Monday, August 11, 2008

Sexy Summer Eyes Men Can’t Resist

get the look: Summer looks guys will go crazy for

Sexy eyeliner

Cat eyes, get your sexy cat eyes here. Lauren Conrad’s beautifully lined eyes were hard to miss at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. With gorgeous cat eyes like these you might want to skip the bright lip color and make the eyes the center of attention as seen here on Lauren. Still trying to perfect your own Cat Eyes? Wait no longer. May we suggest with the highest of recommendations from celeb’s like Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff, and Lauren herself, using the Get in Line Eyeliner & Stencil Kit to create the sexiest cat eyes and eyeliner evah!

Men go crazy for this look. Don’t ask us why, they just do. Pair your eyeliner with a few lash clusters like Lauren and apply to the ends of your lashes. Make sure to apply one coat of mascara before applying the lashes. For more info on how to apply lashes with ease check out our blog on eyelashes.

Click here to check out the only eyeliner kit for getting your eyeliner just perfect every time. Get your lashes at any beauty supply store or CVS Pharmacy. We love Ardell or Andrea lash clusters. They look the most natural and stay on the longest.

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