Thursday, December 27, 2007

Honeyshed and Beth Bender Beauty

The Get in Line Kit will be featured on Honeyshed twice in January. The first interactive shopping website which launched in October has been showcasing fabulous beauty products, clothing, accessories, footwear and the hottest new DVD releases.

They have a cast of young men and women who seem to be having a lot of fun while they talk about the brands and in some cases doing demo’s to show how a product works.

Although the site is still new and has been working out a few kinks, it has already received a tremendous amount of press and looks to be a huge success. Don’t forget to check out the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil Kit at Honeyshed in January and while you’re there take a peek at their very cute and not too expensive handbags.

Get Your Glam on With Get in Line

Another holiday season is almost behind us but the parties are still going strong and what better time to glam up your eyes then on New years eve!

Get sexy cat eyes and sultry smoky eyes using your Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil Kit. Spend less time in front of the mirror and much more time having fun. Until the end of December receive a complimentary full size sample of Little Beauty Lip color.


Scarlett Johansson Loves her Get in Line Eyeliner Kit, $36 at

Warmest wishes and a very happy new year!



Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sultry Smoky Eyes for The Holidays

Smudged liner and a hint of metallic shimmer eye shadow define this season's smoky eye. For a modern, glam look, Beth suggests lining your top and bottom lash lines with a black pencil and smudging with a brush or Q-tip to get this look. Try Prescriptives Soft Lining Pencil in Black. ($17.50, Then finish by sweeping a charcoal powder shadow across the lower lid and above the crease, almost to the brow bone as seen here. Try Bellatrix Eye Dust. ($16, Add a light dusting of loose shimmer powder over the entire eye, making sure to sweep under the lash line too. Try Pretty All Over Shimmer.

Party Perfect Beauty Tips

The Holidays are in full swing and what better time to share a few tips and keep your make-up and hair looking fresh and fabulous.

To keep you lips from smudging Beth says to apply just a little lip color or a lip stain instead of a creamy lipstick and blot the excess with a tissue. To prevent lipstick on teeth, after applying place your index finger in your mouth and close your lips over it. Then gently pull out. Finish with a touch of gloss for extra shine.

reddy-reddy.jpg Liv Tyler loves Beth Bender Beauty’s Reddy Freddy glam gloss. ( $16,

For eye-makeup that stays put, Beth says to dust a bit of translucent powder over the eye first before applying color. This will absorb the oils and ensure longer lasting color. For eyeliner with staying power try using a Gel eyeliner instead of a pencil. It’s water resistant and when set with a powder shadow will not budge for hours and hours.


Ashlee Simpson loves Beth Bender Beauty’s Gel Eyeliner in Onyx.($18,

For hair that won’t behave and flyaways that continue to drive you mad throughout the night, Beth suggests using a hand lotion to smooth strands. Rub a tiny amount of lotion between palms and then lightly run hands over your style. If your hair is fine apply only a tiny, tiny amount.

duwop.jpg Sophia Bush Loves Duwop Hands 2 Hair, a two-in-one styling cream and hand lotion. ($17,

For holiday eyes that sizzle, Beth suggests using an eyeliner stencil to get sultry smoky eyes and purrfect cat eyes. She likes the Get in Line Stencil Kit which comes with everything you need to create these looks.


Scarlett Johansson and Rachel Bilson both love the Get in Line Stencil kit. ($36,

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Spy Beth Bender Beauty

Seen…Karina Smirnoff at an event in LA on December 3rd. Our beauty spies overheard her telling a guest that she had used her Get in Line eyeliner kit to do her fabulous smoky eyes.

Seen…Ashlee Simpson with her main squeeze Pete Wentz enjoying a Knicks game In NYC. Our beauty spies tell us she gave her lips lots of loving with her Chasing the Cash lip color from beth bender beauty.

Seen…Rachel Bilson new to beth bender beauty and the Get in Line eyeliner kit. Seen checking her eyes out in the mirror at Barney’s in LA. This girl can wear a smoky eye and eyeliner like nobody’s business. We hear she has been loving the kit. Yeah!

I Spy Beth Bender Beauty

Seen…The Pussycat Doll’s Nicole Scherzinger stopping by MTV’s TRL in NYC. Our beauty spies tell us she gave her beautiful eyes a quick touch up with her Get in Line eyeliner kit and her lips some shimmer and extra shine with Baby needs Bling Liquid lip color.

