Friday, October 12, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Still Buzzing In Hawaii

It seems that we've created quite a stir in Hawaii ever since we mentioned Evangeline stopping by the Betsey Johnson Boutique. When the show Lost first started shooting on location there I sent off a bunch of Get in Line stencil kits , bronzer's and glosses to some of my friends who were working on the show.

Evangeline Lilly being one of the lucky recipients and just recently Elizabeth Mitchell. My friend E-Jay who I have mentioned before is a big fan of Beth Bender Beauty products and made sure that everyone had a Get in Line Stencil kit for starter's. Then it was on to glosses, eye dust's and bronzers next.

Anyway my girlfriend who runs the Betsey Johnson Boutique has been fielding calls ever since I left and women coming in wanting to know what Evangeline uses from Beth Bender Beauty. Honestly she doesn't need much for that face, but what she does use on set is "Soak up the sun" bronzer, "Kookla" glam gloss and the Get in Line eyeliner kit.

The last few products she has since added are the gel eyeliner in Cocoa and Paris is burning liquid lip gloss.
Mahalo to my very good friend E-Jay who spends as much time promoting Beth Bender Beauty as he does his own line.


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