slide the lash as close to the lash line without actually touching the eyelid. The knot free lashes are great because they blend in with your own lashes. To finish the look take four to six of the long lashes(2 or 3 for each eye) and apply to the ends. This will elongate the lashes for a very beautiful and sexy eye.
Once you get the hang of this you can go back and add a few more lashes on top or in between the ones already on. This is optional and depends on your preference. When the lashes have dried (usually 5 to 10 minutes) apply another coat of mascara and liner to the eyelid. The eyeliner gives a nice finish to the look and also makes the base of your lashes look thicker than ever. Once the mascara has dried you can curl your lashes.
If you want to keep them on for more than a day. When washing or showering be careful not to get them soaked. If you are washing your face use a wash cloth and be careful around the eyes. Sometimes the glue may turn a little lighter. If this should happen just add a little liner. Liquid or gel liner works the best.

So ladies, the next time you need a little ooh la la try adding a few lashes and get ready for lots of attention!



Soliv - Hollywoods Must Have for Beautiful Skin

A few weeks ago I wrote about this amazing skin care line called Soliv- Sea 2 Skin. A line of skin care products bringing life from sea botanicals into the skin.

The main ingredient in these products is algae, which as I mentioned before is extremely good for your skin. I have been so amazed by the difference in how my skin looks and in just a short time that I am sure I will be a lifelong customer. Just this morning my boyfriend commented on how I looked like I was twenty. I was shocked and for a woman of forty-five I guess the proof is in the product!

I have never had the pleasure of using a skin care line and really seeing results like this. I am completely thrilled and have been telling everyone in Hollywood about Soliv. At screenings, on location, to every girl I know who wants to look fabulous, and at every Hollywood backyard party.

I did not mention before that this line is also for men too. I recently did a treatment on my boyfriend and saw immediate results. His face actually looked more toned and his cheekbones were more prominent. He is very handsome to begin with, but after one treatment he looked great!

While everyone at Soliv is hard at work and in the process of placing the line at Beauty Bars and Spas across the country, please visit their website @www. Soliv.com to check out all of their products and get ready to love your skin! I will be writing about the line every month and updating you on new locations and any new products.

I promise that once you start using Soliv you will be hooked.



Gel liners for lining your eyes

I love the way eyeliner looks, especially when it stays put. So when Bobbi first introduced her Gel Liners I was so excited to try them. Since then there have been a lot of companies who offer their own version of this including my line of beauty products. For anyone looking for something that lasts more than a few hours and doesn’t move, then this is the product for you.

They are easy to use and water resistant. They come in a number of colors and can be set with a powder shadow for even more staying power. I love to use my gel liners whenever I am working with my eyeliner stencils. Whenever the look calls for a Cat eye I start by using the Cat eye template to get the perfect shape and then go back over the line with a gel liner. The gel liners are a creamy consistency when first applied. Within a few minutes they dry down and once they do they don’t budge. So if you plan to set with a powder I suggest doing it once you have done both eyes.

Some gel eyeliners can be removed with a face cleanser, but most may need some eye make up remover. Either way it is so worth not having to worry about smudgy eyes and checking to see if your make up needs touch ups throughout the day.



Cat eyes on set in Hawaii

I just got the sweetest message from a good friend and fellow make-up artist who has been using my eyeliner stencil kit since I introduced it to the world of beauty over four years ago. He was on set shooting in Hawaii (my home away from home) and one of the actresses went mad for the stencils. She saw him using it on one of the other little starlets and was shocked at how perfect the Cat eye was.

Thank God he had an extra kit with him because I don’t think she would have taken no for an answer if he refused to give her his. He said she proceeded to go from actress to actress giving them all a Cat eye and each time she would scream in amazement at how easy it was to do. He said everyone was laughing and that he wished I could have been there to see it. Next time I promised, but his news about the kit totally made my day and that was just what I needed.

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell women everywhere who are having trouble with their eyeliner and the ones who are already using it, know. My sister uses it everyday and it always looks perfect. I swear she does a better job than me. She just got some news about needing eye surgery and can’t use mascara but she was happy to hear she could still use the Eyeliner stencil kit to at least line her eyes.