Seen…Jessica Alba and her beau and daddy to be Cash Warren at the Laker’s game in LA. Looking even more beautiful as an expectant mommy. Our beauty spies tell us she was getting lot’s of lip loving from Cash. Must have been the Chasing the Cash Liquid lip color she was wearing. It tastes as good s it looks.

Seen…Liv Tyler who happens to take her son Milo to the same park as my personal beauty spy and sister-in law, Lars. Her son and Milo are the same age. Liv wears Reddy Freddy lip gloss and our Baby Blush and was telling Lars how much she loves them both.

Seen…New Country singer sensation Carrie Underwood attending the Movies Rock event in LA. Her make-up looked flawless and her hair gorgeous. Our beauty spies tell us she had her Get in Line kit that she pulled out of her tiny purse to add a little more color to her eyes and finished with a bit of Chasing the Cash Liquid lip color.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eva Mendes - Get Her Look


Eva Mendes is such a stunner. Her brows are never out of place and always perfect. If you’re like me and you were an over plucker then may I suggest using an eyebrow stencil to give your brows a finished look and one that is much easier to achieve than doing free hand.

I always recommend Anastasia’s eyebrow stencils because they have the most natural shapes and are easy to use because of their flexibility. One pack of stencils comes with four shapes and will cost you $20. There are also brow kits on the site that come with everything you need to create perfect brows like Eva.

For bang on eyeliner seen here on Eva. Do it like the pro’s with the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit. The top eyeliner stencil lays over the eye and with one sweep of your brush you have perfect liner.

Are you loving these cheeks as much as we are? The color is simply gorgeous. Get this glow using a powder blush and applying to the apple of your cheeks while working the color up and blending into hairline as seen here on Eva. Try Baby Powder Blush from beth bender beauty or Powder Blush in Pink Duo from Stila.

Keep the lips on the sheer side and choose a color that won’t over power the look. Try Chasing the cash Liquid Lip Color from beth bender beauty.

Sultry Cat Eyes Please!

I want Angelina’s sultry cat eyes


Who doesn’t love this look? Every time I see Angelina sporting such beautiful eye makeup it inspires me all over again and I realize just how much I love a cat eye.

You can have sexy cat eyes just like Angelina when you use the Get in Line Stencil Kit, $36 at Women buy this kit just for the cat eyes only to find out that the kit does a smokin’ smoky eye too!

Create looks right from the beauty pages of Allure, Marie Claire, Vogue, Glamour and In Style Magazine. The easiest way to line your eyes without having a live in make-up artist doing it for you.

Celebrity Holiday Looks

Scarlett’s Sexy Holiday Look


This is such a beautiful look anytime. Scarlett’s skin is glowing and her metallic silver shadow is the perfect shade to compliment her soft peach cheeks and sheer but very shiny lips.

Make-up artist Beth Bender suggests adding a few lashes to the ends of each eye for even more dazzle as seen here on Scarlett.

To get this look start by applying a silver shadow directly onto the eyelid. Try Double-o-Silver, $16 at It goes on easy and looks even more amazing when you dampen your brush first before applying. You can leave the brow bone alone or add a touch of light base shadow to highlight.

To get perfect eyeliner use your top liner stencil and hold in place while brushing your eye shadow along the line. Use a dark charcoal shadow and dampen the brush first for a darker line. Remove top eyeliner stencil and repeat on the other eye.

If you prefer you can use a Gel Liner instead of a powder to line the eyes as seen here. Try Onyx, $18 at BethBender To finish the eyes add a few lash clusters to the ends of each eye. When the glue has dried, usually in a minute or two, curl your lashes and apply two coats of black mascara. Try Here to Stay, $19.50 at

On the cheeks use a light peach blush and apply to the apple of cheeks blending up along cheek bones and into hairline. Try Orgasm Powder Blush from Nars. If you prefer a cream instead of powder, try Scarlett’s new fav, Kitty Cream Blush, $18 at Beth Bender Beauty.

Keep the lips shiny and sheer with just a bit of color. Try Petal Lip Glace, $20 from Laura Mercier. If you need a little shimmer try Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip color, a favorite of Scarlett’s and Jessica Alba, $16 at Beth Bender Beauty.

Happy Holidays!

The Get in Line Kit Is At Lebec

Just to remind everyone looking for great beauty gifts this holiday season. My very good friend Lebec is now carrying the Get in Line Stencil Kit for perfect eyeliner at her beauty boutique in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Talk about amazing customer care and hands on help with all of your beauty needs. She is a rock star when it comes to make-up. With years of experience here and in NYC, she is passionate about everything she does and it shows with each and every client who walks into her boutique.

