Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eva Mendes - Get Her Look


Eva Mendes is such a stunner. Her brows are never out of place and always perfect. If you’re like me and you were an over plucker then may I suggest using an eyebrow stencil to give your brows a finished look and one that is much easier to achieve than doing free hand.

I always recommend Anastasia’s eyebrow stencils because they have the most natural shapes and are easy to use because of their flexibility. One pack of stencils comes with four shapes and will cost you $20. There are also brow kits on the site that come with everything you need to create perfect brows like Eva.

For bang on eyeliner seen here on Eva. Do it like the pro’s with the Get in Line Eyeliner Kit. The top eyeliner stencil lays over the eye and with one sweep of your brush you have perfect liner.

Are you loving these cheeks as much as we are? The color is simply gorgeous. Get this glow using a powder blush and applying to the apple of your cheeks while working the color up and blending into hairline as seen here on Eva. Try Baby Powder Blush from beth bender beauty or Powder Blush in Pink Duo from Stila.

Keep the lips on the sheer side and choose a color that won’t over power the look. Try Chasing the cash Liquid Lip Color from beth bender beauty.

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