Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Celeb Looks

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We love Eva Mendes! She always looks so beautiful without being overdone. She has probably the best eyebrows I've seen on a celebrity.

The make up is light and looks gorgeous. To create Eva's look start with a touch of tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion before applying color. This will give you coverage without feeling too heavy. We like Paula Dorf's Tinted Moisturizer and Cover Fx. They both offer the right amount of color and are easy to blend. I like to mix mine with a bit of Vibrant cream from Prescriptive's. It adds a bit of sheen and gives the skin a luminous look.

Once you have applied the tinted moisturizer, start with the eyes next. We like to use the Get in Line Stencil kit whenever we are doing eyeliner or giving a lesson to a client. It is easy and gives you a perfect line in seconds. Before we use the stencils we apply a shimmer on the eyelid to make the eyes pop. We used Ambra from Bettes Boutique. It is a golden taupe shade neutral enough to work on any skin tone. We applied the color with our fingers and pressed onto the eyelid. Then we lined the eyes with the Kohl shadow from the Get in Line kit. We smudged the eyes with the fuller end of the brush for a softer line.

For outstanding lashes we used Here To Stay from Prescriptive's and applied two coats for a very sexy eye.

The cheeks got a bit of color with Baby Blush from Beth Bender Beauty. This color looks great on anyone. It's a favorite of Nicole Ritchie and Evangeline Lilly from Lost. On the lips we used lip color in Livid from Bettes Boutique. A great pink color with brown undertones that looks beautiful on any lip.

The most important feature not to forget are the eyebrows which should be groomed and shaped. The easiest way to do this is to use an eyebrow stencil. We like Anastasia's. They do the work for you and show you how to groom and maintain perfect brows.


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