It is the best place for custom blended beauty products because you have a seasoned artist whose training and talent alone are reason enough to make this your one and only beauty stop.

Plus you can check out the only kit, Get in Line for easy eye liner and creating looks like the pro’s, smoky eyes and cat eyes right off of the runway. Please make sure to keep your calendars free for a fantastic Valentines beauty event at Lebec and stay tuned for the date.

Her studio is fabulous and her smile and energy are contagious. The address for Lebec is: 8200 Haven Ave, Suite 2115, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Ph: 909-702-0902



Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dramatic Smoky Eyes

Halle Berry’s Holiday Smoky Eyes


This mom-to-be plays up her natural glow with shimmering metallic shadow, flawless skin and pale pink gloss. To get this look make-up artist Beth Bender says start with the eyes first and then move on to the face and lips.

For a smoky eye try a dark silver shimmer and apply to the entire eyelid making sure to blend up into crease. Try Bellatrix Eye Dust, $16 at bethbenderbeauty. For longer lasting color apply with a damp brush. Get a perfect smoky eye using the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit. Hold the stencil in place over the eye and fill in with color. Use the bottom eyeliner stencil for lining the bottom eye. Smudge with your brush for a softer line as seen here on Halle.

For an even more dramatic eye add a little gel liner in Onyx right along the lash line making the line slightly thicker at the ends. Finish with two coats of mascara. Try Here To Stay Mascara, $19.50 at It lifts, separates, and defines for lashes that are gorgeous!

Keep the face sheer. I like using a tinted moisturizer because it gives you coverage without leaving your skin feeling heavy. Apply with a brush for very sheer coverage and a sponge if you prefer more. Try Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face Tinted Moisturizer, $42 at

Finish with a lip gloss in either a pink beige or a pale pink. Try Paris is Burning Liquid Lip Color, or Ooh Baby Liquid Lip Color both $16 and available at beth bender beauty.

Dramatic Eyes For The Holidays

Ashlee Simpson does a soft smoky eye that sizzles!


This little lady flatters her fair complexion by creating a soft update on the smoky eye. The key is to dust a brown shadow around the whole lash line as seen here and then apply a black kohl liner on the inside rim of eye. Concentrate on the outer part of eye going a little heavier towards the end of eye as seen on Ashlee.

Try Brown Sugar eye dust, $16 at bettesboutique, infused with flecks of green and gold shimmer for dazzling eyes anytime. For easy eyeliner and smoky eyes that look great do what Ashlee and Jessica Simpson do and try the Get in Line Stencil kit. No more guessing. Step by step directions for smoky eyes that look hot and everything you need to create them in minutes.

Easy Eyeliner With The Get In Line Kit

I just recently read a blog that was written by Elke Von Freudenberg, who is the founder of the Beauty Blog network. She was talking about this product called Color on Pro which are these stick ons for the eyes that give you instant eyeshadow.

At first she was excited that something so simple might really work but in the end she was disappointed by the end result. There are very few things that really help with lining the eyes, but the Get in Line Kit really does.


The Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil Kit, $36 at

The other night I was going to a Holiday party and wanted to do a really dramatic smoky eye. Since I had taken so long doing my hair, I had only a few minutes to do my eyes.

I started by lining the inside of my eye with a black pencil and then using the smoky eyeliner stencil to do my top eye. Then I used the same smoky eye stencil to apply eyeliner to my bottom eyes and finished by smudging the eyeliner into the eyelid for a beautiful sultry smoky eye. This took all of five minutes.

I added two coats of mascara and even had time to add a few individual lashes. My eyes looked so great that even my boyfriend noticed.

Ladies, this is the only kit out there for lining your eyes with ease. My sister uses it everyday and her Cat eyes always looks perfect. It makes a great gift and if you purchase before the 31st of December you will receive a full size sample of Little Beauty Liquid Lip Color. A gorgeous color on any complexion.




Thursday, December 13, 2007

Katie Holmes Does A Sultry Smoky Eye

Katie Holmes always looks great, whether she's running around with baby Suri or walking the red carpet her beauty style is working. Her recent smoldering eyes and pale lips as seen here inspired us once again to share our beauty tips and let you in on the best way to get this look.

Start with perfecting the skin using Liquid Canvas Healthy Fluid Foundation, $48.50 from Vincent Longo. Apply with a brush for light coverage and a sponge for medium to full coverage.

