Friday, June 1, 2007

Soliv - Hollywoods Must Have for Beautiful Skin

A few weeks ago I wrote about this amazing skin care line called Soliv- Sea 2 Skin. A line of skin care products bringing life from sea botanicals into the skin.

The main ingredient in these products is algae, which as I mentioned before is extremely good for your skin. I have been so amazed by the difference in how my skin looks and in just a short time that I am sure I will be a lifelong customer. Just this morning my boyfriend commented on how I looked like I was twenty. I was shocked and for a woman of forty-five I guess the proof is in the product!

I have never had the pleasure of using a skin care line and really seeing results like this. I am completely thrilled and have been telling everyone in Hollywood about Soliv. At screenings, on location, to every girl I know who wants to look fabulous, and at every Hollywood backyard party.

I did not mention before that this line is also for men too. I recently did a treatment on my boyfriend and saw immediate results. His face actually looked more toned and his cheekbones were more prominent. He is very handsome to begin with, but after one treatment he looked great!

While everyone at Soliv is hard at work and in the process of placing the line at Beauty Bars and Spas across the country, please visit their website @www. to check out all of their products and get ready to love your skin! I will be writing about the line every month and updating you on new locations and any new products.

I promise that once you start using Soliv you will be hooked.




Seattle CEO said...

Soliv is amazing. I've never had any skin treatment work so quickly and so effectively.

Try in on just one half of your boyfriends face. You'll have a good laugh for the rest of the day!

A said...

I am in love with this product! My skin has never looked better. My boyfriend keeps asking for another treatment. I will have to try when he is not working.