Friday, August 31, 2007

Easy Smoky Eyes In Two Steps

I have been working all week but during my down time I sneak in a blog or two. I have only been blogging for about four months but I am hooked. I blog about our products, my favorite beauty and skin care products, beauty tips, celebrities wearing beth bender beauty and make-up artists who use the products and share sweet stories when they are on set. I just got an email from my friend Nani. I call her “Nani Hawaii” because Hawaii is where we met. We were doing make-up for a fashion show together and from that moment I knew we would be friends for life.

She has been sending all of her clients and friends to my beauty blog page and to check out the “Get in Line” Eye Stencil System which she uses and loves. She even has little gift bags that she brings with her to give to the celebrities filled with Beth Bender Beauty products. Anyway she writes “Bettie, I still can’t believe how quick these eyeliner stencils work. I did four sets of Smoky Eyes in under 25 minutes. When I took them out and started using them the girls all wanted to try, of course. You did something great girly. Love u, Nani”.

So sweet..I had to share. Two simple steps will give you smokin’ smoky eyes and sexy cat eyes. Easier than any tool on the beauty market. Women use Eyebrow stencils, my favorite Anastasia’s to shape their brows, why not an Eye liner stencil for lining your eyes?



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Gem from Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics


Benefit has another great product to add to the hundreds already available. It’s called “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer. A silky pink primer that makes skin appear smoother and brighter. I am a big fan of the High Beam in Pink as you all know and have gone through many bottles.

What the sister duo from Benefit and Sephora are saying “Prime your skin to pretty - go from dull to darling with “That Gal”! Wear alone for clear complexion radiance or apply before makeup for a smooth, effortless application. Plus you can use it to re-brighten throughout the day.”

I say “go and get one”. It is great to wear all over as they suggest or you can highlight cheek bones, bridge of nose and even a drop on your lips is pretty too! It retails for $26. What a deal!

Also make sure to check out the “are you that girl” contest going on right now at The winner will receive lots of fabulous gifts as well as a guest host spot on Extra, your photo in Lucky magazine and a feature story on It takes a few minutes to fill out entry form and soooo worth it if you are chosen as ‘That girl”.



Amy Winehouse gives Get in Line a Thumbs Up!


A little while back I mentioned that a friend of mine from Cargo Cult in the UK was going to give Amy Winehouse the Get in Line eyeliner kit. Since then Miss Winehouse has been going through some personal problems and I didn’t want to bother my friend so I decided to just sit tight.

I owe a lot of thanks to Amy Winehouse for her famous Cat eye that has lead so many women to Beth Bender Beauty. It has been the topic of many beauty blogs and gossip magazines as well.

I was a little worried she would be offended and disinterested but she was not. She was so excited for the gifts and thought the Get in Line Stencil Kit was in her words “absolutely brilliant!” I stuck a few other goodies in the package for her too. She loved the Red liquid lip gloss in “Sugar Daddy” and was all over the Gel eyeliner in “Onyx”

Now every time I see her in the press, on TV or performing I will be checking her make-up very closely , especially her famous Cat eye.



Monday, August 27, 2007

Since the weekend we have received a number of emails from women who were wondering if the Beth Bender Beauty Get in Line eye kit was sold anywhere in Ohio. The response of course due to the feature on 'That's Life" with Robin Swoboda. At the moment we do not, but hope to have a spot in Ohio very soon carrying the entire Beth Bender beauty line.

Thanks to fall fashion runway looks and all of the amazingly talented make-up artists who created these looks, the Cat eye and Smoky eye are back again and better than ever. Cat eye's were featured at Prada and Louis Vuitton. Each did it's own spin and they both looked beautiful!

Another reason why The Get in Line eye stencil kit is on the beauty radar of so many women, because you can do a cat eye or a smoky eye that looks perfect just by using these eyeliner stencils. So in the meantime until we do have a location in Ohio that carries the Get in Line kit please feel free to check out and if you have a second watch the video. It will give you a better sense of how the stencils work and if that doesn't answer all of your questions please feel free to email me personally at



Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quick beauty tips for skin that looks great at any age!