For flawless eyes begin by applying a darker color to the eyelid using a smoky eye stencil for the perfect shape. Try Get in Line from Beth Bender Beauty. Hold the stencil over the eye and using your brush fill in with color. Remove stencil and blend with brush to soften the line in a windshield wiper motion blending out and away from the eye. Repeat the same on other eye and finish by applying a base shade from the brow bone to the crease of eye as seen here on Katie. Next, add extra depth by lining the inside rim of the eyes with a deep black liner, like Prescriptives Softlining Pencil in Jet.

Get the most length out of your lashes with a great mascara. We like deep black Diorshow Mascara. Apply two coat for lashes that will have heads spinning! Dab some Kitty Cream Blush from Beth Bender Beauty on the cheeks and top off with NARS Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls and you’re red carpet-ready too!



Holiday Beauty Tips From Beth Bender

Jennifer Garner’s Dramatic Eyes

Makeup artist Beth Bender suggests when creating this look on yourself to start with the eyes first. Start by lining the eyes with a black powder eyeshadow and line around the entire eye area. Keeping the line much thinner as you get closer to the inner corner of eye as seen her on Jennifer. Beth suggests using the Get in Line Stencil kit for lining both the top and bottom of eye.

Use your Cat eye stencil for the cat eye as seen here on Jennifer and the Bottom eyeliner stencil to line the bottom eye. Once you have lined the bottom eye use your brush to soften the line. Continue with this look by brushing a mixture of silver and lavender shadow on the upper inner eyelid and follow with a deep purple shadow from the outer corner, swept in. Try Double-o-Silver and Goddess Eye Dust, $16 at beth bender beauty. Make sure to blend all the shadow shades together to create "a seamless, smoky eye." Finish with two coats of mascara. Try Dior Show Mascara.

Keep the rest of your face soft with color. Try Baby Powder Blush and finish with a touch of Poppy Lip color from Laura Mercier.

Holiday Eyes That Sizzle!

Brighten Your Holiday Look with Fake Lashes

Lashes are great to wear anytime but the holidays are the perfect occasion. Jennifer Lopez loves her lashes and her eyes always look outstanding!

Make-up artist Beth Bender says, to give your lashes some sizzle add a few clusters of lashes near the outer corner of each eye, and work your way in towards the center of eye. Using a lash glue dip the end of cluster into the glue and slide into lashes without touching the eyelid. Do the same thing on the other eye. Four to six clusters per eye is plenty.

Let lashes set for about 60 seconds before touching them, most glues will dry clear. Brush on two coats of mascara and finish with a Gel eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Try Gel Liner in Onyx from beth bender beauty. It's water resistant and will stay put for hours and hours.

Holiday Celeb Looks- Sexy Cat Eyes

Thandie Newton's Cat Eye

Add allure for special occasions with a sultry cat eye. Makeup artist Beth Bender says to start with a natural matte shadow over the entire eyelid and then create the cat eye. She recommends using the Get in Line Stencil System which will do a cat eye as thin or as thick as you like. Seen here on Thandie Newton. For a more dramatic look, line underneath the eye using the bottom liner stencil from the kit and smudge with your brush for a soft sexier look. Frame the eyes with a rosy beige blush, try Baby, $26 at and highlight the cheeks with Shiseido Glistening Flush.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Get Hilary Duff's Smoky Eyes

Give me smoky eyes like Hilary Duff

It's no surprise how popular smoky eyes have become thanks to celebs like Hilary Duff seen above and Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. I am especially loving them on Hilary Duff. She's knows how to play up her best features and her eyes always look dazzling!

You can usually find her sporting a smoky eye or a cat eye and wearing it so well. Want to know how to get this look and be sporting a smoky eye and cat eye just like Hilary Duff?

The Get in Line Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty thats how. In minutes you can have sultry smoky eyes and cat eyes just like Hilary Duff. The stencils do the work for you and instead of eight or nine steps and too many tools, one stencil and a brush is all you need.

Also available in a travel pouch for $16 and both available at For even more eye popping dazzle use a Gel Eyeliner and line close to the lashes. It’s water resistant and stays put for hours. Try Onyx Gel liner, $18 at



Beth Bender Beauty On The Scene

Check it out...

Julia Roberts lighting up the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of her latest flick "Charlie Wilson's War". Our beauty spy's tell us she had a Little Beauty Liquid Lip Gloss that she used before a photo was snapped and in between signing dozens of autographs. Also in her evening bag was a Get in Line Kit for the after party and quick touch ups throughout the night.

