Friday, June 1, 2007

How to apply false eyelashes with ease

I love lashes!! I love them curled and and I love them dark. I love to add individual lashes and I love to do a full set from time to time. When I worked with Bobbi Brown many years ago I would always be the one who got the job of applying lashes. I did them faster then anyone else and they looked great. I remember doing a Bob Mackie fashion show during fashion week and having two hours to do twenty-five models. That was a challenge that even Bobbi didn’t think I would be able to do in time, but I did.

It was a lot of fun and after that it was always me who would add her touch with lashes. Word got around and the next thing I knew every bride I did make-up for on their wedding day wanted and had to have lashes.

The easiest way to apply lashes without making yourself crazy is to use individual lashes. They look the most natural and if done the right way can stay on for up to a week. I like to use Ardell or Andrea knot free lashes. They come in short and long. For a more natural look I apply the short from the center out and then add a few long ones on the ends. They are sold in beauty supply stores, as well as Rite-Aids and CVS. In New York Duane Reade is a favorite of mine to buy them.

You will need an eyelash glue (Duo is a good one) I like to use Sherani surgical glue because it has a wand applicator. Either will do. An eyelash curler too. The first thing I do is to apply one coat of mascara to the lashes before applying indi’s. This creates a good base. It is also great if your lashes are sparse in places because it makes putting them on a lot easier. Do not curl lashes until the end. The lashes are best applied before curling.

The next thing I do is to pull between eight to twelve lashes from the box and stick them on the front of my hand. They will be split between both eyes. Then I squeeze a tiny bit of glue on the same hand and I am ready to start applying lashes. I don’t recommend using a tweezer. I like to use my hands because you have more control with placing them and it is much quicker.

Begin by taking a lash and dipping the end in the glue. Start applying from the center of the eye out. Slide the lash as close to the lash line without actually touching the eyelid. The knot free lashes are great because they blend in with your own lashes. To finish the look take four to six of the long lashes(2 or 3 for each eye) and apply to the ends. This will elongate the lashes for a very beautiful and sexy eye.
Once you get the hang of this you can go back and add a few more lashes on top or in between the ones already on. This is optional and depends on your preference. When the lashes have dried (usually 5 to 10 minutes) apply another coat of mascara and liner to the eyelid. The eyeliner gives a nice finish to the look and also makes the base of your lashes look thicker than ever. Once the mascara has dried you can curl your lashes.
If you want to keep them on for more than a day. When washing or showering be careful not to get them soaked. If you are washing your face use a wash cloth and be careful around the eyes. Sometimes the glue may turn a little lighter. If this should happen just add a little liner. Liquid or gel liner works the best.

So ladies, the next time you need a little ooh la la try adding a few lashes and get ready for lots of attention!



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