Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amy Winehouse gives Get in Line a Thumbs Up!


A little while back I mentioned that a friend of mine from Cargo Cult in the UK was going to give Amy Winehouse the Get in Line eyeliner kit. Since then Miss Winehouse has been going through some personal problems and I didn’t want to bother my friend so I decided to just sit tight.

I owe a lot of thanks to Amy Winehouse for her famous Cat eye that has lead so many women to Beth Bender Beauty. It has been the topic of many beauty blogs and gossip magazines as well.

I was a little worried she would be offended and disinterested but she was not. She was so excited for the gifts and thought the Get in Line Stencil Kit was in her words “absolutely brilliant!” I stuck a few other goodies in the package for her too. She loved the Red liquid lip gloss in “Sugar Daddy” and was all over the Gel eyeliner in “Onyx”

Now every time I see her in the press, on TV or performing I will be checking her make-up very closely , especially her famous Cat eye.



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