Friday, August 31, 2007

Easy Smoky Eyes In Two Steps

I have been working all week but during my down time I sneak in a blog or two. I have only been blogging for about four months but I am hooked. I blog about our products, my favorite beauty and skin care products, beauty tips, celebrities wearing beth bender beauty and make-up artists who use the products and share sweet stories when they are on set. I just got an email from my friend Nani. I call her “Nani Hawaii” because Hawaii is where we met. We were doing make-up for a fashion show together and from that moment I knew we would be friends for life.

She has been sending all of her clients and friends to my beauty blog page and to check out the “Get in Line” Eye Stencil System which she uses and loves. She even has little gift bags that she brings with her to give to the celebrities filled with Beth Bender Beauty products. Anyway she writes “Bettie, I still can’t believe how quick these eyeliner stencils work. I did four sets of Smoky Eyes in under 25 minutes. When I took them out and started using them the girls all wanted to try, of course. You did something great girly. Love u, Nani”.

So sweet..I had to share. Two simple steps will give you smokin’ smoky eyes and sexy cat eyes. Easier than any tool on the beauty market. Women use Eyebrow stencils, my favorite Anastasia’s to shape their brows, why not an Eye liner stencil for lining your eyes?



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