Monday, August 13, 2007

Reverse Lip Liner From Duwop

What if you could shape your lips without creating lines that looked unnatural and kept your color in place? Well now you can thanks to the girls at Duwop with Reverse Lip.

This revolutionary, colorless, matte lip pencil is designed to be applied to the area just outside the lip line, to plump up fine lines and lock lip color in place. Reverse Lip Liner's miracle ingredient is Kambuchka, which is derived from black tea and wild mushrooms from Tibet. This unique ingredient has been proven to provide a "lip filling" reaction that restores volume where needed as it imparts essential moisture. It comes with a custom sharpener and retails for $19

I love it because you can skip the step of covering your lips with concealer and just go right to the lip with this pencil. It saves so much time and on set this is so important. This product has been out for a while but I have been meaning to write about it because it is such a great beauty tool for women.



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