Friday, June 1, 2007

Gel liners for lining your eyes

I love the way eyeliner looks, especially when it stays put. So when Bobbi first introduced her Gel Liners I was so excited to try them. Since then there have been a lot of companies who offer their own version of this including my line of beauty products. For anyone looking for something that lasts more than a few hours and doesn’t move, then this is the product for you.

They are easy to use and water resistant. They come in a number of colors and can be set with a powder shadow for even more staying power. I love to use my gel liners whenever I am working with my eyeliner stencils. Whenever the look calls for a Cat eye I start by using the Cat eye template to get the perfect shape and then go back over the line with a gel liner. The gel liners are a creamy consistency when first applied. Within a few minutes they dry down and once they do they don’t budge. So if you plan to set with a powder I suggest doing it once you have done both eyes.

Some gel eyeliners can be removed with a face cleanser, but most may need some eye make up remover. Either way it is so worth not having to worry about smudgy eyes and checking to see if your make up needs touch ups throughout the day.



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