Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sienna Miller's Scary Brows

The lovely Christina of ebeautydaily recently wrote about Sienna Miller's brows on the cover of Vogue for September and I just want to know quite frankly who has been shooting these covers. Lately the photo's look soft and not flattering at all. They have managed to take some of the most attractive women and turn them into horror's.

The scariest thing of all is that Anna Wintour herself approved this cover. Her brows are so over the top that unfortunately that is the only thing you see. So different than the picture of Sienna's eyebrows in the photo above. They are perfectly shaped and shaded to compliment her.

With all of the beauty trends that have come from fall fashion week and Vogue being one of the leaders in style and Beauty, I just want to say "What were they thinking?!"

You are not alone Christina. Brow power ladies.

Congratulations to ebeautydaily for all of it's amazing press and it's latest nod in Texas weekly.


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