Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Face Lift In A Bottle-The Real Deal!

For anyone who is feeling like they need a little pick me up, your skin is not making you happy and you are not a big fan of going under the knife, then you definitely need to check out this hot new skin care line Soliv- Sea 2 Skin. Soliv, is a line you will be hearing about very soon. This amazing new product still a Hollywood secret comes from ingredients found in the sea. All of their products contain algae which if you didn't already know is extremely good for your skin. Especially skin that is more mature.

My very good friend and Rep of many years, (also a rep for Soliv) Lisa, told me about the line and sent me some samples to try. She had tried it and could not believe how unbelievable her skin looked after one use. I have tried tons of skin care lines that claim to do it all and have spent enough money to buy that Gucci bag on my wish list, and a few more! But, this one actually does work and you will see results right away.

I started with the Gel Mask Therapy and was shocked by how good my skin looked. It was tight, my cheek bones were higher than they have ever been, and even the skin around my eyes was firmer too! I followed this with a bit of Serum, and finished with the Sea Foam Face Moisturizer. Needless to say I was hooked too!

At the moment the line consists of five products, and a starter kit which includes a cleansing bar, a 1 oz gel mask therapy, 1 oz of moisturizer, and a trial size 1/4 oz serum. Unlike other skin care lines that promise to improve the appearance of your skin. This one really does. It penetrates the skin and works to improve the texture, color, and integrity of the skin. It also reduces lines, boosts the hydration of the skin and has high firming properties that address slackening skin.
Because the line is so new they are just starting to place themselves in Spa's and Beauty Bars and is not yet available to purchase online. For anyone that is interested and wants to learn more about the line you can visit their website at You can also email Lisa, the most amazing sales rep in the world! at



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