Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get in Line Stencil Kit Featured On Chuck

Did anyone check out Julia Ling who plays Anna Wu on the new show Chuck. If you did then you saw her purrfect cat eyes using the Get in Line Stencil kit. She was dressed for a Halloween party and had little silver cat ears to go with her very fabulous cat eyes.

You can be fabulous too with your cat eyes. Check them out at bettesboutique.com

Beth Bender Beauty Site Update

Finally, the Pop up window on our site is gone and once again we are very happy. For the last six days we were having some trouble with our certificate but all is good. Thank you to all of our loyal customers who still went ahead and shopped online.

Two more days to shop and help to fight for a cure. For every Beth Bender Beauty purchase receive a full size Glam Gloss Paint the town pink. 15% of all sales are going to Breast Cancer Research.

If you are new to the line a must have is the Get in Line Eyeshadow Stencil Kit Featured in In Touch Weekly Magazine. Amy Winehouse calls the Get in Line Stencil kit "absolutely brilliant!". Easy and very sexy cat eyes and smoky eyes can be yours in minutes using these stencils.

Thank you for thinking pink!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Get in Line and Help To Fight For A Cure!

Two more days to purchase beauty products for BCA Month. Some of my favorite Beauty blog sites like ebeauty daily, Beautifulmakeupsearch, Glamspace, Glam and Overallbeauty are featuring wonderful beauty products from companies who are donating a portion of their sales to Breast Cancer Research. How fabulous is that!

If you need to replenish your beauty products what better time than now. Get your Holiday shopping out of the way and help to fight for a cure. Receive a full size Paint the town pink Glam Gloss with every purchase from Beth Bender Beauty until the 31st. New to the line check out the Get in Line Stencil kit or Travel Set and see how to create sexy cat eyes and smoky eye in minutes.


Get in Line Stencil System On Honeyshed

Have you checked out honeyshed yet? If you haven't why not? It is fabulous and is a new interactive shopping website that just launched on October 24th. Daily videos on beauty, fashion, Men's shoes, movies and much more. There is a cast of young women and men who talk about the newest and freshest products in a fun and entertaining way.

Think MTV meets QVC only much much better. There are some very big hitters behind Honeyshed and together they have conceived this amazing and unique way to shop.

In November they will be featuring The Get in Line Stencil System on one of their beauty segments. They have selected some of the best beauty products and we are flattered to be one of them.

Honeyshed, it's a name you're going to be hearing a lot about. Look for us in Mid November and tell all your friends to check out Honeyshed.com.


Beth Bender Beauty On The Set Of Chuck

My friend Nani has been a busy girl. Just recently she was on the set of Chuck. A new show Monday night on NBC. Once again she arrived with goodies from Beth Bender Beauty and Get in Line Eyeshadow Stencil kits for all the girls.

Yvonne Strahovski who plays Sarah Walker loved the Get in Line Kit and her Paris is burning Liquid Lip which we just began infusing with Jojoba Gel for even more shine and perfect pout appeal. Julia Ling who plays Anna Wu went absolutely crazy over the Stencil kit and apparently will be sporting a purrfect cat eye on tonights episode.

Sarah Lancaster who you might remember from "What About Brian" plays Ellie Bartowski. She loved the Cream Blush in Kitty and opted for a Travel Set and Gel Liner in Cocoa.

The Beth Bender Beauty basket of goodies continues to make its way around town thanks to my beautiful and sweet friend Nani.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Site Update

Just another update on the bettes boutique site. For some reason our certificate is showing that it has not been updated and may not be bettes boutique. I just want to assure everyone that this is not the case and that the site is secure as you can see by the lock in the bottom right hand corner of our website.

Our server has been working around the clock to resolve this issue but we are at the mercy of Equifax to push a button and make that awful pop up go away.

If anyone has any concerns about placing an order online please feel free to call our studio during business hours and we will be happy to assist you over the phone. The number is 818-781-4864.

Six more days to go shopping and help us to fight for a cure during BCA Month. The Get in Line Stencil kit has been helping us to reach our goal and for every purchase you get a full size glam gloss of Paint the town pink. Some ladies have been ordering each item separately and getting a glam gloss for each purchase. Now that is really cool!



Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Site Update

Hi Ladies:

So sorry to anyone who may have tried to purchase The Get in Line Stencil Kit or any Beth Bender Beauty products since last evening. Our site has been experiencing some technical problems and I have been assured that they will be fixed within the hour.

Have a wonderful evening and thank you again to everyone who has purchased Beth Bender Beauty products during the month of October for BCA. There are still seven days left to receive a complimentary Paint the town pink gloss with every purchase and help us to fight for a cure!


