Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Latest Lash Popping Tools


Estee Lauder has just introduced their latest mascara and it has already sold out. TurboLash is the world's first "turbo-charged" motion mascara with a vibrating brush. It give your lashes length and thickness while Continuously separating and saturating lashes with a rapid release gel formula.

Feel the buzz, as you gently work the vibrating LashSonic Brush with micro-pulse bristles through your lashes and discover lashes you didn't even know you had. TurboLash creates the ideal lash effect for maximum volume, length, curl and separation all at once. The motion brush keeps lashes clump free. So you can re-apply several coats without heavy build-up and even refresh lashes during the day.

We were lucky enough to score a tube before a shoot and the results were pretty amazing. The models lashes were so long that the beauty editor actually thought we had added some lash strips. Paired with a sexy cat eye this look was oh so hot!

-beth bender of beth bender beauty

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