Monday, June 4, 2007

Rachael Rays Smoky Eyes

Hi Ladies:

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that everyone was wearing their sunscreen. I was working on location and was baking in the sun every time I went out to do a touch up. I had the whole crew wearing sunscreen. I am sure they were real happy the next day.

Anyway, I was watching the Rachael Ray show this morning and couldn’t stop looking at her make-up. Her smoky eyes especially. For some reason they looked funny, maybe it was the dark blue color or the fact that her foundation looked off, but it just didn’t look flattering and seemed a bit too much for the host of a “cooking show”.

I have never really spent much time watching her or her show and was really surprised at how heavy her make-up was. That’s the problem with being a make-up artist. You are always on the job. I know I do a lot of talking about smoky eyes, but then so do so many others. Smoky eyes are and always will be a big favorite for beauty, fashion and any gal who wants a striking eye.

I’m thinking a softer eye color and maybe a foundation that looked a little more sheer would have been so much prettier on Rachael. Let’s face it, with all of the beauty products available and for her celebrity status there is no excuse for not looking your best.



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