Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sexy Eyes Are Just A Mascara Tube Away


Want amazing lashes in two shakes of a mascara brush? Then you need to check out these two from Bourjois.

The first is Maxi Frange Maximum Length And Volume Mascara.

This is the makeup equivalent of hair extensions and hot rollers for the eyes, this uber-lengthening mascara takes lashes to new lengths. With a creamy conditioning primer and comb on one end and a maximum-volume mascara and brush on the other, your lashes will never look more spectacular.


The first step features a comb that separates and coats each lash with a creamy formula that adheres to lashes like tiny extensions. Step two features a round brush that adds a second coat of high volume, color-rich thickening mascara. It’s all you need for gorgeous lashes in the wink of an eye.

It retails for $19 and can be found at Sephora or


The next wonder lash from Bourjois is Pump Up The Volume Mascara, at $13.50 this is what they call the push-up bra of mascaras.

Why you ask? Well if the push up comparison is any hint then you will see how this uplifting, volumizing mascara takes lashes from A-cup to D-cup in two coats flat. It’s all about the science: The formula is spiked with silicone to evenly coat from roots to tips, microbeads boost volume, and a mix of wax and alkaline polymer help lashes hold their shape. Combined with the spiral, nylon fiber brush, which utilizes two types of fibers (one separates while the other adds volume), lashes become fat, voluptuous, and totally in your face.

I have tried them both and all I can say it Ooh baby! They make your lashes look crazy gorgeous and my clients love it when I use it on them. Compared to other mascaras that cost so much more and do so much less, isn’t worth giving them a try?

Do a smoky eye with the Get In Line kit and make sure to be generous with the color. You can use Duwops Payoff if you want a creamy look. Then apply two coats of the Maxi Frange Mascara and baby it is all about your eyes.

Bourjois is a great line of make-up sold at Sephora. They have some great products that won’t break your bank account and that’s a beauty investment I like!



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