Exfoliate twice a week to slough off dead skin cells, but don’t scrub too aggressively. This may cause rashes or even broken capillaries. A thin coat of sesame oil applied to the face and neck will act as a buffer before exfoliating.

Rub a drop of aloe vera on pimples. The plant has natural properties that reduce redness and inflammation, and it moisturizes the skin without clogging your pores.

Once a week in natural sunlight check your face to see how the product you are using is responding. If your skin seems to be flaking check to make sure that the product you are using does not contain AHA’s which can sometimes cause flaking and irritation to the skin especially when exposed to direct sunlight.

Instead switch to a day cream without AHA’s and save the the AHA’s for your night regime.

To wake yourself up in the morning, add a few drops of peppermint or rosemary oil to a sink or bowl of lukewarm water. Dampen a washcloth in the water and press it to your face 10 to 15 times. This will get your circulation going and the result will be a beautiful glow!

Fall Fashion Beauty Trends

Many of the looks created for the fall fashion shows have taken their cues from Hollywood’s leading ladies of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. From Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra at The Alexander McQueen show to Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The question is… how does someone who is not parading down the runways of Paris, New York and Milan create these looks without over doing it.

Depending on what you fancy start with a feature on your face you wish to enhance and let that be your focal point. For example if you want a red lip, and reds lips are very hot for fall, then keep the rest of your make-up soft and let your lips be the star.

For extra pout appeal add a sheer layer of ruby or garnet gloss over your lipstick. It will keep your lips moist and leave them looking oh so Hollywood.


If your eyes are the focal point then choose a color that will compliment your coloring and bring out the color of your eyes even more. Smoky eyes are as popular as ever and this season instead of the traditional darker colors a lot of artists used graphite-colored shadows.

The look was sexier and didn’t have that precise look that sometimes a darker color can do. To finish the look take a silver highlighter and apply near the inner corners. Add a few coats of mascara and you’ve got runway eyes.

If you’re going for the Classic California Girl look seen at Michael Kors and Stella McCartney keep the colors creamy and sheer on cheeks and lips with peach/pink tones and save the rich metallics for the eyes.


If cat eyes are what you fancy and there were many who did at this seasons shows like Prada and Louis Vuitton then get out your liquid liner and carefully follow the lash line and extend the line out and up to form a perfect point. You can go over with a gel liner to keep it from moving. For less of a mess and a perfect cat eye in seconds try our Get in Line Stencil kit. It does a cat eye as long or as thick as you like.

To compliment your cat eyes, keep the rest of your make-up soft and finish with a beautiful nude lip color.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thank you from Beth Bender Beauty

We just wanted to thank everyone who continues to help us spread the word about Beth Bender Beauty's "Get in Line" eyeliner stencil system and beauty products. The response to Tuesday's feature of the kit on "That's Life" with Robin Swoboda has been amazing.

Since the show aired on Tuesday we have been getting calls from other morning shows who want to feature the Get in Line stencil system on one of their upcoming beauty segments.

We are so thrilled and again thank everyone who has helped to keep us on the beauty radar!


Beth & Te-See

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Fox Cleveland Features The Get in Line Kit



Hi Ladies:

Just a note, for anyone who was not at home and was not able to catch Robin Swoboda, celebrity personality and the “Oprah Winfrey” of Cleveland and her best friend Debbie talking about their new favorite beauty products, including the Get in Line stencil kit you can copy and paste the link below to watch online. Or go to and search “That’s Life”or bettesboutique.

Her Cat eye looks purrfect and she did it using the Get in Line Stencil kit.

Robin Swoboda from Fox TV Demo’s Get in Line

Hi Ladies:

TV personality Robin Swoboda of Fox Cleveland, and host of “That’s Life” will be featuring the Get in Line Stencil kit in her beauty segment and doing a demo on air tomorrow morning. Robin who has been called the “Oprah” of Cleveland has a huge fan base and loyal viewers who have followed her from show to show. We are thrilled and wish we could be there on set.