Mischa Barton in NYC leaving the Gramercy Park Hotel and jumping into a cab. Our beauty spy's saw her giving her lips some extra loving with some Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip color from beth bender beauty. Mischa is also a fan of the Get in Line stencil kit. Can you tell? Her eyes always look so beautiful.

Scarlett Johansson on the set of "He's just not that into you" with a request for some extra Get in Line Stencil Kits for the make-up trailer. It seems they keep disappearing and she is not happy. Everybody wants a smoky eye like Scarlett's. We also sent a few more Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip glosses and an extra Baby blush just in case.

Paris Hilton spending a little money in South Beach at the Atrium Clothing Boutique. Of course a little money to her but a year's salary to some. Overheard telling the sales girl that the lip color she was wearing was "Paris is Burning" from beth bender beauty. "It is fabulous, isn't it" she said. How sweet!



The Get in Line Stencil Kit Featured in The Examiner

Beth Bender's Get in Line Beauty Stencil Kit was featured in Monday's Baltimore, Washington and San Francisco Examiner's Shelf Life Holiday Edition as a perfect holiday gift or treat. Want to create smoky eyes for the holidays or looking for a great gift, check it out at

Click on the link below to see the Get in Line Stencil Kit and other make-up treats for the Holidays.

Make sure to select the December 10th issue of The Shelf Life Holiday Edition.

Happy Holidays!

December Special From Beth Bender Beauty

We had no idea how many women loved Little Beauty Liquid Lip color until we started including it as a gift with each purchase this month. Scarlett Johansson and Julia Roberts both are big fans of the color for it’s pretty pink and gold shimmer that leaves the lips looking very kissable.

Looking for a gift to get someone who just loves make-up, check out the Get in Line Stencil Kit for smoky eyes that are dazzling! $36, at The Baltimore and Washington Examiner think so too and featured it in their Shelf Life Holiday Edition yesterday.

Happy Holidays!



The Get in Line Stencil Kit at Lebec Beauty Boutique

We have a fantastic beauty boutique that is selling the Get in Line Stencil kit in California. It's called Lebec, and is located in Rancho Cucamonga. I have known Lebec for years and think she is one of the most talented make-up artists out there. She is passionate about everything she does and it shows with each and every client who walks into her boutique. It is the best place for custom blended beauty products because you have a seasoned artist, Lebec, whose training and talent alone are reason enough to make this your one and only beauty stop.

Plus you can check out the only kit, Get in Line for lining your eyes like the pro's and doing smoky eyes and cat eyes right off of the runway.

Lebec was trained by and worked for some of the most renowned makeup companies in NYC, She has always believed that education is the heart of any dream or goal one could have. Lebec offers a list of services from learning the artistry of make-up, as well as one on one lessons, custom blending and much much more.

Her studio is fabulous and her smile and energy are contagious. The address for Lebec is 8200 Haven Ave, Suite 2115, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Ph: 909-702-0902


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Eyes That Sizzle!

Lauren Conrad’s eyes look beautiful with a soft silver shimmer on the eyelids and a strong black liner which makes her green eyes even greener. I love the red lips and her sheer face with just a touch of sheen on the cheeks.


To get this look start with a silver shadow and apply with an eyeshadow brush on just your eyelids making sure to get the color into the corner of eyes as seen here. Try Double-O-Silver, $16 at For perfect eyeliner we suggest using the Get in Line Stencil kit, $36 at It does the work for you. Simply lay the stencil over your eye and apply the color. No space in between your lash line and eyelid, just perfect eyeliner. Finish with two coats of black mascara. We like Dior Show Mascara, $23 at

Keep the the cheeks soft with just a touch of color. We like Stila’s Tutu powder blush, $16 at Add just a touch of shimmer on the apple of cheeks as seen here. We like Bobbi Brown’s Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick, $38 at

To finish this fabulous look apply a super sexy lip gloss in red with lots of shine. We like Sugar Daddy Liquid Lip color, $16 at For longer lasting color fill in your lips first with a red lip pencil and then apply the gloss.



Beth Bender Beauty December Special

During the month of December enjoy a full size sample of Little Beauty Liquid Lip color. It's a favorite of Evangeline Lilly and Scarlett Johansson and looks beautiful on any skin tone. A perfect addition to your holiday look and a nice treat for your lips.

Infused with super hydrating ingredients like Jojoba gel and Vitamin E that moisturize and leaves lips feeling gorgeous, full and healthy.

