Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Smoky eyes are not just for big girls

I just hung up with a good friend of mine who is doing a shoot in NYC and is in need of my help. I had mentioned to him I would be going home to attend my son’s graduation and he called to ask if I wouldn’t mind a day or two of work.

How could I refuse? The funny thing is he had given my eyeliner stencil kit to one of the little starlets who will be on the shoot and apparently she is very excited to meet me. How sweet. I am excited to meet her too. Anyone who loves make-up as much as me is someone I want to meet.

I am always so surprised by the number of teenage girls using my products. Even at such a young age eye make-up is a must for so many. My little cousin who isn’t so young anymore does quite a nice job of lining her eyes, doing a sexy smoky eye, and let’s not forget the mascara. She learned a thing or two from me. With Magazines like Teen Vogue who are on it when it comes to beauty & fashion who wouldn’t be inspired to try something different.

Rock on girls!!



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