For anyone living in or around the Cleveland, Ohio area you will definitely want to check it out. “That’s Life” airs from 10:00 to 11:00am on the Fox Network. So if you happen to be home, please tune in and enjoy the show.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What's Hot and What's Not

Hollywood Hair


From the pages of Marie Claire magazine. Agree or disagree? I find it a little hard to believe that someone like Cameron Diaz would show up to a Red Carpet event with hair that hadn’t been primped by one of Hollywood’s hottest hair stylists.

“Take a look at today’s it girls: Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore,” says Harry Josh, a celebrity stylist and Suave spokesperson. “They always leave their hair loose, wavy and unstyled, even when they’re on the red carpet draped in Dior. They wouldn’t go near a bottle of hairspray.” In other words, kick the can: A softer, less traditionally “finished” ‘do is sexiest now. For tantalizingly tousled tresses in a flash, slick a bit of gel or creme (if your hair is thick) through freshly washed locks and allow to air-dry. (Try Suave Naturals Aloe Vera Extra Hold Anti-Frizz Smoothing Gel or L’Oréal Professionnel Freshstyle Featherweightcreme.) Don’t brush or touch hair while it’s drying, or you’ll induce frizz. If you feel that your hair lacks definition when dry, wrap ends in small sections around a medium-barrel curling iron for a few seconds each.

Thanks to magazines like Star, OK and the Enquirer we have seen these beauties without make-up and so it’s no secret that they don’t just roll out of bed and look fabulous.

I do agree that giving your hair a break and letting it dry naturally is a great idea and especially in the summer when it is too hot to style. I have been leaving a bit of conditioner in my hair and just using a drop of gel. You can also put a bit of shine serum on when your hair is dry to keep the frizzies tame.

Fuller lips no pain

marie-claire.jpg Of course the first thing my eye goes to are her gorgeous smoky eyes and her flawless skin. Airbrushed to the max for sure but still beautiful to look at. I don’t know if I agree that the full lip madness is still as crazy as it was a few years ago but according to Carol Shaw of Lorac beauty it is.

She is quoted as saying “The desire for giant, pillowy lips is on the rise. “We live in an overtly sexual time, and nothing is considered more sensual than big lips,” explains celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw (exhibit A: Angelina Jolie).

Agree or disagree?

I do agree that we live in an overtly sexual time but nothing can compare to all of the Breast implants women are having. Especially her in LA, good, bad and too big! Big breasts still Take first place.

I absolutely agree that an obviously injected or seriously painted-on pout has become passé but there are some women who will not part with their dark liner or collagen injected lips. There are a number of products like LORAC’s Lip Addiction, a clear gloss that sells for $17.50, which contains a cocktail of ingredients that revs up blood flow to the area and turns it a spicy shade of red), or a creamy lipstick that mimics the natural tone of your lips (on model: Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Cranberry Cream).

For softer lips and an all natural alternative you can always put a little Vaseline or a bit of vitamin E on before going to bed.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Smoky Eyes That Shine


whose wearing

beth bender beauty…

What do these Hollywood Celebs all have in common….They know beauty and how to enhance their best features. In this case their eyes.

Make-up can be such a drag when you feel overwhelmed and lately I have been getting loads of emails on just that topic. Smoky eyes are always the first thing most women ask me about and how to do a Smoky eye without over doing it. One of the reasons why I created the Get in Line kit and continue to spread the word about this great tool along with all of the Beauty blog sites who have praised the kit for its ease and quickness.

Beautiful eyes using Beth Bender Beauty’s Get in Line eyeliner stencil system .

All different in their own way but equally as beautiful.



Allure Magazine Readers Choice

From the readers of Allure Magazine such as myself here are just a few of the goodies that made the cut and some of my favs. Starting with Orgasm blush from Nars . I have been using Nars for a long time and way before I started custom blending my owns beauty products or even had the idea for the Get in Line eye product . I love the consistency of his shadows and blushes and still use them almost every time I am on a shoot. Orgasm blush is a beautiful color and looks great on any skin tone.

Next is Ballerina Nail color from Chanel. A beautiful color that looks great on both fingers and toes any time of the year.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Make Up is really great for the price. It matches all skin tones and gives you the right amount of coverage without looking too heavy. I keep a few in my kit and have been using them a lot lately on my younger clients.


