Monday, November 26, 2007

Beth Bender's Get in Line In The UK

Check it out….

For anyone who has recently written us asking if our beauty products were sold in the UK the answer is yes. The entire Beth Bender Beauty Collection is available online at and that includes the best ever eyeliner stencil kit for lining your eyes, The get in Line Stencil Kit, or the Travel Stencil Set for perfect smoky eyes and cat eyes.

Thanks to gals like Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Kelly Osbourne,The Spice girls, and of course Amy Winehouse, the Get in Line Stencil Kit and Travel Stencil Set have become quite popular amongst celebrities in the UK. Especially since Amy herself called them "absolutely brilliant".

Please check out all of the beth bender beauty products at BeautyboXx. It is a fabulous site with lots of great goodies and the perfect online beauty site for all of of your holiday shopping!



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