Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sexy Eye-Popping Eyeliner


GET THE LOOK and take your eyeliner from the office to the dance floor with a sexy thick line as seen here on Leighton Meester. The look is sophisticated and not too heavy and keeps the focus on the eyes. Use a rich black gel liner so the color doesn’t smudge. Try Onyx Stay Put Gel Liner and apply it thicker at the outer ends and taper the line as you get closer to the inner eye as seen here on Leighton.

For extra eye popping glam add some false lashes like Leighton. Make sure to cut the lashes to fit your own eyes before applying, and add a coat of mascara once the glue has dried.

Beth Bender’s beauty trick: To brighten up the white of your eyes, sweep a navy blue eye shadow along the top of your black liner and blend it into a blue smoky hue that off sets the redness in your eyes. Try Bette Blu Eye Dust from beth bender beauty and a fav of Courteney Cox.

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