Aveeno is a lovely cream for anyone who likes soft skin. It is a fantastic product and great for those who suffer from skin conditions such as Exzema. Its main ingredient is Oatmeal which is extremely soothing to the skin. I love it and always have a tube in my kit when I work.


My favorites wouldn’t be complete without St Ives Apricot Scrub. I use it on my face, hands and feet. It’s great for dry and flaky skin and leaves your feet nice and soft. For the price you can’t go wrong.


Dry hair looks good on no one. Even the biggest Hollywood starlets have bad hair days and I have seen plenty of them. This little gem from Biosilk is great for waking up dull hair and helping with split ends. A little goes a long way.


To see the complete list of products visit



On the scene- Beth Bender Beauty

Look of the Day


Miss Paris the heiress attended a film screening in Hollywood last week looking sweet yet sultry with her side-swept bangs, flawless skin and pink glossy lips courtesy of “Paris is Burning” from Beth Bender Beauty.


Lauren Conrad at the after party in Malibu for The Hills season premiere. She was seen sporting a very lovely Cat eye and touching them up with the Get in Line stencil kit. Her Cat eyes were also spotted in NYC on August 13th promoting The Hills.


Britney, Britney, Britney. How do you do it? Seen at Naimie’s Beauty Store on August 10th during the day looking at wigs and extensions. She ran into my friend Michael Talley of Cover FX and chatted it up for a few minutes. He had a Get in Line Kit that he was using and she was singing the praises of the kit and how much she loved it.

Thank you Britney! We love you not just because you love Beth Bender Beauty products but because you keep us so entertained and have a great sense of humor about it.

That same evening she was out and about with her cousin and assistant Ali, who was wearing one of the famous dresses from the OK Magazine shoot. I wonder whether she shared any of the beauty goodies like the Get in Line stencil kit, or the Cocoa gel liner and Chasing the Cash liquid lip that she got from the shoot with her too?


And last but not least, The very talented and exhausted Amy Winehouse who has been the topic of many, many blogs regarding the Get in Line kit from Beth Bender Beauty .

This is a gal who loves her Cat eye and it has become her trademark and a very big part of her branding. There are a lot of women who feel she could use the Get in Line kit to improve upon her, let’s face it very striking look and so I have sent one off to her and we will have to see if she agrees or not.

Either way I think she is a very talented young gal and will have a long career whether she changes her look or not. Just keep your eye on the ball Amy.



And The Get in Line Winners Are….." alt="show-me-your-cateye.jpg" />

Congratulations to Susan, Brittany and Heather!! They were the three winners from’s “Show me your cat eyes” contest and each won a Get in Line Stencil Kit and other goodies from Beth Bender Beauty. They each sent Christina a picture of their Cat Eyes and were picked by Christina yesterday morning.

All of the pictures sent in were beautiful! I loved each and every Cat eye and had so much fun checking in with ebeautydaily to see all of them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Christina from for her amazing blogs and encouragement throughout the contest. She is a superstar!

For anyone who would like to check out the Cat eye winners please visit

For anyone who would like more info on the Get in Line Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty and where to purchase the Get in Line kit please visit



Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who Will Win a Get in Line Kit

Hurry up and send in your Cat eyes to Christina@ You still have time to enter to will a Get in Line Stencil System from Beth Bender Beauty.

Three lucky winners will be chosen tomorrow morning by Christina. There are already a number of gals who have sent their photo’s in and they look beautiful. I think it is going to be very close.

All you have to do is take a quick photo of yourself with a fabulous Cat eye, thick, thin, any color is fine. Then go to"> and upload it or click on the “Show me your cat eyes” box and go from there.

The Get in Line Stencil System allows you to create smoky eyes, cat eyes and much more. No more stress trying to line your eyes. The Stencil kit does it for you in seconds.


What are you waiting for…Show me your cat eyes.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Reverse Lip Liner From Duwop

What if you could shape your lips without creating lines that looked unnatural and kept your color in place? Well now you can thanks to the girls at Duwop with Reverse Lip.

