Saturday, August 11, 2007

A must Have From Vincent Longo

Pearlessence Gel Stains
What it is:
A water-resistant, pearlized lip and cheek stain

Retails for $22.50
What it is formulated to do:
Formulated to be sip-resistant, swim-resistant, and sweat-resistant, these fresh shades are the ideal warm weather companions. They're long-lasting, natural, pigment-rich explosions of color that perform double duty as a lip stain and cheek color with a hint of sheen that beautifully catches the light. Use them to create a focus while giving lips that dramatic, "just bitten" appearance and cheeks that "freshly flushed" look.

That's what Sephora had to say about them but here's what I wanted to add. I love these stains. They stay on, look pretty and can double for lips and cheeks. How great is that. They are sold out at Barney's and I was lucky enough to grab the rest at Sephora. I love to use these when I am shooting on the beach and because they double as both a lip and cheek stain there is less for me to pack into my kit.

Vincent Longo really spends a lot of time developing his products and it shows. He listens to what women want and does his best to fulfill there wishes when it comes to beauty. Although his line has grown quite a bit from when he first started, it is still not overwhelming like so many beauty lines that have way too much product.



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