Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eye Cream With Star Quality

This fabulous eye cream just had a little face lift of its own and it is fantastic. Avon has mastered its award winning eye cream to improve visible sagging of the brow bone area, tighten and firm the upper eye area and after only four weeks of using improve visible drooping of the upper eye area. Under the eye it instantly minimizes visible under eye shadows. Infused with Sweet Almond Extract which is known for its potent lifting power and for a mere $28 it is totally worth checking out.

New Avon’s ANEW CLINICAL Eye Lift, $28 at

If you’re looking for something even more intensified for your eyes check out this one from Avon. ANEW ULTIMATE delivers with ingredients that restore elasticity, firm and recontour your eyes. Immediately eyes look and feel firmer, tighter and more elastic. For anyone looking for great skin care for your face that you wont have to mortgage your house just to afford, then I encourage you to check this line out from Avon.

ANEW ULTIMATE Contouring Eye System, $30 at

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