This revolutionary, colorless, matte lip pencil is designed to be applied to the area just outside the lip line, to plump up fine lines and lock lip color in place. Reverse Lip Liner's miracle ingredient is Kambuchka, which is derived from black tea and wild mushrooms from Tibet. This unique ingredient has been proven to provide a "lip filling" reaction that restores volume where needed as it imparts essential moisture. It comes with a custom sharpener and retails for $19

I love it because you can skip the step of covering your lips with concealer and just go right to the lip with this pencil. It saves so much time and on set this is so important. This product has been out for a while but I have been meaning to write about it because it is such a great beauty tool for women.



Win a Get in Line Stencil Kit


Have you shown Christina your “Cat eyes” ? Only a day and a half left to win a Get in Line eyeliner stencil kit from

Win one of three Get in Line stencil kits and create Cat eyes & Smoky eyes like a pro. Each kit comes with everything you need from eye shadows,stencils,brush and step by step directions.

Hot smoky eyes right off the runways in Europe and New York. The trend for fall as seen in all of the beauty and fashion magazines. Don’t wait, send in your photo today to showing your fabulous cat eyes and you could win the kit.

Christina will be picking three winners on the morning of the 15th.

Good Luck!



Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sexy Eyes Are Just A Mascara Tube Away


Want amazing lashes in two shakes of a mascara brush? Then you need to check out these two from Bourjois.

The first is Maxi Frange Maximum Length And Volume Mascara.

This is the makeup equivalent of hair extensions and hot rollers for the eyes, this uber-lengthening mascara takes lashes to new lengths. With a creamy conditioning primer and comb on one end and a maximum-volume mascara and brush on the other, your lashes will never look more spectacular.


The first step features a comb that separates and coats each lash with a creamy formula that adheres to lashes like tiny extensions. Step two features a round brush that adds a second coat of high volume, color-rich thickening mascara. It’s all you need for gorgeous lashes in the wink of an eye.

It retails for $19 and can be found at Sephora or


The next wonder lash from Bourjois is Pump Up The Volume Mascara, at $13.50 this is what they call the push-up bra of mascaras.

Why you ask? Well if the push up comparison is any hint then you will see how this uplifting, volumizing mascara takes lashes from A-cup to D-cup in two coats flat. It’s all about the science: The formula is spiked with silicone to evenly coat from roots to tips, microbeads boost volume, and a mix of wax and alkaline polymer help lashes hold their shape. Combined with the spiral, nylon fiber brush, which utilizes two types of fibers (one separates while the other adds volume), lashes become fat, voluptuous, and totally in your face.

I have tried them both and all I can say it Ooh baby! They make your lashes look crazy gorgeous and my clients love it when I use it on them. Compared to other mascaras that cost so much more and do so much less, isn’t worth giving them a try?

Do a smoky eye with the Get In Line kit and make sure to be generous with the color. You can use Duwops Payoff if you want a creamy look. Then apply two coats of the Maxi Frange Mascara and baby it is all about your eyes.

Bourjois is a great line of make-up sold at Sephora. They have some great products that won’t break your bank account and that’s a beauty investment I like!



A must Have From Vincent Longo

Pearlessence Gel Stains
What it is:
A water-resistant, pearlized lip and cheek stain

Retails for $22.50
What it is formulated to do:
Formulated to be sip-resistant, swim-resistant, and sweat-resistant, these fresh shades are the ideal warm weather companions. They're long-lasting, natural, pigment-rich explosions of color that perform double duty as a lip stain and cheek color with a hint of sheen that beautifully catches the light. Use them to create a focus while giving lips that dramatic, "just bitten" appearance and cheeks that "freshly flushed" look.

That's what Sephora had to say about them but here's what I wanted to add. I love these stains. They stay on, look pretty and can double for lips and cheeks. How great is that. They are sold out at Barney's and I was lucky enough to grab the rest at Sephora. I love to use these when I am shooting on the beach and because they double as both a lip and cheek stain there is less for me to pack into my kit.

Vincent Longo really spends a lot of time developing his products and it shows. He listens to what women want and does his best to fulfill there wishes when it comes to beauty. Although his line has grown quite a bit from when he first started, it is still not overwhelming like so many beauty lines that have way too much product.



