Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Sexy Cat Eyes Please

It seems as though some Hollywood celebs just can’t get enough of this frisky feline trend. It’s a great look for anytime and makes the eyes look super sultry and sexy as seen here on Rihanna.


She is working those eyes and I am loving those red and very shiny lips. Rihanna happened to stop by an event I was doing back in July in Los Angeles and picked up a few things from the line. One of them being the Beth Bender Beauty Get in Line Stencil Kit and you can see how amazing her cat eyes look.

It really is a no brainer and it really is that easy. It’s a great look for the holidays and one that you will be seeing a lot of. Want Rihanna’s cat eyes? Check out the Get in Line kit at If you like to travel light we have them in a travel set as well.

Make your eyes sizzle this holiday season with the Get in Line Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty.


Check out Madonna’s new look that she unveiled at a screening of her husband’s new flick. I happen to love this look on her but most importantly check out her cat eyes. They look amazing. This is one beauty trend I hope never goes out of style!

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