Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Easy Eyeliner With The Get In Line Kit

I just recently read a blog that was written by Elke Von Freudenberg, who is the founder of the Beauty Blog network. She was talking about this product called Color on Pro which are these stick ons for the eyes that give you instant eyeshadow.

At first she was excited that something so simple might really work but in the end she was disappointed by the end result. There are very few things that really help with lining the eyes, but the Get in Line Kit really does.


The Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil Kit, $36 at bettesboutique.com

The other night I was going to a Holiday party and wanted to do a really dramatic smoky eye. Since I had taken so long doing my hair, I had only a few minutes to do my eyes.

I started by lining the inside of my eye with a black pencil and then using the smoky eyeliner stencil to do my top eye. Then I used the same smoky eye stencil to apply eyeliner to my bottom eyes and finished by smudging the eyeliner into the eyelid for a beautiful sultry smoky eye. This took all of five minutes.

I added two coats of mascara and even had time to add a few individual lashes. My eyes looked so great that even my boyfriend noticed.

Ladies, this is the only kit out there for lining your eyes with ease. My sister uses it everyday and her Cat eyes always looks perfect. It makes a great gift and if you purchase before the 31st of December you will receive a full size sample of Little Beauty Liquid Lip Color. A gorgeous color on any complexion.




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