Friday, April 27, 2007

Smoky Eyes Still Rule

I was checking out the New York Times Style Magazine which comes out every fall and spring and I have to say that although the colors were much more vibrant, the style of make-up was still a very beautiful smoky eye. Smoky eyes in yellows and greens, plums and purples and each taking their cue from a flower. The make-up was absolutely gorgeous and each page was blown up to show just the eye.
I of course am a big fan of the smoky eye and usually favor this look whenever I am doing a show or working on an editorial piece. I love to see a strong sexy eye with lots of lashes and a soft lip to keep the focus on the eyes. I also love the extreme of bright hues as seen in the Times magazine, combining rich colors on the lips and eyes. Eyes to me say so much about a person and that is the first thing I look at when meeting someone for the first time.

Smoky eyes are everywhere, in every fashion magazine, on t.v., on celebrities and on all the gals that aren't afraid to be glamourous whenever they please. With all of the beauty tools available on the market today they are much easier to create.

Bravo to all of the amazingly talented make-up artists who go beyond beauty and create true art!



Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Face Lift In A Bottle-The Real Deal!

For anyone who is feeling like they need a little pick me up, your skin is not making you happy and you are not a big fan of going under the knife, then you definitely need to check out this hot new skin care line Soliv- Sea 2 Skin. Soliv, is a line you will be hearing about very soon. This amazing new product still a Hollywood secret comes from ingredients found in the sea. All of their products contain algae which if you didn't already know is extremely good for your skin. Especially skin that is more mature.

My very good friend and Rep of many years, (also a rep for Soliv) Lisa, told me about the line and sent me some samples to try. She had tried it and could not believe how unbelievable her skin looked after one use. I have tried tons of skin care lines that claim to do it all and have spent enough money to buy that Gucci bag on my wish list, and a few more! But, this one actually does work and you will see results right away.

I started with the Gel Mask Therapy and was shocked by how good my skin looked. It was tight, my cheek bones were higher than they have ever been, and even the skin around my eyes was firmer too! I followed this with a bit of Serum, and finished with the Sea Foam Face Moisturizer. Needless to say I was hooked too!

At the moment the line consists of five products, and a starter kit which includes a cleansing bar, a 1 oz gel mask therapy, 1 oz of moisturizer, and a trial size 1/4 oz serum. Unlike other skin care lines that promise to improve the appearance of your skin. This one really does. It penetrates the skin and works to improve the texture, color, and integrity of the skin. It also reduces lines, boosts the hydration of the skin and has high firming properties that address slackening skin.
Because the line is so new they are just starting to place themselves in Spa's and Beauty Bars and is not yet available to purchase online. For anyone that is interested and wants to learn more about the line you can visit their website at You can also email Lisa, the most amazing sales rep in the world! at



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eye Lash enhancer

I don’t know about you ladies, but I am always in search of the best way to enhance my own lashes and be able to recommend products that work to my clients. Many of them have fine lashes or lashes that are not long and they want to thicken and lengthen. My sister happens to be one of them. I have tried many products over the years, but most did not pass the test and make it into my kit. So when I mentioned to her that Kim was sending me The Magic Lash, she was eager to check it out too!

Well, I have to say I was very, very impressed and so was my sister with the results. So much so that she was happy to borrow it and it looks like I won’t be getting it back any time soon. Magic Lash was not messy like other products of the same kind. It was easy to use and our lashes looked amazing!!!

That same night on my way out I decided to take out my stencils and do a sexy smoky eye to go along with the gorgeous lashes. My boyfriend thought I was wearing false lashes because they looked so long. At the Laugh Factory my girls had me doing smoky eyes and lashes in the bathroom. One of the female comedians perfoming that night came in as I was busy at work and got in line for a set of smoky eyes and lashes too. Magic Lash and a sexy smoky eye with the smoky eye stencil and we were ready to go!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beauty Blogs Rock!!

I have just begun my beauty blog page and I am amazed at the amount of information that is available over the internet. Not to mention how many beauty blog sites are out there. This all started with me searching me and trying to find out where our site was in the land of search engines. I am still a novice at this but not for long. It is slightly addicting and hard to stop. I will eventually have a page on my website at but this is fine for now.

I am excited to share my beauty tips with anyone who is interested. I love make-up, and love to help women with their make-up and beauty concerns.

It's not always easy being a gal!



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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sun kissed skin is minutes away

Beautiful glowing skin is on every gals list for the spring and summer. Usually around this time most fashion and beauty mags are all showing this look. The healthiest way to achieve that glow isn't baking in the sun, but rather using a bronzing powder or cream to get an instant glow. On a recent shoot poolside at an LA hot spot the make up called for a sultry bronze look. The make-up was all about the skin and the rest was sheer and simple. I started with a tinted moisturizer that had an SPF already in it. I like MD Formulations, it's lightweight but has good coverage. Once the face was prepped I began applying color. My favorite part! I used a little Soak up the Sun bronzer and dusted some Sunkiss all over shimmer from beth bender beauty. The skin looked gorgeous and without any damage from the sun. To finish the look I used a little Mimilicious gloss which is a rose-gold shimmer and popped the cheeks with A little Crush blush. A fabulous look for anyone and easy to do!