Sunday, November 11, 2007

Celeb Looks From Beth Bender Beauty

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Sela Ward is absolutely beautiful and in her fifties if you can believe that! I have always been a huge fan and remember her back in her days as a top model. How gorgeous are her eyebrows? This is why you should keep your tweezers hidden from your teenage daughters. This is a perfect brow.

Seen here at a charity event looking lovely. Sela's look is soft with just enough color to give the skin a beautiful glow. To get Sela's look start by lining the eyes with a black or dark brown liner. Try Gel Eyeliner Cocoa, or Onyx, ($18, ) Line the eyes as close to the lash line as possible. This will make the lashes appear even thicker and give the eyes an alluring look.

Next, fill in your brows for a more finished look as seen on Sela. Choose a color that is slightly lighter than your brow color and apply with an angled brush using short strokes. Another great way to get perfect brows is to use an eyebrow stencil. We love Anastasia's Classic Stencils. You can buy the stencils separately and each pack comes with four designs. ($20, ).

Add a touch of shimmer on the eyelid with a color in light bronze or gold. Try Zsa Zsa or Ginger Eye Dust from beth bender beauty. ( $16, ) Highlight the brow bone with a color that will accent your fabulous eye brows. Try Buttercream from Laura Mercier ($20, ) Finish with two coats of black mascara. Try Here To Stay Mascara from Prescriptives. ($19.50, )

For the cheeks, we like bronzer in peach instead of a blush. It gives the skin a beautiful glow and slight shimmer with just enough color. Try Just Peachy Bronzer, a favorite of Jessica Alba ($30, )

To finish the look a lip color in a nude beige will enhance your own natural lip color and be the perfect compliment to your beautiful eyes! Try Robertson Blvd Liquid lip color. Enhanced with Jojoba Gel for extra shine and perfect pout appeal. ($16, )



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