Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Get in Line Lip Stencils?

We've been getting a lot of emails from customers asking us if we intend to create a Lip Stencil to follow the Get in Line Stencil Kit. At the time when we were designing the templates for the eyeliner stencils we thought about doing a lip stencil but decided to focus on Just eyes.

Since then there have been a few companies who have explored lip stencils and we think it is a great idea but for the time being we don't have any plans to create one. We will be offering the Get in Line stencil kit in different colors scheme's sometime later next year. We want to give our customers more choices when buying the kit.

In the meantime we are including a full size sample of Paris is Burning liquid lip color from our Nude Collection in every purchase through November. It's a beautiful lip color in a pink beige shimmer infused with Jojoba gel for amazing shine and color.


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