Beth Bender Beauty Blogathon

Hi Ladies, this blog marks the beginning of my blogathon weekend. Since I have been working a lot and haven’t had much time to blog I decided that this weekend I would try and catch up.
So between today and Sunday evening I will be writing about some fabulous new must have beauty products that I have discovered and of course update you on celebrity sightings sporting the Get in Line stencil kit as well as other beauty goodies from beth bender beauty. I hope you enjoy!

We begin with yet another Nicole sighting with beth bender beauty .This time while she was at the Neil George Salon. She was seen with her new fav “Paris is Burning” Liquid lip gloss and again while she lunched at Barney Greengrass deli with Joel and good pal Samantha Ronson. Check out how cute she looks in this pic. Her little baby bump. So sweet…

If you ever get the chance to visit Barney’s Beverly Hills you should stop by Barney Greengrass for a bite. I was there late this morning after doing a little shopping downstairs. We sat outside and had a delicious breakfast. A lot of Zsa zsa’s with big sunglasses, very big bags, and of course some sort of cell phone gadget but still a great place to meet friends and do a little shopping too!



Scarlett Brings Get in Line to Spain


The ever stunning Scarlett Johansson who is on location shooting yet another Woody Allen flick in Oviedo, Spain was seen using her Get in Line eyeliner Stencil kit on set. She also had a Kookla gloss and ginger eye dust that her make-up artist used to touch her up.

We love to hear that!



Duwop’s Payoff Eyeshadow Intensifier


I love the girls from Duwop and this time they have outdone themselves with Payoff. I used this all afternoon and I was loving life! This little gem is a water-based solution that with just a few drops transforms your powder eye shadow into a rich, creamy, vibrant color that lasts for hours. I mixed a few drops with Double-0-silver for one look and used it again with Zsa Zsa for another. OMG absolutely brilliant! This is definitely a must have for anyone who loves the look of a creamy eye with intense color.

It retails for $17 and is available at or



Friday, August 10, 2007

My friend Christina from the fabulous is having a contest called “Show me your cat eyes”and she is giving away three “Get in Line” Stencil kits." alt="show-me-your-cat-eye-contest.jpg" />

The Get in Line kit retails for $36 and comes with three eye shadows, stencils, brush and step by step instructions. Everything you need to create beautiful smoky eyes and sexy cat eyes. You can win one for free simply by sending in a photo showing her your cat eyes.

Don’t wait too long, Christina will be picking three winners on the morning of the 15th. For more info go to the link below:

You can also check out Christina doing a gorgeous Cat eye & Smoky eye as well. Not to be missed.



Nicole Ritchie Is Wearing Paris is Burning


Hi Ladies:

Things have been a little quiet ’round here at Beth bender Beauty’s blog page. I have been shooting all week and my hours have been craaazy! That’s showbiz here in Hollywood. I have been working with my boyfriend and that is always fun. Especially when it comes to the make-up because I can go a little bit wild and not have someone breathing down my neck. Nothing worse than that!

Anyway here comes the good part and the reason why I work around the clock to make sure Beth Bender Beauty is in the hands of everyone. I ran into my friend Nani who had a lunch meeting at the Ivy and who was sitting two tables away from none other then Nicole Ritchie.

Now you all know how I adore her and how beautiful I think she is, but now I luv her even more. As she was waiting for the check to arrive she dug into her purse and out came a “Paris is burning” Liquid Lip gloss which she carefully applied to her lips. When she was finished my friend overheard her say that Paris had been given one and she had already gone through two tubes.

I guess it must be the Wild berry flavoring you don’t know whether to eat them or wear them. Wearing them is much more fun.



Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What Women Are Saying About Get in Line

Every once in a while I will stumble upon a make-up forum that is discussing the Get in Line eye kit and in the case of last night a gal had ordered the Travel Set and was sharing with other women her excitement about receiving her stencils.

Although the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil System has been available in the world of beauty for a few years, there are still a lot of women who have never heard of such a tool.

I read through more than four pages of women talking about what a great idea this was and most said that they would all be purchasing a kit. Some wanted to wait for this particular gal to get hers and review them once she had tried them.

