Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get Rachel Bilsons Perfect Eyeliner

Perfect Eyeliner ala Rachel Bilson

We get so many women visiting our website and blog each month looking to replicate Rachel Bilsons extremely sexy and simple eyes. Yes simple. She continues to give us her version of sexy eyeliner and smoky eyes and everyone wants to know how.

Pictured here at the recent Chanel boutique opening in Los Angeles, her cat eyeliner has taken on a more subtle yet still sexy effect by blending out the edge ever so slightly.

TO GET THE LOOK: Beth suggests using a gel based eyeliner in black or dark brown. With a tapered brush lining along your upper and lower lashline. Make sure to blend the outer corners together and extend beyond the lashes for perfect cat eyeliner. If you prefer your liner a little thicker at the ends you can go over liner starting at the middle of eye and out towards the end. Blend once more before eyeliner dries. Try Onyx Stay Put Get Eyeliner , $18 at

Get sexy eyeliner and cat eyes just like Rachel Bilson using the cat eyeliner stencil from bethbender beauty . Simply place the eyeliner stencil over your eye and fill in with color. Can be used with eyeshadow and gel eyeliner.

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