Check out Little Beauty and the entire Beth Bender Beauty line at Looking for a great gift check out the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil System. A Smoky eye and Cat eye kit for creating these looks in minutes. Step by step directions that show you how to create a smoky eye, cat eye and eyeliner.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Sexy Cat Eyes Please

It seems as though some Hollywood celebs just can’t get enough of this frisky feline trend. It’s a great look for anytime and makes the eyes look super sultry and sexy as seen here on Rihanna.


She is working those eyes and I am loving those red and very shiny lips. Rihanna happened to stop by an event I was doing back in July in Los Angeles and picked up a few things from the line. One of them being the Beth Bender Beauty Get in Line Stencil Kit and you can see how amazing her cat eyes look.

It really is a no brainer and it really is that easy. It’s a great look for the holidays and one that you will be seeing a lot of. Want Rihanna’s cat eyes? Check out the Get in Line kit at If you like to travel light we have them in a travel set as well.

Make your eyes sizzle this holiday season with the Get in Line Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty.


Check out Madonna’s new look that she unveiled at a screening of her husband’s new flick. I happen to love this look on her but most importantly check out her cat eyes. They look amazing. This is one beauty trend I hope never goes out of style!

Honeyshed and Beth Bender Beauty

Have you checked out Honeyshed yet? If you haven’t you must. This site is the first interactive website for shopping. It’s a cross between MTV and QVC and it is really great. I check in everyday just to see what’s new and I have already saved a few of the handbags to my stash. Very, very cute and definitely within my price range.

They have scoured the Internet for products that are unique, and those that are “must have” items. That’s how they found beth bender beauty and the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil Kit which will be featured on Honeyshed in early January.

The site did a soft launch in October and has been getting a lot of press. It’s the perfect time to take a look and maybe even do a little holiday shopping while you’re there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look whose wearing Beth Bender Beauty

More beth bender beauty sightings…

Seen…Jessica Alba in NYC...seen, Time Square - MTV Headquarters. Taping a segment for TRL and giving her perfect pout some lip service with Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip color.

Seen…Nicole Richie at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Community serving food to the poor and homeless on Thanksgiving. She really is such a sweet thing. Not much room in her pockets but for a lip gloss and car keys. What gloss you might ask was she wearing? That would be Ooh Baby Liquid Lip color from beth bender beauty. I think she must have picked it for the name as well as the color.

Seen…New to beth bender beauty and just loving the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil System is Mary-Kate Olsen. Seen at NYC's 7th on Sale gala and overheard by a guest saying how cool the stencil kit was. This is a girl who knows how to work a smoky eye. I don't think I have ever seen her without eye make up.



Monday, December 3, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty December Special

December special from beth bender beauty…

We have had such a great response from the beth bender beauty monthly specials that we have decided to do it again this month. In November for every beth bender beauty purchase we included a full size sample of Paris is Burning Liquid Lip Color. A great lip color inspired by some of Hollywood’s little darlings.

This month we are featuring a beautiful lip color called Little Beauty. It’s a great shade that looks gorgeous on everyone. Infused with Jojoba Gel to keep your lips moist and give them extra, extra shine.

New to the line? Check out the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil system. The best smoky and cat eye tool for lining your eyes.

Happy holiday!



On The Scene With Beth Bender Beauty

beth bender beauty out and about...

Carrie Underwood and new to Beth Bender Beauty looking stunning at the Los Angeles Premiere of Enchanted. Her pink satin organza dress by Elsie Katz Couture was perfectly paired with her lip color in Ooh Baby. My how her lips looked shiny! Also in NYC with new beau of four months Chace Crawford early in November and seen at the Blue Water Grill having a quiet dinner. Giving her lips some good loving before a sweet kiss with some Paris is Burning Liquid Lip Color.

Scarlett Johansson in Baltimore in November filming "He's just not that into you". Make-up trailer must haves for Scarlett, The Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil System, Powder blush in Baby, Mineral Powder Foundation in fair/light and Chasing the cash Liquid Lip color all from Beth Bender Beauty.

Drew Barrymore seen with boyfriend Justin Long and yes they are still together. In his home tome of Fairfield, Connecticut also the hometown of John Mayer. Spending Thanksgiving with Justin's family. Seen at a local restaurant The Southport Brewing Company and hanging with friends. Thank goodness she came with lots of lip gloss cause they spent most of the evening kissing. Her lip lovin' color, Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip Color. Seen again a few days later on the train from Fairfield to NYC, lip locked almost the entire train ride. These two have turned kissing into a sport. So happy she had plenty of Chasing the Cash for the trip.