Friday, April 27, 2007

Smoky Eyes Still Rule

I was checking out the New York Times Style Magazine which comes out every fall and spring and I have to say that although the colors were much more vibrant, the style of make-up was still a very beautiful smoky eye. Smoky eyes in yellows and greens, plums and purples and each taking their cue from a flower. The make-up was absolutely gorgeous and each page was blown up to show just the eye.
I of course am a big fan of the smoky eye and usually favor this look whenever I am doing a show or working on an editorial piece. I love to see a strong sexy eye with lots of lashes and a soft lip to keep the focus on the eyes. I also love the extreme of bright hues as seen in the Times magazine, combining rich colors on the lips and eyes. Eyes to me say so much about a person and that is the first thing I look at when meeting someone for the first time.

Smoky eyes are everywhere, in every fashion magazine, on t.v., on celebrities and on all the gals that aren't afraid to be glamourous whenever they please. With all of the beauty tools available on the market today they are much easier to create.

Bravo to all of the amazingly talented make-up artists who go beyond beauty and create true art!



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