Friday, March 7, 2008

A Great Cream Shadow From Shiseido

I sometimes get asked if it’s weird to be recommending other beauty products when I have my own beauty line, but the answer is absolutely not. I was a make up artist first for years before I even began my own beauty line and am a big supporter of other artist’s who have their own beauty lines.

One of my long time fav’s is Shiseido. I began wearing this fabulous line in my early 20’s when I was introduced to it on a visit to Japan. I am also a huge fan of Dick Page who has become a pretty important part of their beauty line going forward.

I was given this cream to powder shadow in Rose Tulle (a new shade) to try and have to say it is pretty amazing. It looks beautiful on and is crease free which is always an added when it comes to creams. It’s the perfect amount of shimmer and color for the eyes. They have so many colors to choose from so you won’t have a problem finding one that suits you.

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