Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The craze over Hilary Duffs smoky eyes has created quite a bit of attention here at Beth Benders Beauty Style Watch. She put the “smoke” in smoky as we like to say and she knows how to rock the smoky eye like nobody’s business. We get so many people and we say people because we don’t know whose reading them, we just know that this is what they want to know. How can I get smoky eyes just like Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff sporting her smoky eyes

Wanna get this look the easy way? The Get in Line Smoky Eye & Stencil Kit is a great way. In minutes you can have sultry smoky eyes and cat eyes just like Hilary Duff. The stencils do the work for you and instead of eight or nine steps and too many tools, one stencil and a brush is all you need. Even better now you can choose from five new eye shadow palettes in addition to the original palette from Get in Line. Just lay the smoky eye stencil over your eye and fill in the color. Step by step instructions show you how to create each look.

Click here to check out The Get in Line Kit and be sporting sexy smoky eyes like Hilary Duff in no time.


Stacey Singer said...

I have these stencils. I love them!! They are the real deal. I recomend them to anyone who has trouble doing a smoky eye.

Gena said...

I love her smoky eyes!! They look so hot! I think I need to get those eyeliner stencils.