Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fekkai Au Naturel Shampoo and Conditioner

Something New For Gorgeous Hair

Has Frederic Fekkai gone green? His new Au Naturel Shampoo and Conditioner are definitely Eco-friendly and the ingredients are very Eco-conscious to your locks. I love the way my hair feels each time I use these products. No build up and lots of shine and healthy, healthy hair.

His shampoo and conditioner nourish your hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils. They are infused with orange fruit extract and high in vitamin C, B, Potassium, zinc and natural sugars. Free of synthetic, dyes and high impact additives which can create a coating on the hair making it feel dull and lifeless.

Frederic Fekkai has been one of the leading experts on hair for years and his hair care products reflect the attention that each product is given while being created.

Interested in checking them out? Click here to purchase and to see the entire Fekkai line.

-Maya Stewart

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