Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best Sexy Smoky Eyes in Town


All is not what it seems and as pretty as these eyes may look don’t be fooled by photo shop. We know of a number of make up artist who use the Get in Line eyeliner Stencils but we don’t know any who use these and the one’s who have like Celebrity Make up Artist Elke Von Freudenberg and founder of the Beauty Blog Network poo-pooed them for their inconsistency and uneven color transfer. Have we become that lazy when it comes to spending a little time on ourselves?


And yet here they are at Sephora and we just want to know why? Why sell a product that has received a number of bad reviews and call it revolutionary. For the price, $25 there is nothing revolutionary about this product. It’s a insult to us and to all of the women who already use The Get in Line Eyeliner Kit and know that when it comes to lining your eyes and truly creating the perfect cat eye and smoky eyes this is the only kit on the market that does the job. For $25 shouldn’t you have more than five sets of colors and a better brush.

As my father always says “let’s get with the program ladies”. Thousands of women and Hollywood’s most famous “It Girls” can’t be wrong and I guess we just haven’t been squeaking loudly enough. “Smoky eyes here, get your smoky eye here”.

The Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit

“The only beauty tool for creating sexy smoky eyes and purrfect cat eyes every time!”

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