Friday, August 10, 2007

Nicole Ritchie Is Wearing Paris is Burning


Hi Ladies:

Things have been a little quiet ’round here at Beth bender Beauty’s blog page. I have been shooting all week and my hours have been craaazy! That’s showbiz here in Hollywood. I have been working with my boyfriend and that is always fun. Especially when it comes to the make-up because I can go a little bit wild and not have someone breathing down my neck. Nothing worse than that!

Anyway here comes the good part and the reason why I work around the clock to make sure Beth Bender Beauty is in the hands of everyone. I ran into my friend Nani who had a lunch meeting at the Ivy and who was sitting two tables away from none other then Nicole Ritchie.

Now you all know how I adore her and how beautiful I think she is, but now I luv her even more. As she was waiting for the check to arrive she dug into her purse and out came a “Paris is burning” Liquid Lip gloss which she carefully applied to her lips. When she was finished my friend overheard her say that Paris had been given one and she had already gone through two tubes.

I guess it must be the Wild berry flavoring you don’t know whether to eat them or wear them. Wearing them is much more fun.



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