Saturday, November 3, 2007

How to Create Smoky Eyes In Minutes

What women are saying about The Get in Line Eyeliner Stencil Kit....

I love the idea of a smoky eye but I hate the idea of having to go through eight or nine steps just to get there. Most of the beauty magazines feature make-up artists who share their beauty tips in every issue. Usually more than often there is a "how to" on doing a smoky eye.
Great, but can't it be a little easier and less time consuming then that? Too many steps for me and I would rather not be bothered, that is until I found out about The Get In Line Kit from Beth Bender Beauty.

I was searching the internet like I do every weekend and came across this Stencil kit for lining your eyes. After doing a little research an reading what other women thought I decided to go ahead and order the kit.
When it arrived in the mail I couldn't wait to see whether or not these eyeliner stencils really worked. I invited a few of my girlfriends over and we had a little make-up party.

I went first and decided on a smoky eye. The stencils are flexible and are easy to hold in place. I followed the instructions that came with the kit and five minutes later I had perfect smoky eyes. I was really kind of amazed that it was that easy. One of the other girls did cat eyes and that was even quicker and they looked like a makeup artist had done them.

The next night my husband and I were going to a dinner party and I did cat eyes on myself. I got so many compliments on my eyes that every women there wanted to know how I got them so perfect. I was happy to share my little secret.

Thank you Beth for creating a great product. I love the kit!!

Karen H.
Miami, Florida

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