Well, she loved them and of course as eager as she was to try them, I was just as eager to hear her comments. She tried the Cat eye stencil first and did it perfectly the first time. She said she was amazed at how quickly she was able to do it. That made me happy. Next she tried the Smoky eye stencil and again did it quickly, with ease and in seconds she was sporting a fabulous smoky eye.

One of the comments that another gal mentioned was the stencils fitting all eye shapes. How could this be since everyones eyes are different. Well, because the Stencils are made from a soft PVC plastic similar to an eyebrow stencil they are easy to manipulate and therefore they will fit any eye shape.

That is the real beauty of the Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil system and it took years to get it just right. Although we have a lot of make-up artists who use the stencils on set to save time, initially we created them for women who really wanted to be able to line their eyes and not get frustrated each time they did.


As the creator of the Get in Line eyeliner Stencil system I encourage anyone to contact me personally if they have any questions regarding the kit or any other beauty products from Beth Bender Beauty. That is the part of my job that I love because it makes me happy to know that my customers are happy.



Thursday, August 2, 2007

Looking for Beth Bender Glam Glosses in Oregon


I get emails everyday asking where they can find my glam glosses in Oregon. Well here is a fabulous Boutique Call Hot Box Betty that last I heard had them at their Bend Location. They just opened a location in Portland that may have them too. This is a clothing and accessories boutique that carries our Glam glosses and Liquid lips. Here’s a little more info below on the store and it’s owner, Kirsten.

Hot Box Betty Bend, as featured in Lucky magazine, strives to make fashion fun for her shoppers and introduce new lines and new designers, while always keeping stock of the fashion essentials. Hot Box Betty (est. 2000) is an upscale women’s specialty boutique that caters to a fashion conscious consumer. Kirsten Heinz, owner and operator, has a true love for fashion which allows Hot Box Betty to be on the fore-front of fashion.


New Portland East Location Now Open
Our doors are finally open! Located in Portland, Oregon’s historic Irvington District and close to Lloyd Center, Hot Box Betty is pleased to announce our grand opening. Please stop by to say Hi, and check out our new digs at 1623 NE 15th.

It is definitely worth checking out. They have fabulous clothes and some really cute handbags.



Beth Bender Beauty Seen on Another Diva

Guess which big Hollywood Diva uses beth bender beauty’s Get in Line eyeliner stencil kit? Sorry ladies unfortunately this is one Diva I am not privy to sharing with you.

But I will give you a hint, she sings beautifully and endorses a very big cosmetic company which has her face all over each spot. Her make-up artist has been using the kit on her for months and she can be seen sporting a lovely cat eye on a number of red carpets here in Hollywood.

Have you figured it out yet? Here’s another clue, she hails from New York and ever since becoming a big star her life has been easy breezy.


When you figure it out look closely and you might even recognize the Glam gloss on her lips. Does “Mimilicious” ring a bell?

Oh the world of Beauty. It never ceases to amaze me!



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Soft feet are just seconds away!

I love these products so much! I have tried so many foot care creams and scrubs and none of them work. I was shooting in a studio last week and the manicurist was using Avon foot Works on the model. She said compared to other products that cost a small fortune she saw much better results with these little gems.

These Pedi-Peel pads are awesome and my feet have never been smoother and softer. I am a girl who loves to do her toes on a regular basis and soft feet are a must!

Foot Works Pedi-Peel

A fast-acting, retexturizing treatment with glycolic acid refines and smooths rough, callused surfaces and moisturizers to help soften your dry tootsies. 22 pads are included in each container and for the price it is worth it.

It retails for $4.99 and can be found at or you can contact your nearest representative selling the line.

Also part of my foot regime is the Pedi-Scrub also from Avon. Right now it’s on sale for $1.99, so grab a few and stock up. It’s gentle on your feet and smells sooo good. Your dry feet will thank you.


Foot Works Sloughing Cream

I finish my little treatment with the Deep Moisture Cream and put a little extra on my cuticles. It softens, moisturizes and wakes up tired feet so they’re ready to walk the walk. lol It retails for $2.99 and for the price so worth it.


Foot Works Deep Moisture Cream

Softening moisture-magnet technology reduces rough and dry skin and leaves your feet feeling amazing.