Friday, June 1, 2007

My Favorite Mascaras

Hi Ladies:

I get asked a lot about which mascaras I like to use and why. So I thought why not take a few minutes to let you know my favs new and old. Mascara can be tricky and sometimes too much can leave your eyes looking overdone. A good mascara can make the difference between a hot smoky eye or cat eye that gets noticed and one that doesn’t.

For years I bought into the Maybelline pink tube and tried more than once to create gorgeous lashes but most of the time I was disappointed. From there I moved onto Lancome, Clinique and even tried Chanel but still none lived up to what they claimed to do to your lashes.

While I worked with Bobbi I used a few of hers and they were better but still not quite what I was looking for. That was until I found Shu Uemura’s Mascara Basic. A friend of mine who was freelancing for Shu gave me a tube to try and I was sold. What I loved most was that you could build color and your lashes weren’t clumpy.

The only downside is that the mascara is water resistant so if you have sensitive lashes or fine lashes this may not be good for you. The cost for a tube is $27.50 a little pricey but worth it if you want lashes that look natural and great.

My next favorite is Kiss Me Mascara from Blinc. This specially formulated mascara which is oil free forms tiny tubes around your lashes that don’t smudge, run, clump or flake. I love this mascara. It is great for a gal who wants a little color on her lashes but isn’t into the high fashion eye. One tube will cost you $24.

Lash Injection from Too Faced which sells for $19.50 a tube is my new favorite. I just picked up two tubes at Sephora and have been using it on every shoot. I of course have a tube for myself which has become a staple in my make-up bag.

This revolutionary formula is packed with elastic 3D-polymers that coat the entire lash and stretch past its natural end, creating a dramatic volumizing and lengthening effect. What’s more, the huge brush reaches every lash—even those you didn’t know you had. My sister actually thought I was wearing lashes because they looked so good.

Another great one is Loreal’s Volumizing Mascara. It has been available for a while and for the price it does a nice job. I always keep a few a these in my kit when I am working. The cost is under $10 and it gives your lashes good volume as it lengthens. They also have a few new ones which I have not tried but they look good and I will probably pick up a few tubes.

All of the Mascaras mentioned except for Loreal can be found at Sephora or Loreal is available at Target, Walmart, CVS and Rite-Aid as well as beauty supply stores.



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