For more info on the Get In Line Beauty Stencil System visit bethbenderbeauty.com



Sexy Smoky Eyes Hawaiian Style

I know that I have been doing a lot of stories about smoky eyes, but lately that is what I have been doing a lot of when I am working. A lot of my clients and certain photographers I work with know that this is my specialty, along with lash enhancement, so that is what I usually get asked to do. And lately it seems like all the time.

Recently I was going through some of my old tear sheets from a few years ago and found a few pictures from a shoot that I had done in Hawaii. How nice it would be to be back there right about now. Anyway my very good friend E-Jay, The Creative Director of Body & Soul Cosmetics and an amazing artist and I worked together on the shoot. He insisted that I bring lots of my Get In Line Beauty Eyeliner Stencil System to use. He of course does a gorgeous smoky eye without needing the stencils, but loves to use them just the same. He has been a huge fan of the line and is responsible for getting it in the hands of so many celebrities everywhere. Needless to say I absolutely adore and love him!!

We decided to do something a little different and gave the models an Island feeling using tropical colors instead of the traditional dark shades that are usually used for a smoky eye. We mixed and layered colors and tinted the lashes to look as if the color was a flower on the eye. It looked beautiful and we were both so happy with the end result.

One of the things I always tell my clients is not be afraid to have fun and never be intimidated by make-up. Try something different and if you don’t like it, try something else. Even the best make-up artists can get frustrated and have days where nothing seems to work. We tried something we weren’t sure we would even like, or the client most importantly but we succeeded and had fun doing it.



P.S.: For anyone who has any questions about how to do a smoky eye, or needs advice on any beauty issues always feel free to email me personally at bethbenderbeauty@gmail.com

Sexy smoky eyes without the stress

If you have ever googled info on how to do a Smoky Eye you will probably be as shocked as I was to see how many blogs and beauty sites there are offering the latest and best ways to achieve a Smoky Eye. Pages and pages of of how to’s from make-up artists to women who like many of us have mastered this look.
I spent hours checking out tips, the latest techniques and even checking out a few video’s on You-tube. I as you know am a big fan of the Smoky Eye and have been for years. One of the reasons for the Get in Line Beauty Stencil System. After checking out many of these sites the best advice I can give to anyone wanting to do a smoky eye is to keep it simple (the less steps the better) and to choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Not everyone looks good in a dark smoky eye, especially if your eyes are small to begin with. Lighter colors will look better and make the eyes seem much bigger.

Now that we are going into summer, it is the perfect time to try a smoky eye in bronze tones or apricots, even shades of pink and light pink are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to try something different. That’s what makes it so much fun. If you feel like you still need a little more color you can line the eye with a Gel Liner in a brown, navy or purple. Gel Liners are great all year round because they stay put for hours! Make sure to apply liner as close to the lash line as you can. This will give the eye more of a pop and make the base of your lashes look extremely thick and very alluring.

For anyone who is unsure about where to place color on the lid. I would recommend checking out the Get In Line Beauty Stencil System @bethbenderbeauty.com. These stencils are templates for a Smoky eye and Cat eye as well as top and bottom liner. They are quick, easy to use and fit any eye shape.

As always if you have any questions or would like to contact me personally. You can email me at bethbenderbeauty@gmail.com.



Beautiful Brows Made Easy

Whenever I make the trip back to New York I usually have a list of friends who are waiting for me to do their brows. I always set time aside and it’s a good excuse to catch up with the girls while I’m plucking and shaping. I got into brows while I was working with Bobbi and have become even more obsessed over the years.

A nicely shaped brow can make such a difference in the way you look and especially for anyone who loves to wear eye make-up. Whether your eyebrows are thick or thin. An unruly brow is an unhappy brow and that is where I come in.

I discovered Anastasia’s eyebrow stencils long before I had ever worked with her. I had tried many other eyebrow templates prior to using hers but they did not even come close. These eyebrow stencils are made from a soft pvc plastic similar to my eye liner stencils and that makes them very easy to use on any brow.