The Get in Line Stencil System Online

In the last few weeks since the Get in Line eyeshadow and stencil kit was featured in In Touch Weekly we have been getting a lot of people searching for us in Boutiques across California. At the moment we don't have the Get in line Kit in any beauty bars but as always you can purchase it online as well as any other Beth Bender Beauty products at bettesboutique.com.

We hope to have a few doors open within the next few months. You can check our store locator for updates on who is selling Beth Bender beauty.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get in Line Stencil Kit Featured on Honeyshed

On Sunday we wrote that Honeyshed would be going live on Monday but it is actually today the 24th. If you haven't already checked out this fantastic new and exciting way to shop then you must.

They are showing promo's at the moment of the cast and some of the items they will be featuring. The sneakers are so cute and the Addidas jacket they show is a must have.

We are so excited about Honeyshed and think it will be a huge success. Since so many of us are sitting in front of a computer why not have a home shopping show that you can watch while you work. It's genius, not to mention how sweet everyone who works at Honeyshed is.

The Get in Line Eyeshadow & Stencil kit will be one of the beauty products featured this month. They have fabulous accessories , shoes, make-up, movies and much more. It's a great way to save time, have fun, and do your holiday shopping in a new and unique way.

Get in Line Stencil Kit On The Set Of Nip/Tuck

New to Beth Bender Beauty's Get in line eyeshadow & stencil kit are the ladies of Nip/Tuck. My beautiful friend Nani who I have spoken about before was working on set last week and as promised had a little goody bag of Bettes Boutique beauty items.

Jolie Richardson and Roma Maffia each got a Get in Line Stencil kit for easy smoky and cat eyes. They also got a Gel liner in Cocoa and a Paris is Burning liquid lip gloss. Did I mention that Nip/Tuck is one of my favorite shows on the air. I have been a fan since the first episode. I just love it!

I think this basket of goodies might turn out to be a good thing. Let's face it I don't know too many women who would refuse beauty products including myself!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Keeps Buzzing

Drew Barrymore seen having dinner with her new beau Justin Long at Matsuhisa in LA on September 30th. When dinner was over she touched up her lips with a little “Chasing the Cash” Liquid lip and then proceeded to give Justin a big kiss. An eyewitness overheard him ask her what flavor it was and she replied “I don’t know but I’ve already gone through three tubes ‘cause I love it!”

Chasing the Cash Liquid Lip Color from Beth Bender Beauty

Apparently so do a lot of other Hollywood celebs because we can’t keep up with the orders. “Paris is Burning” new from the Nude Collection has been selling out ever since we mentioned how much Paris Hilton herself loved the color and best friend Nicole Ritchie too!

Paris is Burning Liquid Lip Color

Rihanna, who just recently became a fan of Beth Bender’s Get in Line Kit after picking one up at an event held here in LA in July was seen checking her eyeliner while shopping at the Stella McCartney Boutique in NYC. An onlooker over heard her say to a friend that she was “loovvving her cat eyes.” We love them too Rihanna.


Celebrity Sisters Who Love Get in Line

Both Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson were in N.Y.C last month, hitting some of the many Fashion Week parties. Jessica actually turned up to support Tim Gunn at the launch party for his new show, while Ashlee cozied up with boyfriend Pete Wentz at the Fashion Rocks event. While the sisters may not have been in the same room, they both used the same beauty tool to create their sexy smoky eyes— The Get in Line Stencil System from Beth Bender Beauty and Bettes Boutique. Check out their smoky eyes!


We love their barely-done faces that enhance the wow factor of their dark-shaded lids. And it’s nice to see a makeup look that works equally well on brown eyes like Jessica’s and blue eyes like Ashlee’s. The color’s in the kit compliment any skin tone and the cocoa brown shadow seen here is a big favorite amongst make-up artists here and in NYC.

The Get in Line Stencil System is available at bettesboutique.com

Beth Bender Beauty Loves Here To Stay Mascara

Here To Stay 24 Hour Long Wear Mascara

Finally a mascara that does what it says. After reading about
Here To Stay mascara from Prescriptives on Beautifulmakeupsearch I made sure to pick up a few that weekend. I was in need of a mascara that would not smudge for a wedding party and a bride who warned me ahead of time that she planned to do a lot of crying. Always a challenge for any make-up artist who usually ends up following the bride around with a sponge and concealer in one hand, and some powder and a brush in the other.

I did the test on myself the night before. By the end of the evening there was no flaking or smudging and my lashes still looked perfect. Not to mention how lovely they looked paired with my sexy cat eyes using the Get in Line Stencils.

Another great thing about Here to Stay mascara is that you can wear it alone as a waterproof mascara or pair it with another of your favorite Prescriptives mascara for a water resistant mascara. The brush is a wand that goes on like a comb so it combs through your lashes as it lengthens, lifts and separates. I have been a big fan of Shu-uemura's mascara for years but I have to say that I am loving this mascara.

