Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get Sexy Smoky Eyes Like Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is still working those smoky eyes. She put the “smoke” in smoky. Her eyes look gorgeous and what’s even sexier are the colors used. Ambers, Violets, and just a touch of dark liner. Smoky eyes look sexy, gorgeous and sultry, but are not always easy to do. Where to put the color, and how to get the right shape can be overwhelming. And all those tools!

Wanna get this look the easy way? May we suggest the Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit for sexy, smoldering, smoky eyes that are easy to do and look great.

And check out SEXY EYES which gives you smoky eyes by blending three shimmers together. A new favorite amongst our celebrity clientele. Using our patent-pending eye stencil you can create beautiful smoky eyes just like them, in minutes. The SEXY EYES kit comes with everything you need, including a tip card to get them just right.

Get your glam on and get smokin’ baby!

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