Friday, November 2, 2007

Beth Bender Beauty Buzz

On The Seen With Beth Bender Beauty...

Julia Roberts looking radiant at the American Cinematheque's annual award dinner in Los Angeles on October 12th. Seen touching her beautiful lips up with Chasing the cash from Beth Bender Beauty. Julia was one of the first celebrities to use the Get in Line Stencil kit and her eyes always look perfect. Three babies and looking fantastic. I am loving her hair color, makes me want to go red again.

Debra Messing in NYC having lunch at Kelly and Ping in Soho. In town filming The Women where she plays a Manhattan socialite. Seen hailing a cab and giving her lips a little treat with some beauty balm in Bella.

Mischa Barton and a few girlfriends having some cocktails at Sway in NYC. Seen touching up her eyes with Gel Liner in Onyx and some lip loving with Liquid Lip in Paris is burning. Overheard telling one of her friends that it was her "new favorite lip color" when asked what she was wearing.

Jessica Simpson looking very toned and gorgeous. Seen at NYC's Tenjune and sporting some very sexy smoky eyes, must have been the Get in Line Stencil kit. Lip loving with Paris is Burning from Beth Bender Beauty.

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