Monday, August 20, 2007

What's Hot and What's Not

Hollywood Hair


From the pages of Marie Claire magazine. Agree or disagree? I find it a little hard to believe that someone like Cameron Diaz would show up to a Red Carpet event with hair that hadn’t been primped by one of Hollywood’s hottest hair stylists.

“Take a look at today’s it girls: Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore,” says Harry Josh, a celebrity stylist and Suave spokesperson. “They always leave their hair loose, wavy and unstyled, even when they’re on the red carpet draped in Dior. They wouldn’t go near a bottle of hairspray.” In other words, kick the can: A softer, less traditionally “finished” ‘do is sexiest now. For tantalizingly tousled tresses in a flash, slick a bit of gel or creme (if your hair is thick) through freshly washed locks and allow to air-dry. (Try Suave Naturals Aloe Vera Extra Hold Anti-Frizz Smoothing Gel or L’Oréal Professionnel Freshstyle Featherweightcreme.) Don’t brush or touch hair while it’s drying, or you’ll induce frizz. If you feel that your hair lacks definition when dry, wrap ends in small sections around a medium-barrel curling iron for a few seconds each.

Thanks to magazines like Star, OK and the Enquirer we have seen these beauties without make-up and so it’s no secret that they don’t just roll out of bed and look fabulous.

I do agree that giving your hair a break and letting it dry naturally is a great idea and especially in the summer when it is too hot to style. I have been leaving a bit of conditioner in my hair and just using a drop of gel. You can also put a bit of shine serum on when your hair is dry to keep the frizzies tame.

Fuller lips no pain

marie-claire.jpg Of course the first thing my eye goes to are her gorgeous smoky eyes and her flawless skin. Airbrushed to the max for sure but still beautiful to look at. I don’t know if I agree that the full lip madness is still as crazy as it was a few years ago but according to Carol Shaw of Lorac beauty it is.

She is quoted as saying “The desire for giant, pillowy lips is on the rise. “We live in an overtly sexual time, and nothing is considered more sensual than big lips,” explains celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw (exhibit A: Angelina Jolie).

Agree or disagree?

I do agree that we live in an overtly sexual time but nothing can compare to all of the Breast implants women are having. Especially her in LA, good, bad and too big! Big breasts still Take first place.

I absolutely agree that an obviously injected or seriously painted-on pout has become passé but there are some women who will not part with their dark liner or collagen injected lips. There are a number of products like LORAC’s Lip Addiction, a clear gloss that sells for $17.50, which contains a cocktail of ingredients that revs up blood flow to the area and turns it a spicy shade of red), or a creamy lipstick that mimics the natural tone of your lips (on model: Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Cranberry Cream).

For softer lips and an all natural alternative you can always put a little Vaseline or a bit of vitamin E on before going to bed.

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