Monday, November 12, 2007

Perfect Cat Eyes with The Get in Line Kit

How to get your cat eyes purrfect..

The Get in Line stencil kit is the quickest way to get sexy cat eyes in minutes. The stencils are made from a soft PVC plastic to fit any eye shape. Cat eyes have been seen everywhere from the runway, to fashion ads, to the long list of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes and Rhianna, who can usually be seen sporting one.

To use the stencils and create a sexy cat eye on yourself simply place the stencil labeled cat eye over a closed eye, making sure your lashes are poking through the opening, as seen in the picture below.

Place the stencil closer to your lash line for a thinner cat eye and slightly higher for a thicker more dramatic cat eye as seen here on the model. Choose either the full or tapered end of the brush. We like to use the fuller end of the brush slightly dampened, but either side works well. Choose a color and sweep the brush slowly across the lid making sure to brush color up into the point of the cat eye for a more precise look.



Remove stencil, wipe away any eyeshadow and repeat the same steps on the other eye. Once you have both eyes done you can add more eyeshadow if you desire a more intense eye. Use the tapered end of brush slightly damp to go over the cat eye.

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