Friday, June 1, 2007

Sexy smoky eyes without the stress

If you have ever googled info on how to do a Smoky Eye you will probably be as shocked as I was to see how many blogs and beauty sites there are offering the latest and best ways to achieve a Smoky Eye. Pages and pages of of how to’s from make-up artists to women who like many of us have mastered this look.
I spent hours checking out tips, the latest techniques and even checking out a few video’s on You-tube. I as you know am a big fan of the Smoky Eye and have been for years. One of the reasons for the Get in Line Beauty Stencil System. After checking out many of these sites the best advice I can give to anyone wanting to do a smoky eye is to keep it simple (the less steps the better) and to choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Not everyone looks good in a dark smoky eye, especially if your eyes are small to begin with. Lighter colors will look better and make the eyes seem much bigger.

Now that we are going into summer, it is the perfect time to try a smoky eye in bronze tones or apricots, even shades of pink and light pink are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to try something different. That’s what makes it so much fun. If you feel like you still need a little more color you can line the eye with a Gel Liner in a brown, navy or purple. Gel Liners are great all year round because they stay put for hours! Make sure to apply liner as close to the lash line as you can. This will give the eye more of a pop and make the base of your lashes look extremely thick and very alluring.

For anyone who is unsure about where to place color on the lid. I would recommend checking out the Get In Line Beauty Stencil System These stencils are templates for a Smoky eye and Cat eye as well as top and bottom liner. They are quick, easy to use and fit any eye shape.

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