Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrity Spring Must haves

Celebrity beauty must haves for spring. Check them out.

Clinique’s New Repairwear Deep Wrinkle Concentrate for Face and Eyes.

Wow Clinique has really come a long way. I have to say I was a little skeptical when I first tried this new cream but I have really noticed a difference in my complexion and especially the fine lines around my eyes. Even my sister and girlfriends noticed how great my skin looked. Clinique’sRepairwear is available at Clinique counters, and

Laura Mercier’s new Eye Color Quad

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what shade the colors really are as in the case of this new Eye Color Quad from Laura Mercier. They are is shades of Violet and they are gorgeous. Ms. Mercier has never disappointed us when it comes to the quality or the colors of her eye shadows and the same holds true for this new kit. Available in two violet palettes, Shy Violet and Wild Violet. A limited edition so get yours before they are all gone. $38.00 at

Cargo Texaslash, another hot mascara in the house. Cargo Texaslash in honor of all those gals in Texas who know a thing or two about mascara, gives you instant volume using a polymer formula that doesn’t smudge or smear. Now that’s my kind of mascara. Of course I always have to try before I can honestly tell you if it goes into the hall of fame or shame.

Thankfully this one went right to the Hall of Fame. Similar to Fiberwig but the lashes are even fuller and who doesn’t want that. Comes off with just a bit of warm water or eye make up remover. $20 and available at

Continuous Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 from Peter Thomas Roth.

Summer is almost here and sunscreen should always be on hand. I love this new spray because it’s oil free, has an SPF of 30, and is great for anytime. It also has four different sunscreens to really protect you from all of the harmful rays as well as environmental damage. Also in this sunscreen is Vitamin E, one of the most important free-radical fighting anti-oxidants which helps prevent water loss in the skin. Continuous Sunscreen Mist is $28 and available at

SEXY EYES PALETTE New from beth bender beauty

SEXY EYES Palette is a must have beauty tool for unleashing sexy, sultry, gorgeous peepers. Sexy Eyes creates mesmerizing style by blending the three dramatic shimmers, in deep shades of amber, lilac, and violet together. Each set also includes a tip card, eye shadow brush, and our patent-pending smoky eye stencil to create sexy, sultry eyes. SEXY EYES is $32, and is available at

Avon Spring Hand Creams

Get into the swing of spring with Avon’s most popular moisturizing hand creams in these limited-edition tubes. Best thing of all each tube is less than a dollar. So splurge and get one for each purse! Available at

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