The wedding was a success and the bride was thrilled. She kept a tube of Here To Stay for herself and my last Get in Line stencil kit to have for her honeymoon.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Honeyshed to feature The Get in Line Stencil Kit

Honeyshed which will go live this Monday is a new interactive shopping website. All of the content on Honeyshed will be video and they will be airing daily videos on beauty, fashion,DVD's, Men's shoes, Denim, Gadgets, and environmental lifestyle products for viewers to enjoy.

The shows will include a cast of men and women who will talk about the items in a fun and entertaining way. As a viewer you will come to know and love and most importantly trust if they say a product is great.

Once the episode airs, viewers will be able to click on the video and place the featured item in their "I want that" stash which will then lead them to the exact site where the product can be purchased.

Honeyshed is a live youth-centric shopping network that combines entertainment, community and shopping like never before. It is sure to give QVC and HSN a run for its money and I can't wait!

Beth Bender Beauty's Get in Line Stencil Kit will be featured in November and to follow will be other products from the beauty line such as glosses, Mineral Bronzers, Blushes and much more.

We are thrilled to be a part of this informative and cutting edge approach to shopping and encourage everyone to take a minute and check out Honeyshed this Monday October 22nd.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Sexy Cat Eyes In Seconds with Get in Line Stencil System

Ouick tip for anyone already using the Get in Line stencil system. My sister who uses the stencils everyday for a fabulous cat eye loves to use the fuller end of the brush and dampen it slightly before dipping into the shadows. Once the color is on the brush she holds the stencil over her eye and presses the brush along the shape of the Cat eye stencil and voila! A purrfect Cat eye.

I of course had to try it for myself since I had been using the tapered end for years. In seconds I had done both of my eyes and they looked great. The Cat eye has been creating quite the craze ever since fall fashion week and of course Miss Amy Winehouse who we love and who happens to love Get in Line.

There are so many ways to wear a Cat eye and all of them look gorgeous. For anyone who hasn't tried the Get in Line Stencil System from Beth Bender Beauty and struggles with getting the line just right or loves a smoky eye and doesn't want a list of steps, then check out the kit.

Make sure to check us out on Honeyshed.com in November. A fabulous new concept in home shopping only better. Just think MTV meets QVC the only difference is that it will be on the internet. The are featuring some of the coolest and hottest beauty & fashion products. The Get in Line Stencil System will be the first product they feature from the Beth Bender Beauty line.

It is sure to shake things up a bit at HSN and QVC and something that is long overdo. They launch this Monday so make sure to take a minute and do a little shopping while you work.


Beth Bender Beauty Still Thinking Pink!

Glam Gloss from Beth Bender Beauty

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every customer who has purchased Beth Bender Beauty products during the month of October and joins us in the fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer. We are almost near our goal and are working around the clock to make sure all orders are filled and out as quickly as possible. We are donating 15% of all sales to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund and couldn't have done it without you.

As a gift and to say thank you for your support we are including a full size sample of our Glam gloss "Paint the town pink" in every order. Thank you to Christina of ebeautydaily for her beautiful blog, and to Teri of beautifulmakeupsearch for her beautiful blog. Each day during the month of October they are featuring cosmetic companies who are helping in the fight and raising money for Breast Cancer Research.

Thirteen more days of shopping ladies!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Still Buzzing In Hawaii

It seems that we've created quite a stir in Hawaii ever since we mentioned Evangeline stopping by the Betsey Johnson Boutique. When the show Lost first started shooting on location there I sent off a bunch of Get in Line stencil kits , bronzer's and glosses to some of my friends who were working on the show.

Evangeline Lilly being one of the lucky recipients and just recently Elizabeth Mitchell. My friend E-Jay who I have mentioned before is a big fan of Beth Bender Beauty products and made sure that everyone had a Get in Line Stencil kit for starter's. Then it was on to glosses, eye dust's and bronzers next.

Anyway my girlfriend who runs the Betsey Johnson Boutique has been fielding calls ever since I left and women coming in wanting to know what Evangeline uses from Beth Bender Beauty. Honestly she doesn't need much for that face, but what she does use on set is "Soak up the sun" bronzer, "Kookla" glam gloss and the Get in Line eyeliner kit.

The last few products she has since added are the gel eyeliner in Cocoa and Paris is burning liquid lip gloss.
Mahalo to my very good friend E-Jay who spends as much time promoting Beth Bender Beauty as he does his own line.


What women are saying about Get in Line from Beth Bender Beauty

Check it out…

I just wanted to let you know that I got my “get in line kit” today. I just got some time and decided to try it out.
I figured that it would have been tricky to get the smokey/cat eye down, but to my surprise I got it at the first try. I am so happy that it will only take a minute opposed to a whole hour to get my eyes just right.