Each packet comes with four different templates depending on your brow size and the type of arch you want. They also come with step by step instructions on how to achieve the perfect brow. Her products are also available at most Sephora’s or on-line. She has everything from stencils to complete kits with everything you need including tweezers, scissor, color, brush, and of course the stencils. Anastasia always uses them when she is doing someone brows, and she is the eyebrow goddess in Hollywood.

I like using an eye brow stencil when I work because it allows you to see the hairs that need plucking and trimming. The best way to begin is by laying the stencil over your brow and filling in with brow color. Once you have done this your natural brow shape will be more prominent and you can begin to remove the hairs outside of the brow. The next step and only if needed is to trim any hairs that are slightly longer then the rest. Usually the hairs at the thicker part of the brow need trimming.

To do this you can use a spooly tool, which looks like a mascara wand or an old mascara wand wiped clean. Brush the brows upward and carefully trim the hairs that look longer than the rest. Making sure to keep then even with the rest of your brow. If you are doing this for the first time, go slowly. Once this is done brush eyebrows back into shape with wand and you are all set.

As the hairs begin to grow in you can keep up maintenance by removing them with a tweezer. Most gals can last up to six weeks and sometimes even two months before another visit.

As always feel free to email me personally if you have any questions.

That’s what I’m here for.



My Favorite Mascaras

Hi Ladies:

I get asked a lot about which mascaras I like to use and why. So I thought why not take a few minutes to let you know my favs new and old. Mascara can be tricky and sometimes too much can leave your eyes looking overdone. A good mascara can make the difference between a hot smoky eye or cat eye that gets noticed and one that doesn’t.

For years I bought into the Maybelline pink tube and tried more than once to create gorgeous lashes but most of the time I was disappointed. From there I moved onto Lancome, Clinique and even tried Chanel but still none lived up to what they claimed to do to your lashes.

While I worked with Bobbi I used a few of hers and they were better but still not quite what I was looking for. That was until I found Shu Uemura’s Mascara Basic. A friend of mine who was freelancing for Shu gave me a tube to try and I was sold. What I loved most was that you could build color and your lashes weren’t clumpy.

The only downside is that the mascara is water resistant so if you have sensitive lashes or fine lashes this may not be good for you. The cost for a tube is $27.50 a little pricey but worth it if you want lashes that look natural and great.

My next favorite is Kiss Me Mascara from Blinc. This specially formulated mascara which is oil free forms tiny tubes around your lashes that don’t smudge, run, clump or flake. I love this mascara. It is great for a gal who wants a little color on her lashes but isn’t into the high fashion eye. One tube will cost you $24.

Lash Injection from Too Faced which sells for $19.50 a tube is my new favorite. I just picked up two tubes at Sephora and have been using it on every shoot. I of course have a tube for myself which has become a staple in my make-up bag.

This revolutionary formula is packed with elastic 3D-polymers that coat the entire lash and stretch past its natural end, creating a dramatic volumizing and lengthening effect. What’s more, the huge brush reaches every lash—even those you didn’t know you had. My sister actually thought I was wearing lashes because they looked so good.

Another great one is Loreal’s Volumizing Mascara. It has been available for a while and for the price it does a nice job. I always keep a few a these in my kit when I am working. The cost is under $10 and it gives your lashes good volume as it lengthens. They also have a few new ones which I have not tried but they look good and I will probably pick up a few tubes.

All of the Mascaras mentioned except for Loreal can be found at Sephora or Sephora.com. Loreal is available at Target, Walmart, CVS and Rite-Aid as well as beauty supply stores.



Easy Smoky Eyes At The Beach

Are you a gal who likes a little color on her eyes even when your sitting under an umbrella at the beach? Try a little shimmer on your lids for something different. I have a great bronze shimmer that is sheer but still gives enough color. I like to apply it with my fingers right to my lid without putting a base color on first. It gives the eye a nice sheen that looks beautiful and perfect for the beach.

A touch of gloss, my new fav is “Chasing the cash” a nude shimmer and I feel just like Paris Hilton. Ha Ha. If I am running from the beach to meet the girls for a cocktail I always keep a set of my Get In Line eyeliner stencils handy for quick touch ups. That’s when I get busy doing my best smoky eye.

As always don’t forget your sunscreen.

Surfs up!