Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Eyes That Sizzle!

Brighten Your Holiday Look with Fake Lashes

Lashes are great to wear anytime but the holidays are the perfect occasion. Jennifer Lopez loves her lashes and her eyes always look outstanding!

Make-up artist Beth Bender says, to give your lashes some sizzle add a few clusters of lashes near the outer corner of each eye, and work your way in towards the center of eye. Using a lash glue dip the end of cluster into the glue and slide into lashes without touching the eyelid. Do the same thing on the other eye. Four to six clusters per eye is plenty.

Let lashes set for about 60 seconds before touching them, most glues will dry clear. Brush on two coats of mascara and finish with a Gel eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Try Gel Liner in Onyx from beth bender beauty. It's water resistant and will stay put for hours and hours.

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