I can see I’m gonna have lots of fun with my new Get in Line kit in
the future.

Oh well just wanted to say thanks again.


Live and well in Canada!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Hello there! I just wanted to let you know that I received my Get In Line kit today. WOW!! This kit should be in every makeup enthusiasts\’ household. I tried it on as soon as I opened it. It took me 5 simple minutes! It used to take me 30-45 minutes to even do my eye makeup. I got so many compliments. Thank you so much!!

Kylie C.

I received the product and have tried it a couple of times. It really does save time and energy in the morning and it looks fabulous. I have so many positive comments on my eyes. Its definitely one of the best things I have purchased thus far. I will recommend this product to all my friends. Thank you for the extra items.


It's only Wednesday & I already have my order in my hand! The stencils are so fun! The brush that comes with them is such a nice brush, also. I love to be pleasantly surprised by the quality & service of new products/companies, as you never know what to expect when ordering something sight unseen on the internet. The samples were very generous & I've only been home for 1/2 hour & I already have everything on, with a perfect cat eye liner! Thank you so much for a wonderful shopping experience!



Dear Beth, The package arrived today and I am so amazed with the Kit Get in Line, it is perfect! It is an unique makeup tool and deserves to be on top, as a “must have”. I also would like to thank you very much for your two generous offers, the glam gloss and the eye dust, they are so pretty. I am sure I am going to purchase more items in a near future, I am so glad to proof such quality products by an amazing and talent artist as you. Once again, thank you! I wish you all the best… Kindly Regards,

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Is Thinking Pink!

Keep Thinking Pink!

This month has gotten off to an amazing start thanks to everyone who continues to purchase Beth Bender Beauty products online. We are raising Breast Cancer Awareness and each sale brings us closer to our goal and closer to finding a cure.

Some of my favorite Beauty Blog sites are doing their part in a big way and sharing their favorite new finds, in pink of course, that are donating a portion of their sales during the month of October.

Christina at ebeautydaily is featuring the most darling lipgloss kit from Dior that you absolutely must have. Just for the color alone. Teri at Beautifulmakeupsearch is also doing some great product reviews and focusing on products that are organic and better for you.

Please take a moment and check out these wonderful sites that are sure to become your favorites as they have mine.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Look Whose wearing Beth Bender Beauty

beth bender beauty out and about….

Scarlett Johansson with boyfriend Ryan Reynolds in Vancouver dining at West, a local restaurant. Seen touching up her lips with Beth Bender Beauty’s Chasing the cash.

Angelina Jolie dropping off son Maddox to the Lycee Francais De New York on the upper east side. Seen giving her already gorgeous lips a pop of color with liquid lip in Ooh Baby.

Jessica Simpson backstage at Michael Kors Spring 2008 collection. Seen - touching up her eyes with Onyx gel liner and refreshing her luscious lips with liquid lip in Crush from Beth Bender Beauty.

Beth Bender Beauty welcomes Sassybean.com

Hi Ladies:

Boy, I really miss getting to blog all the time. We have been so busy with work and trying to keep up with orders from our In Touch mention about the Get in Line stencil system and finally I have a moment to sit and write.

I wanted to share a new and very fabulous site that my good friend Bonnie Bauman is the Beauty & Style editor for. It's called Sassybean and it is filled with lots of great info about everything from fashion, beauty, love, how to meet Mr. Right and much, much more.

Matt Titus the New York City Date Doctor whose show is premiering on Lifetime this January shares his expert advice on how to get a guy to stick around and finding love that lasts. Word on the street is that his show is going to be a big hit so don't forget to check it out. I believe they might even be looking for men and women interested in appearing on the show.

Visually it's a great looking site and it offer s a lot of good reading and great beauty and style tips from some of today's working pro's. I am already a huge fan and it has only been a little over one week since they launched. There is a great article about putting your best fall face forward which mentions the Get in Line Stencil Kit from beth bender beauty for a perfect cat eye. Elke Von Freudenberg founder of the Beautyblognetwork and celebrity artist gives great advice on how to choose the right color red.

Great products reviews and the weekly bean which gives you advice on dating, love and relationships. Oh and did I mention that each week they have a different "It Girl" last week it was Carmindy from the TLC channel and this week it is Tracy Stern a lady who knows an awful lot about tea.

Welcome to the Beauty Blog neighborhood Sassybean!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Buy Beth Bender Beauty & Help To Fight Breast Cancer


From now through October buy any Beth Bender Beauty products and we'll donate 15% of all sales to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund. The proceeds will support innovative research, education, and outreach directed at the development of more effective approaches to early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer and all women's cancers.

As a gift and to say thank you for your support we are including a full size sample of our Glam gloss "Paint the town pink" in every order.

Start shopping ladies!